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Posted by Analyse at 7:00 PM

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have been reading travel forums for the past few nights in preparation for our next vacation getaway this February. I of course read French forums because Frenchies have different expectations and demands compared to Americans or Germans, and more so with Frenched Pinays. Add to the fact that we’re travelling with our active toddler. Better prepare my frenchies on What to Expect rather than be sorry.

Travel forums have loads of information which should be filtered according to your needs. Take them or leave them. Some comments could make you irk, some could make you laugh and some could even make you dream.

So, ok, I’ll just talk about a comment which really made me laugh. The commenter was complaining about:

- TVs don’t capture anything. And so? You’re there to watch TV or what?
- They don’t speak French. If you’re one of those 80 million tourists who visited France last year, you should have noticed that most of the Frenchies don’t really speak another language other than French.
- They don’t adapt to the French culture. Hello. You can’t ask the whole world to bake French baguettes for you, can you?
- It’s a third world country. You’re not obliged to go there, you know.
- That it’s noisy. You should have chosen another type of vacation, sweety.
- That visits start very early. You can choose to stay in your bed too.

All that in only one comment. Too sad that he forgot to talk about how great the place was.

In italics: My comments on his comments.


lovelyn said...

All smart and true comments on comments! About the TV, thats really true. My husband who works in a hotel here said you'll often hear clients complain about the Italian Channels.

Francesca said...

that tourist i not a tourist.
Heis the type that doesnt leave home and prefered mommy's cooking and care.

He should stay where he seems fit.
The land of the savages, his place, lol

wait, for my blog on my last holiday, ana, you might like it.
Its a stress free, doing-nothing- but-relax-holidays.
i still felt the well being treatment even now we are back home.
really feeling good!

MegaMom said...

Must've been American...hehehe
Funny post Analyse. Thanks too for reading my Chicago post.
So where are you and the Frenchies off to?

chase said...

That is what i noticed when I was in Paris. I was really irked how rude the waiters or even the store clerks when you asked them in english. Good thing we have a local friend who helped us with the translations and all.

Leah said...

So you'll be traveling again? Hope you find a good destination.

Ha!Ha!, did you comment on his comment on line? Wake up to reality Mr/Ms vacation person. I guess, some people are born to complain.

Analyse said...

Lovelyn, ako, i complain about tvs pag malakas mag-tv yung kapit-kwarto ko lol.

Francesca, asan ang pictures? but it would take a while before i frequent that kind of place. Frenchguy will feel bored to death lol. we prefer to be on-the-go during our vacations..

MegaMom, hmmm, i thought about blogging about the vacation once we're back, para complete details hehe..

Chase, lol, that's how they welcome tourists here.. but you really cant expect them to have the same welcome as the Asians.. i mean, with the smile and all.

Leah, yes, but a family vacation this time ;).. no, i didn't dare to answer him live lol. Frenchies love to complain.. that's part of their culture, lol.

VegasFilAmGuy said...

Just read in your blog on the strangers asking if you're Spanish...that you are from northern you speak Ilocano? As for the travel to France, I've heard that the French are quite nationalistic, especially with their language and their anti-American sentiments.

Lucille said...

Hi Analyse! wow vacation soon... enjoy and hve fun!
How i wish kami din sana but nothing is plan yet esp. with the market downturn, at bancruft na yata di na kami makabakasyon! lol

Analyse said...

vegasfilamguy, baset laeng. my mom's very fluent in ilocano, but not us, her children.

re: French. you've heard it right.

Lucille, don't tell me your hub's working with société générale? know what, our stock options are managed by that same bank.. but we received a notice this morning that we're not impacted, buti naman no.. the stock market is very low lately.

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