Les Dijonnais

Posted by Analyse at 12:00 PM

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Frenchies are still here - blame it on the capricious weather. Our designated destination displays cloudy weather today so since we had no reservations this week, we decided to stay put in our little chez nous and enjoy what Dijon has to offer.

First on the list was Louna's haircut. Since it's vacation time, we finally decided to say bye-bye to her baby-hair and she gamely obliged. I think that she even enjoyed her pampering time at the salon, she talked non-stop while her coiffeuse cut her hair. A promising talkative little girl.

We were also able to enjoy our little garden which is most often neglected because of our busy everyday lives. Some little pleasures like going to the restaurants, leisure-walking at the town center, walking at the nearby forest, eating out with friends, watching DVDs with Louna and simply doing siesta every afternoon are already priceless rewards for us. Who would say we aren't on vacation yet?

Tomorrow, we will probably load our car with our stuffs and finally hit vacation... did I said probably?


gracita said...

i'm a certified louna fan so what can i say? she's so pretty in all her pictures! :) at ang taray natin sa shorts! i love it by the way! :)

dibale, relax relax nalang muna kayo jan sa dijon :)

Agring said...

Wow! new haircut si Louna. Buti namn
ok lang sya sa hairdresser!

haze said...

Waking up late in the morning,staying in bed, enjoying your breakfast in the garden with family is already a vacation Ana ! Not thinking even a single thing what's happening in the office, far from des "raleurs colleagues" talagang engrandeng bakasyon :) !

Wow haircut, she was so behave ;)! Have a safe travel Ana and family ! Enjoy co'z you all deserve a BIG BREAK !

Rhada said...

ganda talaga ng iyong unica hija! manang-mana sa........mommy syempre!!! *afir*

Enjoy your vacation!!!

Rhada said...

ganda talaga ng iyong unica hija! manang-mana sa........mommy syempre!!! *afir*

Enjoy your vacation!!!

febeth said...

Theres a difference daw between probably and possibly.

Probably means considerable certainty; without much doubt and Possibly means perhaps or maybe.

So I guess you will surely load your car and go for a vacation. happy trip.

nao said...

yung first hair ni Kyle, nakatabi til now. Balak kong ipa frame..hehe. Yung first tooth natanggal kay Patrick, ininsert ko sa babby album nya.

tinago mo ba yung hair ni bebe louna

dumaan bading, kumusta ka na :)

noemi said...

katuwa naman ang munting prinsesa..hehehe
siguro sinasabi sa hairstylist kung anong klaseng hair style gusto nya... LOLz
pag lumaki-laki pa yan, yan na ang mag-aaya sayo mag pa haircut parang kiddo ko..hehehe

ingat lagi sis! besos kay bebe louna :)

Duke said...

laki na ni louna! I think she will be a tall girl :)

Bonne Vacances!

Airwind said...

wow is this her first haircut. ang tapang ng anak mo a? i remember when i was a kid takot ako sa barbero. wehehe

ann said...

Naalala ko tuloy first hair cut ni Josh, dinig hanggang kabilang building yung palahaw ng iyak.

AL said...

:) Vacation... it seems like a word that is far away from my vocabulary these days.
Well... wherever you are headed, have a great time!

raqgold said...

i can relate -- weather is unpredictable here, too. summer vacation is almost over without the 'vacation.' wow, did she really let the friseur cut her hair like a good girl?

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Ana. Talking about weather. Classes have been suspended in all levels yesterday and today because of supertyphoon Egay. I wonder if Nursery have make-up classes.

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. How nice, Louna had a haircut at the salon.

Hope you'll have a nice vacation. Wishing you good weather ahead.