10 Weeks After...

Posted by Analyse at 3:31 PM

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A doting maman. That's me. That's my new ME. It's as if I was born to be one. If only I could just stay at home and be a mother 24 hours a day - but hélas, I soon have to resume life as I left it to test another life's experience...my best experience so far..

3 kg. Concentrated you-know-where! A reason to keep my favorite pants and skirts at the hardest-to-reach part of my closet. That's 2 weeks before seeing once again my table, my laptop, my chair, my laboratory gown, my safety shoes - my office! ... now, writing that made me realize how soon that is!

* * * * *

Bébé's Growing Curiosity

Did you know that the best way to have a fan club is to have your own baby? Bébé could stare to the person carrying her for long minutes. I bet Bébé knows every line of my face now.

I once tried to stand infront of the mirror with her. She looked at my image, then looked at her own image and started to cry. Is that the first sign of jealousy?

She loves observing the objects around her and she prefers them when they move. She sometimes move her hands and touch her toys unintentionally and that amuses her. Yesterday, at 2 months and 1 week old, Bébé started to put her right hand on her mouth. I guess she's close to thumbsucking now. She finally discovered her hand. Yey!

She could play with different emotions on her face lately, she smiles and communicates in a very attractive way. I've heard other mamans say that we shouldn't carry our bébés everytime they cry, baka daw masanay sa karga.

Could you resist?


Duke said...

jeez ana! time really flies fast.

a friend of ours alsodo the same when ther lttle boy is crying. They try to resist carrying him para di masanay. Once we were at their flat and the baby started crying. The parents tried to ignore it for a couple of minutes but the mom could not resist. Soon, she was carrying her little boy again!

sha said...

the picture speaks for itself hahha
mama carga na po

Anonymous said...

Awww, no, I wouldn't be able to resist as long as she has that look on her face, esp in the 2nd picture! She is such a darling!


Analyse said...

Duke, Sha and Kala, with that look on her face, who would dare to resist? It's like she's telling me S'il te plait maman, je voudrais un calin. Ano pa nga ba, e di labing labing time na hehe ;)

Ka Uro said...

i missed those days when our daughter was same age as your bebe. now she's in her teens. enjoy your bebe now. i tell you when they're grown up, it would not be the same anymore.

DOPS said...

ang cuuuuttteeeee ng baby, hehehe...

kumusta po jan?


Makis said...

Awwww, Louna is so adorable!!! I can't help but smile on the fan club part :) Keep on sharing Louna stories so it will be as if we watch her grow!

Bless said...

Ana ang dali talaga nga panahon! Your bebe is so adorable and with that look in the face..walang maman na di maantig..kaya kargahin mo na ;-)

God bless you both!

haze said...

She's making a progress, malaki na daw sya! I like those babies who thumbsuck actually mababait daw yon....Hhhmmm let's see if it's true with bébé Louna...Mine is not thumbsucking so I guess...di sya mabait ha ha ha! Mayumi is starting to be makulit, pero cute yong pagka nya ha!!!

Anyway, Ana I know that days are fast approaching profit the rest of your vacations with Louna....bon courage Ana!

Analyse said...

Haze, di pa sya nagta-thumbsuck, di pa nya nahahanap yung thumb nya hehe...she's sucking her hand actually, minsan nakukuha nya yung index nya, nakakatuwa syang panoorin...she doesn't like her tetine that much, i guess she understood that it's not her biberon hehe..

Francesca said...

First three years of a baby is always eskayting. They always want to see, touch, and know everything.
sarap ng may bebe bah,kaka thrill ng buhay , babies are cuddly to.
Napabisita Lang , Ana...

relly said...

Hello Analyse,
I'm new to blog, I think i've already heard about you. Seen your comments at Sha's if maybe wrong are you addressing to me.
My hubby eats asian food and the kids says Yummm when the dish they love is on the menu. I think some of us Pinoys are not fond of foreign dishes too. I respect!

relly said...

Sorry analyse, i reread the comments, you are addressing to sha's! Sorry again!

Kat said...

analyse...i totally missed all your updates! it seemed my link my concentrated on your "long wait" entry! hahah... but i fixed it!

your bebe is gorgeous! so cool that she is thumb-sucking!

i love your entries b/c they are preparing me! i think the last month & a half is the slowest to go by! and i feel huge...

Ligaya said...

awww, what a sweetheart! =)

lagi kong karga si Ninev nun when she's that age, umiiyak o hindi. hehehe! i just can't resist her! ;)

take care and kisses to Louna! =)

Joy said...

she's a darling, just look at her eyes!

Are you keeping a lil journal of her milestones?

Bonne continuation!

Linnor said...

i carried and cuddled my boys when they were little. i believe when they cry they're telling us what they need. if feeding or changing the diaper doesn't quiet them, then it's mom's warmth that they need.

all my 3 boys turned out okay. :D

Analyse said...

Ate Amy, musta na? bihira sa blogging world, busy sa kakagigil kay bébé hehe..

Relly, welcome to the blogging world ;)

Kat, you're almost there! the waiting time is always the longest, but it's worth it. be prepared to the mother hood, sleep and rest a lot now ;)

Ligaya, sarap naman kasing kargahin di ba, especially now that she's cooing, it's like she's telling me stories all the time hehe..

Joy, yep, a separate one for my fam ;)

Linnor, you're right. it's their sole way to communicate with us, so we have to be attentive. and she's not the only one who needs being cuddled, ako din ;)

Jovs said...

Ayayayyy what an adorable bebe pout! Good to hear that you're enjoying every inch of motherhood!

They say that you also have to get the baby used to napping or sleeping even when there are a bit of noise around her. So that she will get used to natural noise and not easily be roused when there are voices around when she's sleeping.

Well well, she surely is flanked with heaps of toys! Enjoy!

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