Security Insecurities

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Travelling regulations had changed a lot lately that I sometimes get goosebumps when I board a plane. I once asked to remove my shoes. That was just after the attempt of terrorist attack in England. After that, removing my coat and belt has became an SOP. I'm afraid they will soon ask me to get all of my clothes off!

Travelling for me has to be cool, my luggage, in consequence, has always been light (add to the fact that I don't really know what to put inside). I probably have an average of 15 kg per travel, the heaviest was surely when I decided to migrate here. I had a 30-kg luggage then and I told Frenchguy that I had all my life in there. Needless to say that I never knew what a balikbayan box was all about. I was even travelling with just my backpack then (the immigration officer even asked me kung wala daw bang mabibili sa France hehe). Now, I have my petit cabin luggage which I carry with me everywhere I go. Not that I don't like my backpack anymore, it's just that I have to be proper (for whatever that means) when travelling, minsan kasi me nakakabangga akong big bosses sa airport hehe. I board with my cabin luggage inside the plane without any problem. I was always at the top 10-earliest-traveller who reach the EXIT sign.

But that was history.

Starting November 6 of this year, all of the flights from the European Union, wherever the destination is, will be restricted of liquids, powders or gels inside their cabin luggages (that includes toothpaste!). If you really need to bring some with you, you will have to transfer them in a small transparent sachets, not exceeding 100ml each (or use small containers). These small sachets will then have to be sealed in a 1L sachet. If you have to bring your medecines, be sure to have your doctor's prescription. If you buy some liquids (whisky, etc) in a duty-free, be sure to have the plastic sealed too. And oppps, if you're on transit within the European Union and you bought a bottle of whisky outside the territory, this bottle, even if you buy it in a duty free inside an airport, couldn't be accepted in the next flight. Better drink the whole of it or it will be confiscated (I just saw a pile of alcohol behind the controller's desk the last time I travelled!).

Baby products, buti na lang, are acceptable. But better not fool them, because they might ask you to taste the product (in case of food products) infront of them.

With all that, I'm now obliged to bid goodbye to my cabin luggage for each travel. I will be part of those people crowding the bagage conveyor system at the airport. I won't be at the top 10 anymore.

I was just thinking, we're like prisoners in a free world. Sigh!

Scraps, Work, atbp.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I never imagined how scrapbooking could take as much of my time that I even have no time for blogging. In return, I have 20 lovely scraps hanging on my kitchen window: from Louna's first smile to her first birthday. I even bought the latest version of Photoshop to really indulge myself to this latest passion. Though it's really fun to create, I have to admit that it's equally tiring. So to unwind, frenchguy asked me to go down south on which I readily said yes with the condition to meet fellow pinay bloggers. That was great, I finally had my first ever EB with Haze, Makis and Jhona! Nice to meet you ladies, that was fun!

Louna singing, obviously enjoying this magnificent view.

But to be honest, work has been keeping me busy too. In fact, after my maternity leave, I was more or less a lazy couch potato at work, dealing with nonsense projects. In consequence, I had no salary raise which is quite normal. I then talked to my boss that Louna's big enough now and I wanted to reboost my career, which meant I needed more work. From then on, I learned another lesson: be careful with what you're wishing for. It could come true. Darn, I'm busy!

As if being busy at work and home aren't enough to keep me turning, I received an appointment last week for an interview at the prefecture. The problem is, I won't be available on the proposed date so I hurriedly went to the prefecture first hour the next day to get another appointment. I was then surprised by all the other applicants crowding the entrance so I moved to get closer just to be pushed after by the applicants-turned-rugbymen when the door finally opened. Para akong nasa LRT! The funnier thing is that these rugbymen tried to block the machine distributing the tickets. But these stupid bastards pushed the wrong button so I ended up 2nd on the list. haha! Gusto ko silang dilaan, bwahahaha!

Ooppps, by the way, Nao tagged me weeks ago and asked me to lie 5x. Bad girl! Though I really tried hard to lie as much, hindi po talaga ako sinungaling (hehe). So now, believe my stories or not, I inserted some lies in between. Don't count 5, I don't think I reached the target.