Labor Day Getaway

Posted by Analyse at 2:21 PM

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The frenchy family was on a 10-day getaway to escape from work pressures and to savour spring at the seaside with Frenchguy's family. It was perfect. We had the beach for us alone and daily temperatures were fluctuating at levels I love: 6°C in the morning to end at 18°C before the sun sets. Not to cold, not too hot, sunny most of the time and daylight till 9:30pm - need I ask for more?

The beach wasn't the one I crave for, of course. No white sands. No coconut trees. Not the tropical temperature. It was more of a fishing haven - rocks covered with algaes, beaches with fishing towers, low tides almost every morning to the delight of villagers and vacationers excited to gather clams, mussels, shrimps or even oysters. There were some mornings when Frenchguy would leave early in the morning to join hoards of fishers, bringing us fresh shrimps. After breakfast, me and the girls would go to the beach to build sand castles while waiting for Frenchguy.

The seaside transformed itself into a real beach in the afternoon where some sunbathers started to show more skin, where kite-surfers glided with ease because there were not much tourists and where families like us whiled away our time appreciating the calmness of the place.

I thought that this vacation would be a lot complicated because of the two girls. But outdoor lovers as we are, we had time playing along the beach while waiting for sunset (Louna became a fan, she was asking to watch it almost all night!), we had time biking (with Kyla on a baby carrier), we had time to get a good tan (even Kyla whom I tried to protect all the time!) and of course, we had a lot of time eating fresh seafoods!

How I wish we could be there more often. But the place is darn too far!

The family is really growing tho. How did I know? The car was packed up to the last mm2 that one could ask where we hid the kids.

Now, we're back to Dijon. Back to normal activities. See you around.