Passport Renewal - Update

Posted by Analyse at 7:10 PM

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I called up the Consular Section this morning and you wouldn't believe this - I had helpful and kind employees. That is a real picture of To the service of the Filipinos. I spent like 20 minutes on the phone with Mr. Helpful explaining to me why we need such a list of requirements. In fact, it's to track illegal aliens and was implemented since 2005, the arrival of the new Ambassador.

So to recap:

1. BC with red ribbon authenticated only by DFA.
3. In the absence of voter's ID, an NBI clearance could do the deal.
4. Yes, baptismal certificate is required.
6. Sworn statement is also required.
8. Valid visas will be spared in the cancellation of the old passport.

Additional info: Passport issued would still be in the old format, not the brown with microchip.

In fact, with people like that, I just realized that I wouldn't mind providing them with the necessary papers. It's really how we convey the message that counts.

I have a bad news tho. After the conversation with Mr. Helpful, he transfered my call to Mrs. Kind so I could verify the status of Louna's registration at the embassy. I wrote something about this here. After minutes of looking into her files, she was still calm and not mataray at all. But it seemed that Louna is not yet existing on the list. They received the mandat cash but not the documents (They should have informed me, right?). Darn. Now I have to check the bank if the fee I transfered was withdrew by the embassy or not. If so, I have to go through all the paper thing again, but without re-paying.

Are your kids registered or do they have the dual nationality? How important is it to you?


ruth said...

be that as it may, what's the point ng baptismal certificate? what does your citizenship (and therefore the right to own a passport) have to do with a religious rite such as baptism?

i registered my son short after his birth at the phil embassy in germany. they told me that my kids will automatically have dual nationality until age 18, by virtue of being kids of a filipino national. i got back a kind of birth certificate, but didn't bother getting him a filipino passport.

Analyse said...

I asked the same question, but the answer was Ganun po kasi talaga e, and I think, even if I insisted, the answer would be the same.

nope, I won't ask for a filipino passport for her either, registration lang.

Analyse said...
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jygva said...

I registered both my girls in the phil embassy here in geneva at the same time got their phil passport. they both have french and phil passport. just needed to submit their birth certificate and fill up the forms.

jygva said...

and btw, we only need our residence permit, photos for phil passport renewal

haze said...

They're not registered yet but they told me to do it a month ago (last year). Since I am doing my dual nationality will need to submit old passport and original children's BC then will be provided of an application form (daw)!

Hay naku, good luck to us Ana ! Let's see how effective our government customer service here!

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the purpose of a baptisimal certificate? I don't get it. What if youre not catholic? My son has dual citizenship. Filipino and Finnish. Right now, I am also in the process of getting a new passport. Technically I should have started since before the new year. It's just so tedious. I've been putting it off.

princess said...

Hi, Ana,
I know, I know, it's been quite a while. Isn't it funny that Phil. embassies seem to be the same everywhere personnel wise? Minsan asukal, nakangiti; minsan naman suka, nakasimangot, di ba? Glad that you found a Mr. Helpful.
I hope you got everything you applied for. Kisses to Louna, your sweet darling angel.
Wish I learned French when I was in Nigeria.

Tita Princess

Analyse said...

Jygva, yes i know. that was before, now, the list of requirements are much longer.. well, at least for France.

Haze, don't tell me you didn't provide a self-stamped envelope? it's unfair! why do they ask me to send them one all the time? lol.

Anonymous, don't know either. Goodluck to you too.

Tita Princess, pinoy e, lol. happy new year to you!

raqgold said...

analyse - my kids have both german and phil passports. the requirements here are just marriage certificates of the parents, photos, birth certificates and the application forms, sempre pati payment ;D everything's done per snail mail. pero after a week, okay na. good luck to you!

RennyBA said...

Here from AL's blogroll and say Hello and Happy New Year, all the way from Norway :-)

geri said...

Hmmm... now that I've this entry I will look into registering Evan, who knows his dual citizenship might come in handy for him/us.

My experience with the Phil embassy Chicago has been pleasant. But then again I live here so I can afford to be relaxed in dealing with them because I could always drop to deal with them personally - no rush, rush.

Francesca said...

No micro chip, then ganun kamahal?

Day, pag uwi mo na ng Pinas, do ka na, kadami namang ek ek yan!!!!

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