Careful With What You're Saying

Posted by Analyse at 10:42 PM

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

One day, during one of her bath times, she started to look at her nipples and asked C'est quoi? (what's this?). Without really thinking, I said suso (Tagalog translation of nipples). To which she repeated chuchu. Then she raised her arms and pointed to her armpit saying C'est quoi ça?. Kilikili. She pronounced it in a very cute accent - kéké.

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haze said...

Basti and Mimi call is gili-gili hahaha ! Ano ba yan, vocabulary challenge talagq sa mga anak natin! They're cute when they speak english or tagalog they couldn't even have bisaya accent! Mana sa Dad ko, may lahing illonggo talaga :D !

G. said...

what? she didn't come with a reset button? =)

Francine said...

ana, sana anak mona lang binantayan ko.yung binantayan ko nako sobrang matigas yungn ulo.lagi kaming nagtatalo lolz.lagi nya sabi sakin "maman m'a dit que je ne parle pas en anglais"

Analyse said...

Haze, how could they have bisaya accent, kahit ikaw wala.

G, lol.

Francine, and how do you react to that? Frenchies! They don't know what they're taking for granted. Darn, they could learn English for free with you!

Lucille said...

hehehe kakatuwa naman si Louna! eto dalawa ko dito ganun din pero cute at nakatuwa. Si Louis yong ticket nya laging "kiti" kahit anong correction ko. :-) Tawag pala nya sa soutein-gorge is "totoy" (suso).

Francesca said...

loka loka ang nanay, haha!

buti di alam ni louna ang meanings.

ann said...

Katuwa talaga ang mga bata. Noong bata rin si tin2 ko, sabi nya lagi "I want dodo." (Mcdo yun)

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