Almost Widow

Posted by Analyse at 4:49 PM

Friday, February 06, 2009

Frenchguy almost fainted last week while playing squash. His left arm felt numb, he had difficulty aiming the ball, he lost equilibrium then thought his toungue was bloated (he had difficulty talking). Somebody applied first aid on him and when he thought he was okay, he then threw up everything he had for lunch.

He had doppler examination the next day which showed that his left vertebral vein was clogged. He had anti-coagulants from then on. His head was scanned two days ago which showed that everything was normal. Everybody's relieved with the results, and him, he's again thinking of pursuing sports.

Everybody at work knew about the news. No wonder, he played with a colleague. Here's some sympathizing conversations with them:

Colleague 1: So, the poison's starting to take effect?

Colleague 2: I heard that you're almost a widow. Too sad. Try again next time.

Colleague 3: Did he already sign the heritage certificate?

Colleague 4: Whoa! You'll be single again!

After the brain scan:

Colleague 5: At least now, he has an evidence that he's got a brain.

That's French humour! I reply them with the same humour, of course, and now they describe me as a young happy widow.

But kidding aside, that incident made me realize all the more that I'm a foreigner in this country. I don't even know my rights in full detail. And how would I proceed if something bad happens? Will I stay in the same house? How will I take care of the garden? I don't even know how to start the lawn mower! How will I do with the kids without any family around? What if I need to travel because of work? And would I be able to keep my job inspite of the economic crisis? What if? Will I stay in France?

Nah! Too much questions unanswered. I told Frenchguy that he's still not allowed to go but should sign the heritage blahblahs, lol.

PS: Frenchguy's doing great and says HI.


haze said...

I start to learn and laugh with those French humor otherwise I will be in the prison at this very moment !

I hope Laurent is feeling better! Okay, is he capable to grab a pen for a signature then ?? lol

Makis said...

Oh no, that was terrifying! Glad that Frenchguy is all good & going. I think this kind of humor is universal because you can joke about it only after when things are absolutely ok, or in my case, even at my dad's funeral, everybody was still teasing him & my mom!

I have always thought I'd move back to Manila if something bad happens to a foreigner like me. But I really, really shudder at the thought.

Soy said...

Glad FG is ok. It must have been so frightening for you. I like the dry French humour though. :)

tintin said...

I'm glad hubby is ok. What was the cause of the blockage daw? Can he prevent it? Take good care of all of you!

Anonymous said...

if that happened to me, i'd be scared out of my wits! i'm relieved to know he's okay :) i wish both of you good health.

Chibog in Chief said...

you are brave indeed! i don't know how i would react if it happened to me. anyways, my dad's bestfriend died of similar case while playing basketball! he was in great form..this thing is really scary for it could happen to anybody even for young people :-(

Francesca said...

he has no time to die!
You cant be a widow at THAT age?

he must see your kids'getting married first, haha.
Tell him:
If he dies, You kill him.

CLC Fashion said...

glad to know he's now alright, kakatakot kaya.
Yong ganong humour di pwedi sakin at baka masakal ko pa sila haha

Ingat lagi

Unknown said...

What a scare! Glad he's OK.

Anonymous said...

It's always good to find humour during gloomy and scary times! Good thing he is fine now.

Thinking of the "what ifs" are a good way of preparing ourselves for any grim future. It sounds pessimistic but its reality. I would start thinking for plan A or plan B and make sure I can survive with or without my partner. That's why its always a good idea for women to work and not just depend on the man financially.


Maya said...

We read this post yesterday with Hubby.
He was horrified about the comments of your co-workers.He was saying he might have slap their faces.
Glad to hear though that Laurent is fine now.
Take care daw rin.

Analyse said...

Haze, lol. Yes, he can now control his arms.. and for the French humor, if you cannot beat them, join them! lol.

Makis, honestly speaking, I don't know what would be my plan B if something bad happens.. i think ill just cross the bridge when i get there..

Soy, yeah, that makes a heavy situation like that lighter.

Tintin, he forced too much.. his blood was too viscous..

Linnor, thanks ;)

Dhanggit, yeah, scary. When that happened, i was already imagining different scenarios..

Francesca, rofl, that last phrase is a blast. you never cease to make me laugh! thanks for that!

Lucille, keep cool haha.

Rhada, he's ok now, buti naman.

DP, you're right. I think I could survive financially without him.. but it would be better if he's here.. but as you said, better be prepared in all circumstances.

Maya, hay naku, that kind of humor is part of our everyday lives na yata sa office, sanay na ang lola mo.. but they're ok naman, they would talk to me seriously when they're alone with me.. pero pag sama sama na, puro kalokohan talaga lumalabas, lol. how are you?

lovelyn said...

A reality check, in a way. I agree with "anonymous", Plan B should come in handy if Plan A fails. Being prepared is not only for us spouses but also for our kid's secured future. Ang babata pa naman ng mga babies natin.