Summer Vacation 2007 Part I

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Friday, August 17, 2007

So we are finally out on vacation.. and loving it, what else. Though summer temperature is not really at our rendez-vous, we are nevertheless having the fun of our life with what our destination reserves for us.

Since our second-week-destination is at the Midi-Pyrenees (~885 km from Dijon), we tried to organize our vacation so as to have our stopover in some place where we could do a little visit. Long drives are not really advisable to impatient toddlers, unless you’re really patient. Our first stop was at Safari de Peaugres where Louna had fun not only on imitating animal sounds, but also on mimicking them. Look at how cute she mimics pink flamingos.

We then drove up to Lac de Salagou the next day, known for its environment carpeted with its rich red soil.

Unfortunately, it was too windy that day so we ended up hiking instead. It was a fun hike because Louna walked at the start of the trail and finally discovered her shadow. She was quite blocked at first, probably wondering what that black image was so we explained (and showed) to her that Maman and Papa have their own shadows too. The trick worked when we told her that she had to follow her shadow. Toddler life is full of discoveries.

We then stopped at Carcassonne to visit this majestic fortress constructed during the Middle Ages. I’m not a history buff so let me describe the place through pictures instead.

Next stop will be at the Midi-Pyrenees.

Les Dijonnais

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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Frenchies are still here - blame it on the capricious weather. Our designated destination displays cloudy weather today so since we had no reservations this week, we decided to stay put in our little chez nous and enjoy what Dijon has to offer.

First on the list was Louna's haircut. Since it's vacation time, we finally decided to say bye-bye to her baby-hair and she gamely obliged. I think that she even enjoyed her pampering time at the salon, she talked non-stop while her coiffeuse cut her hair. A promising talkative little girl.

We were also able to enjoy our little garden which is most often neglected because of our busy everyday lives. Some little pleasures like going to the restaurants, leisure-walking at the town center, walking at the nearby forest, eating out with friends, watching DVDs with Louna and simply doing siesta every afternoon are already priceless rewards for us. Who would say we aren't on vacation yet?

Tomorrow, we will probably load our car with our stuffs and finally hit vacation... did I said probably?

PMN Fam Pics

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Credits: Verena Karolyi for the Papers and Suzanne C. Walker of DSP for the WordArt.

Here's my official entry to the PMN Fam Pics saga’s August theme – Glossy. Here’s my little darling with her Glossy Apple Cheeks. This picture was taken after our summer vacation last year.

Here are how PMN members interpret “glossy.”

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All My Bags are Packed, I'm Ready To Go...

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Camping Advocates

After a lot of last minute changes and hesitations, we're finally leaving for vacation this weekend. It will be a 3-weeks getaway, starting off at the Ardeche area where we will most probably mount our newly-bought tent for the first time. As a growing family, Frenchguy and I both agreed that our miniature tent will not be spacious enough to hold Louna alone so we ended up buying a new one. Tho it won’t be Louna’s first camping experience, we still prepare ourselves to a roller coaster ride with a toddler in tow.

Mountain Climbers

Next in line will be the Pyrenees where we will stay in a nice vacation village situated atop the mountains. We took the option Pension Complete which means everything will be prepared for us, from breakfast to dinner. We deserve a break, okay? A lot of outdoor activities are also proposed everyday so it will be a busy week for us. An in-house day-care is available in case we want to do some sporty adventure sans Louna.

Ocean Adventurers

Next and last stopover will be at my BIL’s beach house at the Vendée area. The house is reserved only for us so it will be a cool moment to spend family time together without worrying about community activities. I particularly dig the ice cream eating session every afternoon.


All these vacation itineraries had been a pain to organize and I hope everything will turn out alright, that we’ll have a great weather and Louna will go home to Dijon fully potty trained. Frenchguy and I would take separate work destinations direct from our vacation hideaway and the little Miss will spend a week more at her grandparent’s place. Yes, aside from the vacation must-haves that we packed, we’re adding two laptops and our passports on the list.

I’m Living on a Jetplane.

If you have to gauge yourself, what is your competence with process A using machine B ?

That was my boss’ welcome question when I arrived back from a 3-weeks business travel last month.

Bosing, to tell you frankly, I could work with that process using that machine with my eyes closed.

Yabang ko no? But apparently, I hit the right answer. Before I knew it, I got myself named for another assignment and with that came an air ticket and loads of emails. I tried to protest from my boss, telling him that he could surely name somebody from our Asian team with the same expertise, so we could save from air tickets, that I could always act as a support through emails, chat, call conference, video conference yada yada yada, to which he answered :

The request is from our sister company and they’re paying all of your expenses. I’m even checking on how I could charge them your travel incentives and your one week salary. With that said, they’re expecting a credible and reliable support from you…

Oh. Thanks for the added pressure. I really appreciate it.

Now here’s the catch. The sister company is based in the Philippines and I don’t think they know that I’m a Filipina. I just hope they won’t ask their money back because they’re expecting a French expert and all they could get is dark-brown Pinay.

PMN Fam Pics

But before I finally close my bags and hit the road to vacation, I’d like to share to you my un-official entry to the PMN Fam Pics saga’s August theme – Glossy. Here’s my little darling with her Glossy Apple Cheeks. This picture was taken after our summer vacation last year.

Credits: Verena Karolyi for the Papers and Suzanne C. Walker of DSP for the WordArt.

A Star in the Making

And before I end this already long post, please visit this site and listen to the group Plastiq Passion (Jessica Chaos) under the Music category. The woman behind the guitar is a cool mom who rocks between work, family and her passion - music. As she said, some moms do cross-stitching. She plays with her guitar. Ain't that cool? And would you believe that inspite of that seemingly hectic schedule, she still has time to meet blogger friends who lost their way to NY?

And oh, before I forget, please vote for the group ;).

Temporary Hiatus

This blog will officially be on temporary hiatus starting Sunday, August 5. All work and no play make John a dull boy. You wouldn’t want to see me get bored of my everyday life, would you?

See you in September.