Visa Extension No More

Posted by Analyse at 9:53 PM

Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm quite disappointed today. We had been checking our calendar this week and I felt a bit sad knowing that March 15 is nearing. That's my Mom's departure date. Sad because we really hadn't visited that much because of the cold weather, Kyla's age, and moi busy at work. All I could offer her was a freezing day at Paris Disneyland a day after her arrival here, a weekend at Bourg St Maurice next week the mountains. no, she won't ski, don't worry, a weekend in Rome end of February and a busy daily schedule with the two girls.

With my boss' question whether I could go to the Philippines in the coming weeks just for a week and I could say NO because of my family situation. he told me he would understand, I thought I'd take a chance and ask for a visa extension for my Mom. It would be more comfortable if my Mom's here while I'm on travel, considering Kyla's age. I asked Frenchguy to go the Prefecture because I know they'll be more honest with a French citizen to see any possibility but the answer was negative. The only possible reason for a visa extension is if my Mom's seriously sick. Ayoko nga!

Anybody here in France who had the same experience recently? So the news is true? It's really that strict here now? How is it in your country?


tintin said...

Sorry to hear that Ana. But you know what, I think that it's being part of the girls' routine that she most feels a part of their life. You don't have to always take her out, as I'm sure she enjoys being there without all that.

IA. said...

Saying bye even just for now makes me sad too! I cried everytime my parents left after a visit!

Don't they have a dependent visa in France? Here in Thailand parents can stay with their children who have valid work permits, and this dependent visa is valid for one year. It's renewable too.

Unknown said...

Sad naman, but don't you worry ana, may next time pa naman. just enjoy your mom while you can. spend quality time with her. book her next flight na hehe.

Analyse said...

Tintin, that's what exactly my Mom had said.

IA, I think they have that but it would require tons and tons of paper, I could imagine. And you really have to prove that they don't have any source of revenu and no family except you. Di bale na lang, next time na lang ulit.

Rhada, lol, next time, with my Dad naman para di boring mag isa sa bahay haha.

JO said...

Hope you find a way to make her stay longer [without her getting sick that is].

haze said...

When I had my Mom we wanted to have a visa extension and it costs 100€ (that's Chirac time). Sorry to tell you that Sarko is much more exigent. Probably what you can do try to write a letter and explain your situation since you travel a lot. Point out the necessary things why do you need to have a visa extension. It's for your children's need!

But I can tell you, you are a lucky girl co'z your Mother had her visa. I have a friend who also delivered her 3rd baby (she's a SAHM) she also invited her Mom but was unfortunately denied for the second time.

I hope your Mom is happy to have come to France for the second time.

haze said...

me again I was trying to say "I am sure your Mom is happy to have come" ! daming iniisip kasi eh lol

Chibog in Chief said...

what can i say but, "les français sont racistes!!" LOL, joke lang po hehe baka pitikin ako dito. im both sad and glad for you. i've always wanted my family to visit me here. pero di nila feel.. sarap siguro ng pakiramdam that your mom is there beside you. i really dont know if its possible to extend visa...goodluck anways :-)

Anonymous said...

Kahit saan ata now mahirap na magextend. I remember when I was invited by my sis in Japan, she was working too so bantay ako anak nya, we were confident na maeextend stay ko kc nga working cla pareho ala alaga baby nila. Nyerks it was not a good reason pala. I was denied kc wats so speacial with Pinoys daw eh kung mga Japanese nga khit may work and baby kaya nman. But guess wat we know somebody there ang naging reason nila eh kc Summer nung nainvite yung sis nya ang sinabi nila they wanted her sis to experience Fall season and shes considering to enrol on japanese lessons! approved ang lola! . kung alam ko lng lol... Anyway kunting drama nga u can still try to apply, at least just to give it a shoot, malay mo :) Bonne chance!

Analyse said...

Jo, hopeless case na yata. Next time na lang ulit.

Haze, yep, lucky girl i am, cant really complain. re: visa extension, according to the pref, we can't extend her visa for our comfort.. coz we already explained why we wanted to extend her, ayaw na talaga, super strict!

Dhanggit, a lot of comfort! My mom loves to move all the time, so imagine..

Anonymous, here, if you reason out na you want to learn french, they would say that you could do that in the phils, in alliance francaise :(

Anonymous said...

Hello Ana,I know na nakakalungkot na your mother will be leaving soon pero at least nakapunta sya dyan sa France kahit mahigpit ngayon kumuha ng tourist visa kahit pa family member,lucky parin sya.

I'm sure happy ang mother mo na nakita nya ang 2nd baby mo,kayo at nakapasyal dito sa France.

Nagstart na magstrict masyado dito.I hope fair sila,hindi lang sana asians ang ginagawan nila nito.

CLC Fashion said...

ang bilis nga talaga ng panahon pero maswerte ka pa rin ana nakapunta nanay mo dito, i'm dreaming my parents could accepted and get visas to come here in france pero nang i-inquire namin few months ago,kaagad negative ang reply kasi both my parents not in good health. :-( another reason pa naman sana dito namin sila ipagamot. Hindi na lang namin itinuloy ang pagpa process ng papers nila baka mauwi lang sa wala ang igagastos namin.
anyway, kami na lang uuwi doon sa pinas.

sana makakuha pa rin ng extension visa nanay mo... i'm sure your kids are so happy being with their lola here:-)

Anonymous said...

Be happy and contented that your mom can travel and be with you in France. Mine can't, she's sickly and not allowed to travel per doctor's advice. She can always come back after a few weeks or months.