Lazy 2008

Posted by Analyse at 6:28 PM

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year everyone ! Better late than never, right? 2008 for me starts with a lazy blogging lifestyle. I have too much to blog about and honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. I wanted to continue my Bangkok stopover, even thinking of giving some travel pointers to those who have a weekend to spend in Bangkok.

Then it was Christmas.. New Year.. and then I thought, Bangkok could wait, I have to have a holiday entry instead.. Laziness settled.. Before I knew it, holidays were over and work got in the way. Work suddenly changed my mind and thought of blogging about how I start to hate its environment.

Then the eco-tax system (taxing new vehicles with high CO2 emission) they’re about to implement here in France started to interest me - thinking that saving the planet doesn’t necessarily mean saving my pocket. And just as we finalized our financing scheme for 2008 at home, we had a little car accident which cost us 380€ (talking about saving for my car!)- just because the roads were still iced over when we left home Thursday last week.

Too much topics to blog, no real inspiration to write, a book to finish, a toddler to tend to and step aerobics to master – how in the world could I blog? Excuses! I was simply lazy.

Instead, I dragged Frenchguy and Louna to Ikea and bought my cool lampshade at 49€ to add ambiance to our living room. Out of topic. Wala lang.
So that’s how I will start my 2008. Welcome to my hideaway – I mean, the real one. Just knock. Louna is already waiting for you ;).

PS: I'll visit you guys, one at a time. No rush. I'm still hibernating. Zzzzz.


haze said...

First of all I hope no one's was hurt after the accident ! Right I too have many things to say and yet undone ! I think that's the result of New Year :D ! It's actually included in my resolutions, less blogging....focus more on exercising !!!

BTW, I like the new lamp ! All the best for this year !

Rhada said...

Happy New Year!! Better late than never, I agree. Your living room looks really cozy. What's Louna watching?? :-)

Leah said...

Your living room looks lovely. The lamp looks great and that was a steal I say.

Happy new Year, we are all trying to get into the rhythm again. Take your time

gracita said...

welcome back analyse and happy new year! i know what you mean about too many topic to write about and laziness. i go through that a lot, haha.

i am sorry about the unfortunate car accident, atleast car lang and you guys are ok. the lamp looks lovely! it added an oomph to your living room! :)

julie said...

Oh, that so sad, about your car accident.

I enjoyed looking at your photos in the other blog with the big, big lobsters, grabe!

Lovely lamp, won't that fall down on the floor?

Ana, taga-Zambales ka ba? I'm from there, sa Iba.

ScroochChronicles said...

Nice lamp!! Tama ka, it adds much to the ambience of your room.

What a way to start the year!! Buti hindi naman kayo nasaktan sa aksidente.

Sorry ha, tsinismis ko kay Julie na taga Zambales ka :)

Analyse said...

Haze, nope, fortunately, nobody was hurt during the accident. It was just a slight impact with another car when the whole Dijon turned into a skating rink last Thursday. As in you couldn't do anything, as in madulas. And we were not alone in the office who met some car accident. Our car had nothing, but since it was our fault, we had to pay the other party. Sabi nga namin, sana di na lang kami pumasok.

Hurray for fit mamans on 2008!

Rhada, hehe, she's watching Jakey's and she was too focused, so I let her continue watching kesa paalisin sya for the sake of the picture hehe..

Leah, yep, not that expensive and it's really cool.

gracita, it wasn't even our car who had something, yung sa nabangga namin hehe..everything's alright now. been to your blog, haven't read everything but i sure looked at all the pictures hehe..

julie, ya, taga-sta cruz ako. marunong ka nin zambali?

i already know that you're from there too, i think i read it from your blog, and i think i even left a message.. either i thought i left a message or you didn't pay attention to the message hehe.. anyways, at least we know that aside from the many stuffs we have in common, we have that to add on our list hehe..

ScroochChronicles, haha, kayo ha, pinagtsitsismisan nyo na pala ako hehehe.. it's always fun to find somebody from the same place...

Lucille said...

Hi analyse!
musta na dyan... Happy New Year!!!
thanks sa email greetings, scrap ecard is nicely done.
Oo nga there's new imposed tax for bigger cars like suv's, started last jan. 1 daw. Hubs & me discussing 'bout it too if we gonna keep our car or replace it, mahal kc ng tax at gasolina, tas increase pa ang control technique :-( haay ,buhay abroad sweet and bitter.
Nice lamp you got...parang japanese lamp? it's soft & cool! it gives good ambiance in your living room,too. I was thinking of putting one in the middle of our living room too, kaya lang need electrician to put up and hide the wire so i forget it na lang.

Dhanggit said...

just wishing you and your family a happy new year!! best wishes for year 2008

+ Liz + said...

Happy New Year! It's so nice to read your travel adventures. Naaaliw talga ako. Feeling ko kasama rin ako hehehe Hope your well :D

Francine said...

ganda pala ng bahay nyo ana.hoist, welcome back.lagi ako punta dito pero la ka updates e.busy goro beauty mo jan the way, we were in paris for new year.hows louna and you and hubby?

Analyse said...

Lucille, thanks for the scrap ecard you sent too.

The new tax system will surely change our lifestyle, won't it?

hehe, i think it's a japanese lamp nga, dont really know.. and yes, it's best to install it at the corner, to hide the base..

Dhanggit, happy new year to you and your family too!

Liz, hehe, glad you liked them.. there's more coming ;)

Francine, asus, di naman masyado hehe.. you're welcome you know, you can pay me a visit anytime ;)

and thanks for always visiting, inatake ako ng katamaran e..

saw your paris pix.. bat di kita nakita dun? i mean sa pix hehe..

Bang said...

Oh, I love your lamp shade! :)