¿Habla Español?

Posted by Analyse at 11:49 AM

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The doorbell rang again this morning. I wasn't expecting anybody so I wasn't surprised to see strangers infront of the gate. The short discussion went like this:

S: Buenas dias. ¿Habla Español? (Good morning. Do you speak Spanish?)
Me: Non, désolée. Je ne parle pas l'espagnol. (No, I'm sorry. I don't speak Spanish)
S: Pero su apellido parece español. (But your name sounds Spanish)
Me: Oui, mais je suis Philippine. (Yes, but I'm a Filipina)
S: Oh.. (doubting?)
Me: Les Philippines étaient une ancienne colonie de l'Espagne, c'est pour ça. (Philippines was a former colony of Spain, that's why)
S: Ah.. Perdónenos. ¡Adiós! (still doubting?)
Me: ¡Adiós! (smiles)

I doubt it if they believed 100% of what I said. Firstly, I undertood everything they said and answered them correctly. Secondly, I might not look Spanish at all, but my accent do sound, well, Spanish.

Speaking of accent, it's funny to note that this accent of mine has gone a long way. When I just arrived here in France, my French instructors thought I was a native English speaker (with the American accent, not British). Then my friends in the US thought I had a French accent. But my friends in the Philippines thought otherwise - they're sure that I have a Bisaya accent (I'm from the north of the Philippines, so my original accent is far from being Bisaya).

Now, 7 years after, the Frenchies think that I sport a lovely Spanish accent even if I tell them that it's a Filipino accent, nothing else. But hey, after thinking about it, what is a real Filipino accent anyway?

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SexyMom said...

me, no habla espanol, pero intiendes (he he he)

kat said...

i thought you rocked a french-filipino accent! tres chic!

i also understand a lot of spanish since i took it for like 7 years in school. i was fluent when i lived in cali, alas...my knowledge left me once i got to college! go figure!

Rhada said...

la cucaracha? para bailar la bamba?

i'm also wondering the same thing, what is the real Filipino accent? There was this American dude kasi who asked me kung Pinoy ako, I said "yeah, how did you know?". I have the Filipino accent daw kasi. Sa isip ko, whatever! Kasi kahit tayo-tayong mga Pinoy eh iba-iba ang accent kapag English na ang chikahan eh, di ba?

julie said...

So there's a Filipino accent pala. Hmmm...Sabagay, dito lang satin, we know if someone is from Iloilo or Pampanga or Visayas. But then again, when I listen to the kids (not mine) speak in English, they are fluent and some are really good speakers, parang mga foreigners din.

Lucille said...

Di rin ako marunong mag spanish, but some french told me my accent is kinda spanish, ngeek! baka kamo bisaya. Narinig lang kc nila yong bisaya ko na "tasa" for tasse, kusina for "cuisine" etc, lol

analyse said...

Sexy Mom, lol.

Kat, what i understand in Spanish are those words similar to Tagalog and Zambal, lol. Otherwise, I did a little self-study.. but the same, i forgot most of what i learnt lol.

Rhada, dito naman, nobody guessed my real nationality. Pinoys are not known here, kukunti lang kami lol. When they think about Asians here, most of the time, they would think about chinky-eyed species who use chopsticks, write cuneiforms and say Oh my Buddha instead of Oh my God, joke lang lol.

Well, I guess it's my name more than the accent nor the appearance that make them think I'm Spanish.


analyse said...

Julie, that's too much exposure on american films, lol.

Lucille, i think the majority of the population here would think that way.. filipinos have another accent when they speak french and english.. well, at least for me.. my colleague says that i pronounce r as rrr when i speak in french but pronounce it the american way when i speak english.. ay, ewan, lol.

ScroochChronicles said...

What a combination...pinoy accent with hints of American twang na may halong Espanyol!! Nakakaloka!!

Me naman it wasn't my Pinoy accent that gave me away when I was in the US a few years ago. I was shopping at the mall and the sales clerk who was attending to me said "Filipino right?" So I said, "Did my accent give me away?" and to think nag-wewersh wersh ako ha. Sabi niya, "No, it's your sandals. Only a Filipino would dare wear sandals in this weather." Medyo autumn na kasi nuon eh :)

tintin said...

LOL, funny entry! Ano ba, no matter where we go, people speculate. Haha.

haze said...

My husband tries to mock me telling that I have a Chinese accent ! Nyay, but according to some, I have the Filipino accent ewan ko kung anong ibig sabihin non ??? But when someone sees on the streets I could be a Mexican and a Tahitian !!! Aba pang international pala beauty ko har har har !!!

Analyse said...

Cookie, lol. di lang pinoy yan, i already saw some indian tourist sa mountains, naka slippers lola, with the snow and all, lol.

Tintin, right, lol.

Haze, i'll go for tahitian hehe..

ann said...

Basta dito kahit sa phone lang alam mo pag pinoy ang kausap mo...ewan ko rin kung pano. Basta pag indian mas kilala kasi yung oval nagiging ovel...hehehe

ann said...

Basta dito kahit sa phone lang alam mo pag pinoy ang kausap mo...ewan ko rin kung pano. Basta pag indian mas kilala kasi yung oval nagiging ovel...hehehe

mitsuru said...

there's a distinct pinoy english accent especially those coming fr. manila not to mention fr the visayas.

here in the US i could tell just by listening if the speaker is a filipino. even our news anchors there in the philippines now sounds "real' pinoy to me. only ricky carandang speaks with a real "american accent." lol

sí puedo decir un pequeño español, :0

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