I Just Refused a Roundtrip Ticket to the Philippines this Morning

Posted by Analyse at 7:00 PM

Monday, January 28, 2008

I was chatting with my colleague this morning and I was informed that the process she's setting up is not working well. What a starter for a sunny Monday! It was the same process I validated with her when I was in Bangkok before Christmas. We knew that we will have a problem though - we identified the causes and consequently drew an action plan. The problem is, the client wouldn't agree to any compromise.

At that same time, my boss and her boss were actually talking on the phone. And at their level, they thought that sending yours truly to the Philippines was a great idea.

So my boss talked to me this morning and I was surprised to know that he was already updated. Bilis. So he started off by asking me about my views and proposals on the problem and ended up by checking if I could add a short trip to the Philippines in my agenda - asap.

Naman, big deal.

I only have 3 weeks left before my vacation and I find it hard to schedule a business trip in-between. That would be too tiring. Add to the fact that I have to go directly to Milan after my vacation.

So I told my boss that I can't. As simple as that. A conference call is scheduled next Wednesday. Then we'll go from there. That sidekick of mine should learn to troubleshoot on her own too. Ano ako, yaya?


Francine said...

ana, ako na lang ang ipadala mo sa pinas.tell your boss na im your secretary and im free anytime.naman, i wish i'll find a good job here like yours

haze said...

Can't you just call them by phone and instruct how to troubleshoot? It's less expensive than buying a plane ticket :D ! Company should also consider your current situation, good to know you said No ! Palagi na lang bang Oo ng Oo.

Lucille said...

Hi analyse, yep the hubs is working in SocGen. Buti pa nga yong sa inyo, ours is still dropping down kaya halos na ako himatayin, pinagbawalan na nga ako tumingin sa boursorama he changed his password lol
Too bad really to what had happened to SocGen scandal and downturn crisis though only hubs coming incentives much affected that's why i feel sad coz it affected to my plans this year,too.
His collegue is now in prison, kaya naawa din si hubby sa kanya kasi very hard working daw yon tsaka unbelievable he did it alone. Glad hubs is in another team though they have the same dept.

Sayang din yong round trip ticket ah! but you're right din not to always yes kasi you need a break nga naman for yourself and your family.

ScroochChronicles said...

If your sched wasn't too tight then coming home wouldn't have been such a bad idea. Kaya lang, tama ka din. Pero come to think of it, ganun ka ka-valuable sa kanila :)

ScroochChronicles said...
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soy said...

gorgeous na yaya. hehe

Analyse said...

Francine, lol, kung pwede lang no..but honestly, this work of mine starts to be real tiring.

Haze, that's exactly what i'm doing right now.. but minsan, it's really hard to make a proposal if you don't picture the real situation. hay buhay.. i don't have time right now, and i would hate it if they send somebody else over there, because im the only one in the dept who really worked with the process.. e yung sidekick ko naman kasi, 2 wks na nga kaming nagsama sa bangkok, parang kulang pa sa training..

lovelyn said...

Tagged! You are it! Come check it out!

About this post naman: sayang but if you're not comfortable with it, you just did the right thing

Francesca said...

its time to negotiate a double raise on salary !

If I were you, I go, but,in one condition: nego to the Boss: "Sir, it is all very nice, you countt on me, can I count on you too?

Now,where's the money Sir????"

bah, chance mo na yan , for a huge raise, after all, kamo, magastos na si Louna, lol!

then, mag thérmes ka ha? You need one!

julie said...

Was it the right decision to forego a round trip ticket? I say it is, if it makes you feel not harassed and not pressed for time. Basta, abiso ka lang when you have to come here so we can sked that EB once and for all :D

Ingat and ((hugs)) to Louna.

Analyse said...

Lucille, our company stock options' going down too.. i think everybody's following the same trend, from japan to new york.. hay buhay, now you realize how risky it is to put all your investments on that no?

Cookie, yeah, i'd love to go there too.. lalo na at i need to change my passport hehe.. pero i think i've given enough already, and it's now time to prove their worth..

Soy, ;). well, i can't really complain on that colleague of mine because she's taking really good care of me when i'm in bangkok.

Lovelyn, i'll go check it out later ;).

it's not that i'm not comfortable with the subject, but for me, they need to learn to work it out on their own too, hindi kada problema e tawag na kaagad.. feeling namin dito minsan e nasa hotline kami e hehe..

Francesca, lol, loko ka talaga.. but we have an attractive travel incentive which is multiplied by 150% when in pinas kasi considered na difficult country daw.. coz of terrorism, food, pollution, etc.. so kahit pinoy ako, i get that same priviledge too.. aba e, hirap nga naman pag nasa pinas ako no, tight ng sked from meeting family members to friends lol..

Julie, that i would promise, an EB next time i'll be there.. by that time, tapos na siguro ang SLEX hehe..

SexyMom said...

hmmmm, that made me think. but yes, you are right, we have to have our comforts also.