I'm busy. I'm not.

Posted by Analyse at 5:22 PM

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I am feeling a little boredom infiltrating my office walls lately. It's stressing me out to know that I'm being paid to do nothing. Though I know that my work's nature is quite cyclic, depending on what project I work on, still the idea stresses me out. Just when I thought I should talk to my boss to ask for more short-term jobs (because I'll be busy on the second semester - in Dijon, fortunately), mental telepathy worked rather fast and saw him coming in with a contagious smile.


Ca va?
Ca va.

So there. After several exchanges of what's up and what's new, he asked me if I could assist our American plant on a week-long-or-longer job next month, probably mid-May.

Errr. I'm actually working on my schedule as I'm planning to go to Bangkok, then to Manila sometime end of May.

Conflict. Now I'm wondering if I really have a problem with time management or is it simply because schedules are quite unpredictable at work that I find schedules overlapping on my calendar at times. When I was in Bangkok end of last year, I was actually supposed to go to Milan at the same time. I asked another colleague to do the job instead. The Milan job, just like the upcoming US job, was a last-minute plan. And oh, boss just reminded me that I need to go to Milan before summer vacation starts (July-August).

It's either I stay put in Dijon, or I have to hop from one country to another, not even care about jetlag.

What makes the schedule more complicated is that there are a lot of long weekends in May and we already planned some getaways. Labor day will be Prague. Ascension day will be a birthday celebration of Frenchguy's childhood friend. In the menu are wild water activities mixed with a mountain hike and a via ferrata which I wanted to try. To top it all, Frenchguy just organized a wild-water-activity weekend on the first week of June.

Hmm. Do you still follow? Well, I know it's quite complicated and I'm afraid I have to sacrifice his friend's birthday to keep up with the schedule. Poor Frenchguy might not be able to ride his kayak because of me. Nobody to babysit Louna.

I'm in the process of negotiation and who knows, I could fit in all the schedules and sing 'We did it' in the end.


Princess and SassyMom, both of Pinoy Moms Network, tagged me to list 7 songs I'm addicted into at the moment. It's been long months I haven't received any même on this blog, and this one came wrong timing - simply because I'm not into music at the moment. It's spring and I feel like playing badminton all the time (Louna serves as the net. She loves staying in the middle). After the match (with Frenchguy), it's bath/play, dinner and bedtime for Louna. Then it's telly or blog/surf time for me. No time for music.

Well, ok. I'm not as boring as that. Here's my list:
- I'm the Map and We did it. Themesongs from Dora the Explorer. I'm repeating I'm the map in my head while writing this.
- My toes, my kness, my shoulder, my head. Repeat it 3x. With actions please.
- Tape tape petite main, vole vole petit oiseau, tourne tourne petit moulin, nage nage petit poisson. Again, with actions.
- Itsy bitsy spider during giggly playtime.
- I tune in to RFM on my 12 minute-drive to go to work so that gives me a list of non-mommy songs. You gave me something by James Morrison is one of my current faves.
- And finally, Gardien de Nuit by Francis Cabrel. It's just way too cool that I use it as my ringtone.

Whew. That tag was cool. I just forgot about my hectic schedule within 5 minutes!


Plain_Jane_Too said...

Where is the US plant? If it's close by me maybe we can meet for dinner or coffee... public place to feel safe kasi understandably perfect stranger pa rin ako. (But won't you rather be "perfect" than "imperfect?" :)

haze said...

Had headaches after reading this, kasi naturete utak ko sa kabusihan mo!!! OMG, I don't know how you do it Ana, after the journey you must be very tired...good thing there's Louna to take away all those stress and fatigue ! At kantahan mo na lang sya...eto pa une souris verte qui qui courait dans l'herbe
Je l'attrape par la queue,
Je la montre à ces messieurs
Ces messieurs me disent :
Trempez-la dans l'huile,
Trempez-la dans l'eau,
Ça fera un escargot
Tout chaud.
Je la mets dans un tiroir,
Ell' me dit :"Il fait trop noir"
Je la mets dans mon chapeau,
Ell' me dit :" Il fait trop chaud"
Je la mets dans ma culotte,
Elle me fait trois petites crottes.
Je la mets là dans ma main,
Ell' me dit qu'elle est très bien.
Je la mets dans ma cuisine,
Ell' me mange tout' la farine.
Oh ! La coquine !

Francesca said...

kaka loka nga schedules mo ana!
pwede ba idagdag mo na rin sa lists, ang pagpunta rito sa Monaco? Grand Prix car race, total may kotse ka, aba eh, punta na rito, singit singit mo na lang sa busy sched: May 26,27!lol

mind you, basta vacation, aba eh go!
Work and no pleasure?
Ano Boss mo, hilo? lol

SASSY MOM said...

OMG, you must be a kind of superwoman to do all that stuff.

kakahilo and sked mo!?!

nway, thanks for playing along my tag...

happy easter!

sexy mom said...

reminds me of my hectic schedule before i went on early retirement...but i always found joy in travel.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Analyse. You seem to have such a hectic schedule. I'm impressed at how you manage your time very well. You have such an eventful life and it's nice that you have many opportunities to travel. It's great that despite how busy you are, you still manage to be a great mom to Louna. Good luck with all your endeavors.

What a coincidence, my son is watching Dora the Explorer right now in our room. I have memorized that song in my head too. :) Although my son loves Power Rangers, Justice League and other older boys' cartoons/programs, he still has a soft spot for Dora the Explorer, Boots and Diego. :)

Thank you for answering the question on my blog. Yes, definitely we met at Pinoy Moms. I remember your warm welcome to my introductory post at Pinoy Moms and you told me that you were a newbie too. Thanks for making me feel welcome.

Leah said...

Travelling takes a lot out of you. i hope you can juggle and negotiate yoour schedule with the boss.

I love your song choices. I sang most of them in my head as well as I read it.

Rhada said...

Whew, what a sched! I don't think I can do it...I know I can't. You see, I hate plane rides.....takot ako!

analyse said...

Plain_Jane_Too, I would love that, but i'll be on the other side of the US. You're in Cali, right? But thanks for the invite, that's heartwarming.

Haze, I spent the whole day staring at my calendar. Grabe. I even forgot that I need to be in Marne la Vallée mid-June. That makes the whole story even more complicated. I guess I'll be obliged to drop that. Buti na lang frenchguy has no planned travel during those period... di bale, malapit naman na vacation, time to unwind.. since France will be on freeze-mode bientôt (read: summer vacation), ayan, dagsaan ang demand ng clients.

And yes, la souris verte is one of our fave travel songs. The Cd's in the car so we play it during long drives.

Know what, Louna's singing Back Pack last night (still from Dora). She was saying Ba Pa Ba Pa with the right tune.. pangarap yatang maging nouvelle star hehe.

Francesca, pleasure's coming (summer vacation) kaya nga super busy during this period, because all of our sites know that France will be dead July and August.. so habol on May and June. Gawain ko kasi yan nung nasa Pinas ako so I know hehe..

Monaco's not yet on the list.. bientôt!

Sassy Mom, it's not all the time naman.. kaya lang pag dumadating such kind of period, as in sabay sabay... I have my own share of boring moments at work too.

Sexy Mom, you give me courage. I feel guilty about Louna kasi sometimes.. but you with your 7 children, and you did it ('we did it' from Dora the explorer playing in my head), no reason for me to fail, right? I just need to balance.. hmm, me being Libra, that helps, no?

Rachel, I'm a speedy kind of person. My mom said she cannot apply as a maid for me, naggagayat pa lang sya ng sibuyas, tapos na kong magluto hehe. I guess the biggest secret is having a partner like my frenchguy who helps me a lot with home chores. Well, actually, he's doing almost everything hehe.. 80% him, 20% moi. I guess that's a reasonable ratio to be fair with him. In fact, after work, he does cuisine, I give bath to Louna.. and play time in between..

I think Dora is an all-age fave.. I love it too hehe..

Leah, my boss just left me manage my own schedule which is better. Nothing's fixed yet but I think it will be ok. .. now I have to prepare all the works that comes with the travel, that's more difficult.

Hey, you forgot something. I said with actions! ;)

Rhada, what I hate about travelling is not the airplane.. it's the airport! - the wait, the security measures, daming ek ek! hehe.

chase said...

Oohhhh you are such a busy careerwoman and a mother too! That is so fab. I hope you can manage to really put up a time schedule. With a hectic life like that you really need it the most

mitch said...

hi i just would like to ask where you took your course enterprise administration? is it here in france? i have a business degree in the philippines but i want to get a french diploma to get a better job thanks nkita ko sa link ni ate amy ung blog mo ... hope you dont mind

Senor Enrique said...

I'm sure you'll work things out and manage to enjoy them all :)

Happy Easter!

mitsuru said...

you can always combine business with pleasure. that way you can kill 2 birds with one plane ticket err stone.

you can work it out. magaling ang mga Pilipino dyan.:)LOL

dangkin said...

grabe ang schedule na yan ha.. prang sala sa init, sala sa lamig :)

btw, i'm available.. do you need an assistant? :P

analyse said...

Chase, thanks ;). Everything's ok now, I had to drop one appointment to be able to keep my sanity hehe.

Mitch, welcome to my hideaway. I got it here in France, im a chemical engr à la base. Hmmm, you just gave me an idea, i think ill blog about it here, the procedure etc, it could probably help. if you need infos, dont hesitate to ask me. been there, done that. ;)

Senor Enrique, ca y est!

Mitsuru, i have the whole weekend for pleasure ;)... is lea salonga still playing in broadway???

Dangkin, haha, how i wish I could get an assistant.. pero simpleng inhinyero lang po si akow..

KK said...

Very busy schedule. I hope it works out that you can get to Manila.

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Princess said...

Where did my message go? You must think I didn't care. I must have forgotten to hit Submit. Tumatanda na talaga.
Your song choices are cool! I used to sing those songs to my boys, too (not the French songs, of course). Fitting it into your schedule is very much appreciated.
Have a good day!!!
(Yeah, I go back to previous posts and read messages again!)

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