Good News!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Have you thought about your future? Your retirement, in particular?

In France, this subject has had its share of polemics when the government suggested a 160-trimester (40 years of service - effective 2008) minimum requirement instead of the 150-trimester (37.5 years) existing right now. With this figures, I already pictured myself as an old not-too-dynamic woman, still working day in to day out to have a correct retirement pension. Plan B would be to stop earlier, have a lower pension and spend my older days in my beloved Philippines with my family and friends - where the cost of living is normally lower.

This morning, another picture had just popped up - a not-too-old woman enjoying her correct retirement pension with her family all over the globe. Yes, with the energy and the means to enjoy life.

In fact, our HR Department had just asked me to procure them my certificates of employment - from my jobs in the Philippines! I didn't know that counts. That would mean I could retire earlier!

Retirement Pinoy Style: My mom, who has been playing jetset between Zambales and Manila since her retirement just had her monthly pension stopped few months ago. Prior to that, she forgot to liquidate 3 checks (or simply because she didn't need any cash). GSIS probably thought she was DEAD. They stopped the pension without any notice.

Dyan lang po sa kanto..

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I was in search of a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of a certain product and I accidentally stumbled on this company named KANTO . Gandang tambayan nito sigurado.

That is to say, I’m back to work.

*Bébé and I were both sick on my first day of work. Blame it on winter.