Weird Tag

Posted by Analyse at 4:39 PM

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

When I saw Ka Uro's message that I was tagged to enumerate my 5 weird habits, the first thing that crossed my mind was 'Do I have one?' Well, you see, I'm a boring old fart. I do things like everybody else does. Standard. I don't break rules.

Ok, well, as I was strolling with Bébé around the park / lake near our place yesterday, I was actually thinking about the tag. I was obsessed by the question actually. There must be something. I cannot be that standard, naman. Standard = Boring. Yoko nga.

So, here's my list. Most of them actually fall on my 'Bad Habit' category (pinaganda ko lang, that reads katamaran in tagalog hehe), but heck, I should come up with something.

Weird Habit Number 1: I hate to shop. Well, this will normally fall on the 'Good Habit' category for guys. But for gals, they just find it weird. Or they just couldn't understand why I get severe headache when I shop. Dami kayang choices, di ba nakakasakit ng ulo yun?

Weird Habit Number 2: Frenchguy is my personal cook. Not that I hate cooking, I simply don't love it. And when he's not around, my microwave oven does the works.

PS to fellow mamans: While breastfeeding, I do make extra effort. Yep, I cook healthy foods. Weird!

Weird Habit Number 3: Frenchguy does the cleaning. Not that I hate cleaning, I simply don't love it (Part II). I hate it when it's messy tho, so to avoid cleaning, di na lang po ako nagkakalat.

Weird Habit Number 4: Frenchguy does the laundry. Not that I hate or love doing it, di ko lang feel. En revanche, I do the ironing. Weird no.

Weird Habit Number 5: I prefer looking at girls rather than boys. Basta, ganun. Nope, I'm not lesbian!

Now, I'm tagging Linnor, Haze, Makis, Kala and Sassafras. Just curious to know their weird side too..


Soy said...

I agree with you on WHN 5. I think most (at least married) women do; we just don't admit it for fear of being branded as queer.

Makis said...

Those are not weird habits, ana! It's Frenchguy who has the weird habits - hehe - but you're right, now you had me going...true when you think about it, I also so feel so generic. Another tricky tag & I'll get on it soon! Bisous à Louna!

sha said...

aba wag na ko punta sa Dijon na pa ka weird ni french guy hahhaaha

na baong ng konti snow ang athens naking weird na rin mood ko hehe

Ka Uro said...

not only did you list down your weird habits. somehow 2,3,4 falls under French Guys weird habits as well. you are very lucky with your hubby. i should not show this to jean. otherwise baka humanap din ng french guy. :D

JO said...

hi analyse! ang sarap naman ng buhay mo... with frenchguy doing most of the work! hehe

musta na si bebe?

Jovs said...

Analyse, how could you not like to shop?... you're in France for heaven's sake!!! Bwahahhaha... teka, dejavu, somehow I feel that I've said something similar to you before. Oh well. Just to further stress the point! LOL.

I do #5 too... notice, then look at (not naman ogle) at girls rather than guys. And to follow, I'll point them out to my A pa. He always finds it mind-boggling why I point out pretty girls to him, with running commentaries on how they are shaped, what feature I think are the best, etc. And no I'm no lesbian too... it's just that I find girls more attractive and interesting to look at than men... perhaps also because girls dress up more and in a more interesting fashion than guys? Nuninuninu...

I love the smell of detergent. And I like doing the laundry. O diba.

Linnor said...

Was that your list or MINE???? Except for the shopping part, parang may common weird habits tayo. Sige I'll do the tag. :D

Analyse said...

Soy, ya right hehe. women are more atractive than men anyway..

Makis, I've been thinking about it, you confirm it hehe..

Sha, haha, when you go here, never ask who did la cuisine...he loves doing it, i guess you'll click together..

Ka Uro, haha, you made me laughing!! ok ok, i'll block Jean here hehe..

Jo, hehe feeling prinsesa nga e..Bébé's doing great!

Jovs, I do exactly the same thing with frenchguy...feels good to know that i'm not alone with my weird habit hehe..

Linnor, don't tell me... hehe, yey! i'm not alone!!!

haze said...

Weird habits, wait do I have? he he he joking of course I do...I'll be banging your ears with all these weird habits.....baka mainis ka pa sa habits ko di ka na madalaw sa Marseille...:-))) Get back on this Maman...Likewise Ana, I don't know but I prefer looking at girls....weird nga di naman tayo Lesbian....hhhmmmmm

Duke said...

I like number 3. To avoid cleaning.. di ka na lang nagkakalat! Way to go, Ana! galing galing :D

Ligaya said...

i hate shopping too, well at least for myself. pag para kay Ninev, I don't mind at all. isn't that weird too? take care and kisses to Louna! =)

Agring said...

Count me in, I don't like shopping too. Sumasakit ulo ko.

Francesca said...

Ana, musta? wala ako mabasang bago, busy busy baga?
Ala ey, napadaan laang, at nakikimusta ke bebe...