Weird Tag

Posted by Analyse at 4:39 PM

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

When I saw Ka Uro's message that I was tagged to enumerate my 5 weird habits, the first thing that crossed my mind was 'Do I have one?' Well, you see, I'm a boring old fart. I do things like everybody else does. Standard. I don't break rules.

Ok, well, as I was strolling with Bébé around the park / lake near our place yesterday, I was actually thinking about the tag. I was obsessed by the question actually. There must be something. I cannot be that standard, naman. Standard = Boring. Yoko nga.

So, here's my list. Most of them actually fall on my 'Bad Habit' category (pinaganda ko lang, that reads katamaran in tagalog hehe), but heck, I should come up with something.

Weird Habit Number 1: I hate to shop. Well, this will normally fall on the 'Good Habit' category for guys. But for gals, they just find it weird. Or they just couldn't understand why I get severe headache when I shop. Dami kayang choices, di ba nakakasakit ng ulo yun?

Weird Habit Number 2: Frenchguy is my personal cook. Not that I hate cooking, I simply don't love it. And when he's not around, my microwave oven does the works.

PS to fellow mamans: While breastfeeding, I do make extra effort. Yep, I cook healthy foods. Weird!

Weird Habit Number 3: Frenchguy does the cleaning. Not that I hate cleaning, I simply don't love it (Part II). I hate it when it's messy tho, so to avoid cleaning, di na lang po ako nagkakalat.

Weird Habit Number 4: Frenchguy does the laundry. Not that I hate or love doing it, di ko lang feel. En revanche, I do the ironing. Weird no.

Weird Habit Number 5: I prefer looking at girls rather than boys. Basta, ganun. Nope, I'm not lesbian!

Now, I'm tagging Linnor, Haze, Makis, Kala and Sassafras. Just curious to know their weird side too..

10 Weeks After...

Posted by Analyse at 3:31 PM

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A doting maman. That's me. That's my new ME. It's as if I was born to be one. If only I could just stay at home and be a mother 24 hours a day - but hélas, I soon have to resume life as I left it to test another life's best experience so far..

3 kg. Concentrated you-know-where! A reason to keep my favorite pants and skirts at the hardest-to-reach part of my closet. That's 2 weeks before seeing once again my table, my laptop, my chair, my laboratory gown, my safety shoes - my office! ... now, writing that made me realize how soon that is!

* * * * *

Bébé's Growing Curiosity

Did you know that the best way to have a fan club is to have your own baby? Bébé could stare to the person carrying her for long minutes. I bet Bébé knows every line of my face now.

I once tried to stand infront of the mirror with her. She looked at my image, then looked at her own image and started to cry. Is that the first sign of jealousy?

She loves observing the objects around her and she prefers them when they move. She sometimes move her hands and touch her toys unintentionally and that amuses her. Yesterday, at 2 months and 1 week old, Bébé started to put her right hand on her mouth. I guess she's close to thumbsucking now. She finally discovered her hand. Yey!

She could play with different emotions on her face lately, she smiles and communicates in a very attractive way. I've heard other mamans say that we shouldn't carry our bébés everytime they cry, baka daw masanay sa karga.

Could you resist?


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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Did I ever really realize how time flies too fast? Or is it just because of bébé’s fast development that I have to stay awake longer hours and be more observant to keep pace of these changes?

8 weeks had passed. A lot about her had changed: the sound of her cry, the way she looks at me, the way she communicates, the way she wakes up, the way she spends her day…

Frenchguy and I had somehow changed our old habits too.

Never had we imagined how a diaper change could be so fascinating. Pipi or caca? What colour, quantity, consistency, frequency… a funny subject which became part of our daily conversation.

Going out is not as easy. Bébé has to be fed and changed prior to that. Stroller has to be in the car. A complete set of clothes and diapers should be prepared. Add to that a ready-to-mix bottle in the bag. Going home is ironically the first thing we have in mind upon arrival to destination.

No more staying late in bed on weekends.

No more sleeping 8 hours straight at night.

No more uninterrupted phonecalls.

No more long hours of uninterrupted chat (or no more chat at all!)

Washing machine at work full time.

I still love to read. I have loads of Infobébé, Famili and Parent magazines. I have some collections of bébé books of different authors too.

I start to love shopping. Favorite boutiques: Aubert, Bébé 9, Autour de Bébé, Vertbaudet. Favorite place in supermarkets : Rayon Bébé.

My Christmas gift: CD (for bébé). Frenchguy’s Christmas gift: Book (for bébé).

The A (apprentice) sign at the back of my car has been replaced by Bébé à Bord.

I guess frenchguy and I are becoming addicted to bébé..

Be more organized! That would be my new year's resolution.