Passport Renewal

Posted by Analyse at 7:57 PM

Monday, January 14, 2008

My passport is expiring end of this year and I'm so glad that I started the inquiry this early. My goodness. I still can't believe the list of requirements.

The paper says - Issuance of Passport : Requirements for Passport not Issued in Paris with Schengen Visa. I asked for a Passport renewal.

Here are the requirements:

1. Birth Certificate (with red ribbon) - which means it should be issued by NSO and authenticated by Malacañang and DFA. Wow. Can't I present the NSO certificate without the authentication? Anyway, NSO's using a particular paper to avoid copies, right? So why the double authentication? And do I really have to send that? I'm just asking for passport renewal and not a new passport.
2. Marriage Certificate (with red ribbon) for married woman applicant
3. Certified true copy of voter's registration record or certificate of non-registration as voter issued by Comelec or Voter's ID. I don't have this. Where will I get this? Comelec? Would they issue such paper to a family member for example?
4. Baptismal Certificate or Certificate of Dedication - ??? What's the link?
5. Identification card with photograph - Errr? A passport is the best ID to testify your identity, right?
6. Sworn Statement - They sent me the paper to be filled up. It demands information on my true identity and the identity I used to enter France, including the agent's name and address and the amount I paid to falsify the documents. What if I entered legally, do I have to fill this up and pay 32.50€ (below)? I know this is a stupid question but who knows.
7. 4 copies of new photographs
8. Original Passport

Now, on with the Consular Fees - 123.50€! Ano daw? Ang sakit nun a. 65€ for passport fee, 32.50€ for sworn statement fee and 26€ for passport verification fee. Do I really have to pay all of that?

Ok, ok. I'm not that naïve. I know that there are Filipinos who entered illegally to France, thus the security check. But ain't this too much?

I still doubt if they sent me the right list of requirements. If I remember it right, I even talked in Tagalog on the phone. Di kaya nila ako naintindihan?

I actually inquired in the Philippines and it seems that they need the original passport (and not just the copy) and they also require personal appearance because of the new electronic system. I was actually planning to send my passport to a colleague and ask my sister to renew it, then send the new one back to France.

Now, if only a work opportunity that would require me to travel to the Philippines opens, I'd gladly comply. If only I knew, I should have worked on it last September when I was there.

Honestly, this list just motivates me to work on my French naturalization application. Hay buhay!

I'll be going to Paris tomorrow. Do you think it's intelligent if I go to the embassy and apply personally? I have documents 1 (not authenticated), 5, 6, 7 and 8. O baka matarayan lang ako? You know, I could hardly handle that.

If you have renewed your passport in France recently, kindly give light.


Lucille said...

apply ka na lang siguro ng french naturalization. I just got mine lately and happy it's finally done.

When i renewed my phil. passport last year 2005, i did'nt had much paper submitted neither went personally to the embassy. We called the emabssy then they sent me a paper to be filled up then i sent it back together with my old passport via registered mail tsaka 32,50euros lang nabayran ko, then they sent back to me my old one (binutasan na) and a new passport.
Siguro nagbago na naman ngayon.

Thanks for visiting me pala,analyse. Sorry the photos was not yet been uploaded, hinanap ko pa ang usb wire ng cellphone i misplaced it yata, kagabi ko pa lagi nagtry sa pag upload via bluetooth but it always failed, i don't know why. I'll try it again later.

Good luck for your new passport!

haze said...

My Passport is expired already since May 2006 pa. But I started to file for my reacquisition of my Filipino nationality. Have already submitted all the documents to Philippine Embassy in Paris but they are asking to submit my old passport and original copy of BC of my dependents.

Much better if you will go to Pinas this year might as well don na lang mura pa tapos in one week makukuha mo na. But if you don't have plans of going back home this year I'm afraid you don't have a choice friend!

gracita said...

baka hindi kayo nagkaintindihan. i renewed my passport twice in bahrain and i only filled up a form, gave four copies of my photo and that's it! the same day, i got my passport. i think it's better if you go to the embassy and ask personally.

gracita said...
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kala said...

I renewed my Philippine passport three years ago, and I didn't have to go through all that (birth certificate authenticated pa from Malacanang and DFA? WTF? Isn't your old passport enough proof that you are a Filipino?). Although I remember paying almost the same amount, because I was in Aix then and they had to pay for the postage. Oh, and also, because I changed my maiden name to my married name.

I was thinking that maybe they're more strict with their requirements now because they're going to issue the new brown Philippine passport, with the microchip? Could be the reason why it costs a lot too. Am not sure though.

I would suggest that you call the Embassy first and explain what papers you have. Medyo mataray sila ha, and most unhelpful. When I got the French nationality, I was so excited to reacquire the Philippine citizenship and was all set to send my papers from Qatar to Paris. I was even ready to jump on a plane to Paris. But each time I called Paris to ask for help, long distance pa, I only got super taray responses. Nawalan na ako ng gana!

Francesca said...

Kakabuang naman yan, ana!

sige, puntahan mo sila, and let us know. Bah 2009 june expired nong kin ha.Buti I learned from your post here, na ganun na sila ka magna, legally...
Hmp, nagagalet ako ah!

tama sila, go for that nationalité française.Ako sa 2008 august pa aaply, ewan kung pasado, lol

ruth said...

ang mahal naman niyan! in germany, it only costs €65, and no such requirements. usually, for lost/first time applicants lang yang ganyan, eh. but kala may have a point-- baka it's because of the new chipped version.

ann said...

Baka nga dyan lang yung ganyang policy sabi mo nga sa dami ng mga illegal entry. Kakarenew lang kasi namin dito at old passport lang yung hiningi.

Francine said...

wow ganun ba talaga ka stricto dito? leche naman o..opps pardon! does it mean na i'll be doing that soon as well? oohhh, i'll be renewing my carte de sejour this month kasi hanggang april lang to.pagkatapos nito ano na yung susunod? how many years bago na naman natin renew mga papers?

Analyse said...

Lucille, i think that's the best thing to do now.. hay naku, i still have to ask for translation of all of my docs.. kakatamad din kasi..

back in 2003, it was like that din, i renewed it in pinas thru an agency, walang maraming blahblah... i hope di nila bubutusan yung old passport ko, i have my 10 year US visa on it, how could i save that?

Haze, pagawan ko kaya ng problema yung planta namin dun para pauwiin nila ako? do you think it's a good plan? lol. we plan to go home for xmas, but my passport is expiring dec din, and you know, we travel quite a lot, e di ba kelangan 6 months validity lagi.. so yes, i think i've got no choice, waaah!

Gracita, i think kala's right, must be because of the microchip thing.. pero sobra pa din no?...

Kala, hay naku, that's also why i hate to call them up.. their trick is they transfer your call to somebody, and this somebody will pick up the phone and won't say a word, and if you try to start talking, they again transfer the call to somebody else without informing you.. and so on and so forth.. and once they answer, ayan na, brace yourself, matatarayan ka na..

Francesca, i have yet to call them up, too busy today..

Ruth, yeah, i think kala's right.. but aren't they overacting naman?

Ann, ewan ko should be the same everywhere di ba?

Francine, normally you have to wait 2 years yata before you could get the 10 year carte de resident.. but getting the carte de sejour is no sweat compared to the list of requirements for passport renewal!

lovelyn said...

Hold-up naman yan! I thought our 65euros pay for renewal here is too much, mas malala pa pala dyan. Imagine, more or less 13,000 pesosesss di yan if converted. Ay ewan!

Analyse said...

Thanks for converting Lovelyn, muntik na kong atakihin sa puso, lol.

Rhada said...

ang mahal nyan anna! tsaka bakit daming requirements? baka mali lang ang info na ibinigay nila sa yo. first time mo ba magre-renew sa France? wala naman dapat baguhin (amendment ek ek) sa dati mong passport di ba?

ako din eh kailangan na mag-renew, pero $50 lang ang bayad, tsaka walang masyado kailangan....

Rhada said...
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KK aka Tina said...

Ay sobra naman yan! Bakit pati baptismal certificate? Wala bang tawad?

Francine said...

hehehe bankrupt labas natin jan with all these paperworks ana. kelangan ba talaga mga bc and mc natin me red ribbon? hai may gulay.layo kaya ng pinas tapos mahal pa ng pamasahe just to get those things

raqgold said...

dito rin, 65 euros lang renewal and not too much papers. sa tingin ko yung mga requirements na yan were the papers i needed when i was arranging my documents to marry here in germany. baka naman nagkamali lang yung nagbigay sa yo ng info? goodluck! kasi i just renewed my passport last month hindi ganyan karami yung docs needed.

timi said...

hi there. were u able to go to paris and renew your passport? i called the embassy a month ago and they were asking me for a lot of stupid requirements (like baptismal certificate and voter's ID) - the thing is, my passport expires 2011, but i still have the green one (which won't be valid by 2010) - it's really a hassle. and way too expensive. just wanna know if your experience on this matter went smoothly? thanks.

Analyse said...

Hi Timi, I finally went to Paris end of Dec 2008 and had my passport end of Feb 2009 (the burgundy one, machine readable apparently). I had no choice. Well, if you ask them about why they need those papers, they would just tell you ganyan po kasi talaga e. If you don't have the voter's ID, you could just present your NBI clearance if you have it. For the baptismal cert, I don't know what alternative you could show, i luckily have mine among the bunches of papers i have here. goodluck ;)

timi said...

thank you for answering my question. just a couple more though...did you get the green passport (old format) or the brown one (with microchip) already? and how long did the processing take? because the green one (or the ones without microchip) won't be valid by january 2010 anymore. sorry to ask you all these questions, but i called the embassy recently and i just wasted my time because they were not helpful to me. they spoke very lazily and hang up after they are finished talking without even bothering to hear my other questions.

Analyse said...

i got the brown one with microchip and it took 6 weeks to process. they still send it to the phils kasi. well, try to call in the morning, di pa sila bored, baka mabait pa, lol. but i had exactly the same experience, they don't even bother to say bye, nagsasalita pa ako, wala na pala akong kausap, lol.

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