Visa Extension No More

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Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm quite disappointed today. We had been checking our calendar this week and I felt a bit sad knowing that March 15 is nearing. That's my Mom's departure date. Sad because we really hadn't visited that much because of the cold weather, Kyla's age, and moi busy at work. All I could offer her was a freezing day at Paris Disneyland a day after her arrival here, a weekend at Bourg St Maurice next week the mountains. no, she won't ski, don't worry, a weekend in Rome end of February and a busy daily schedule with the two girls.

With my boss' question whether I could go to the Philippines in the coming weeks just for a week and I could say NO because of my family situation. he told me he would understand, I thought I'd take a chance and ask for a visa extension for my Mom. It would be more comfortable if my Mom's here while I'm on travel, considering Kyla's age. I asked Frenchguy to go the Prefecture because I know they'll be more honest with a French citizen to see any possibility but the answer was negative. The only possible reason for a visa extension is if my Mom's seriously sick. Ayoko nga!

Anybody here in France who had the same experience recently? So the news is true? It's really that strict here now? How is it in your country?

Kiddo Update

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Busy. That's the adjective that best describes me at the moment. Having two kids and a job is no joke. That means bathing and feeding two kids after work. In short, take everything about motherhood multiplied by two. The answer is exponentially overwhelming.

But I cannot charge my absence in the blogging world all in motherhood, there's also the fact that I love chatting with my Mom. She starts to repeat stories though, not enough chismis for a 3-month stay. I think she needs to go back home to gather more chismis to tell me, lol.

Job contributes to that adjective too. But I cannot complain. It's somewhat rewarding. Remember about my award? Well, I already received it and contrary to what I thought, I didn't tremble when I delivered my speech. But I jokingly told my boss that I will work less efficiently this year because I hate high heels and speeches. He laughed and congratulated me, told me that my speech was great and that's just a start of a more fruitful career. Frenchguy see more € signs now, lol.

But do you know what's more rewarding than certificates decorating my office? See what the girls could do at their crèche privée. I'm a proud Maman.

First Day at Work

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Yes. I'm again on work mode. Since Monday. And already busy.

I spent almost my whole day in our conference room on my first day. 9:30am to 1:30pm talking about strategies on how to decrease production cost. 2:30pm to 5:00pm talking about a new project I'll be working on. My wonderful bosses filled up time slots in my outlook calendar even before I arrived. The big boss was even reminding me that he needed to talk to me on another subject but that could still wait till next week. What a day! I missed the traditionnal morning and afternoon café where almost everybody gather in a small room sipping their hot coffee or tea talking about all kinds of nonsense except work.

The next day, Tuesday, my supposed-to-be meeting at 10:00am was luckily cancelled and moved to Thursday. I had time deleting and reading unimportant messages. Important messages were kept aside thinking I'll have time today at home to read some messages (I won't work every Wednesdays to take care of my kids). But nah, I have too much stuffs to do at home too. It's now 4:00pm here and I haven't opened my work laptop yet. I'll try later when the kids are in bed (they're now taking a nap), I need to prepare my meeting tomorrow.

Going back on my first day, it's funny how my colleagues greeted me. After the usual beso beso followed by classic new year greetings like bonne année, bonne santé and meilleur voeux, almost all of them striked a quick glance on my tummy and said nothing. Mga usi, lol.

PS: Picture on the left is the only picture of me last Christmas. I'm always behind the cam. Don't be fooled tho. Remember a lot of years ago when Baguio was hit by an earthquake? Where roads and buildings were heavily cracked and damaged? Let's say it was intensity 7.6 on the Richter scale. My abdomen looks like it was hit by an intensity 8. Heavily cracked and damaged.