Kiddo Update

Posted by Analyse at 10:26 AM

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Busy. That's the adjective that best describes me at the moment. Having two kids and a job is no joke. That means bathing and feeding two kids after work. In short, take everything about motherhood multiplied by two. The answer is exponentially overwhelming.

But I cannot charge my absence in the blogging world all in motherhood, there's also the fact that I love chatting with my Mom. She starts to repeat stories though, not enough chismis for a 3-month stay. I think she needs to go back home to gather more chismis to tell me, lol.

Job contributes to that adjective too. But I cannot complain. It's somewhat rewarding. Remember about my award? Well, I already received it and contrary to what I thought, I didn't tremble when I delivered my speech. But I jokingly told my boss that I will work less efficiently this year because I hate high heels and speeches. He laughed and congratulated me, told me that my speech was great and that's just a start of a more fruitful career. Frenchguy see more € signs now, lol.

But do you know what's more rewarding than certificates decorating my office? See what the girls could do at their crèche privée. I'm a proud Maman.


Soy said...

Congratulations on the award. It makes me proud to know of another Filipino who excels in her career in Europe. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Congrats on your award! It's amazing how you can be a great mother and at the same time an accomplished career woman. These achievements are worth celebrating.

raqgold said...

ang galing talaga! super mom. congrats!

ang mas magaling, andyan ang another super mom to help you out. actually when our moms are with us, simply listening to their chismis is help enough, di ba?

haze said...

Wow hello Nanay, a proud Lola :D! It's great you have your Mom to share every memorable moments of the family!

Rhada said...

haha natawa ako sa kulang ang baon na chismis...hehehe

ako din eh kabilin-bilinan ko palagi kay mommy eh bayong bayong na chismis ang pasalubong sa akin.

congrats sa award!

Analyse said...

thanks girls ;)

Auee said...

Congrats again on that award!
Galing nang Pinay

You're so lucky nandyan Mama mo but also sad na aalis na sya. Did she like it there? Nanay ko kasi dito nuon inip na inip and I didn't have the heart to coerce her to stay.

I have so much back-reading to do on your blog and your kids'. Anyhu. I'm glad you're all okay.

All the best with work, it is tough to come back. But it's a "breather" na din in some way.