My Bangkok Experience

Posted by Analyse at 12:02 PM

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Prior to my travel to this lovely country, I had already painted in my mind my own vision of Thailand. I have heard a lot about it and worked with its people that I know almost exactly where Patpong is and how the Thais feel about it. But let me repaint my vision. Travel with me.

The Arrival

My arrival was a mix of positive and negative vibes. I waited 30 minutes to get my luggage and hurriedly hopped into the limo to get to my hotel. Yes, you got it right, a limousine! But in fact, it was just a big Mercedez. Me, who, upon receiving the confirmation from the hotel, dreamed of that big long car.

The big, wide roads of Bangkok, though not flooded when it rains, provoke long queues of impatient Thais on the road and I didn’t figure out why. Probably because almost all of the toll gates are manual? Instead of 40 minutes travel time from the airport to my hotel, I was stocked for almost 3 hours inside the limo. Traffic jam was worse compared to Manila.

I spent half of the 3 hours sleeping inside the car. I needed it because I wasn’t able to sleep in the plane and I had to work that same day. The rest of the time was spent observing Bangkok and its people. From the airport to the hotel, I saw but new cars driven by young women in their 4 to 6-lane motorway. King-size roads! But hey, where are the guys hehe?

They have impressive wide roads but they’re not done yet. Infrastructures are just about everywhere. Ready for economic expansion, I should say - both for investors and tourists.

Arriving at the hotel, I was informed that there was no executive room available for me so they’re upgrading me to first. Tatanggihan ko ba naman? And since I was already way too late for my appointment, I asked them to prepare a taxi for me in 30 minutes. Bilis no. After a quick shower, I went down hurriedly to the lobby, and guess what, the company driver was already waiting for me. Sarap buhay!

The Stay

I just stayed for a week so I only had all the evenings of the week and one whole Sunday to get a feel of the Thai life.

For the first evening, I was too tired that I just contented myself for a feast of soft shell crabs (as in kakainin mo lahat, pati shells) at a good restaurant just a block away from my hotel. The good thing about having business travels is that I could taste the good life without worrying for my pocket hehe.

The second evening was of course, fiesta! Accompanied by my colleague, we dined at the Silom Village where traditional music and dances are being performed permanently. A line of art and jewellery boutiques are also present which makes the place extra special. Sayang, I forgot my camera.

We then walked up to the famous Patpong (well, everybody talks about it at the office) but nothing shocked me really. A mix of night market and bars.

The next evening was spent in Siam Square. A chic and cool place, I should say. After a little window shopping, we then joined the Thais in this cool and hip street party. What a night!

Since I only had one Sunday to visit, I decided to go and check the Grand Palace. Wow, these people have something to boast to.

Thai people put coins in this line of pots for long life, I guess. The last picture shows me while praying infront of the Buddha ;)

We ended the day with an intense shopping spree at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Akala ko kung ano na, parang Divisoria lang pala hehe. One difference probably is that, wala tayo nito:


Anonymous said...

Para akong nag tour sa Thailand. What are those in the last picture? Insects?

Anonymous said...

ah, i loved chatuchak! i got to buy 2 suits there. sooo cheap. food in thailand is just heaven.

Anonymous said...

sarap naman,all expenses paid!

i was there 2 months ago and had a blast,enjoyed the food,nightlife and exotic tourist spots.

i'm sure you missed your baby!

Analyse said...

Ann, yes, those are varieties of worms and insects, shalap! (nope, i didn't taste 'em)

Charl, me too. there are a lot of interesting buys there hehe.

Sachiko, a lot. buti na lang, one week lang. and yes, i read your thailand adventures, next time i go there, i'll have to visit more.

kat said...

wow! ang ganda naman ng business trip mo! but the 1 week must be tiring when you factor in jet lag and stuff. glad you were able to squeeze in some recreation time though! sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Any interesting purchases made? Hehehe...

tintin said...

Would love to visit Thailand sometime soon. I guess there are pitfalls and advantages to traveling on business. On one hand you get to visit exotic places, on the other you have to cram it in between work. But the best part is the free food!

Anonymous said...

ana, where are the ladyboys fotos? ;-)

Jovs said...

Hmmm...mukhang masaya ha. Last I was there, I was 12 years old and with my mama. Hehehehe! Nagkasakit pa ako sa sobrang init!

Making me think twice now, my cousins are asking me to join them for a Thailand trip in January - ayoko pa sana. Now that I've heard the word "yum" and "fun" in your post, maybe I'll reconsider. Mwehehehehe!

Back in France? How's Louna?

Anonymous said...

Wow Fantastic shots Ana! I went to Thailand also hahaha hanggang airport lang kasi stop over ko don! But thanks to you Ana for bringing me in Thai kahit sa blog lang :)! I should've asked you when you went to visit us here theh last time to take me into your lugggage, siguro kasya ako ;) lol

Anonymous said...

Kat, it was tiring, mostly because of work, so i need the night out to relax hehe.

Linnor, shop-o-phobia me had a wonderful time shopping with my colleague.. i wanted those silky stuffs kasi for my house ;)

TinTin, free food galore! that was fun.. and yes, i was lucky not to have a lot of big bosses at the same time, i wasn't obliged to stay with people i'm not comfortable with..

Jori, haha, naughty girl.. i saw a lot in patpong and at the hardrock café in siam square.. my, they're even sexier than real ones!

Jovs, reconsider! it's a nice country to visit.. back in france yes, and louna was ok, no tampo because mama was out..

Haze, ako din dati, hanggang airport lang hehe.. and my thai colleagues were as excited as me, so i had official tourist guides.

Anonymous said...

Sound and looks like so much fun... Buti ka pa, you have a chance to do business trips like this, inggit ako.

Francesca said...

first time ko travel sa thailand, magisa lang ako, book a hotel. Pero pag lapag ko sa airport sabi ng immigration, saan daw ako galing, bakit wala ako exit stamp from manila?
Buti may pinoy ako nakasabay na nag sabi: we are together in the plane, and look, she got exit stamp! eng eng pala yung bansot na babae!

then libot ako sa market nila, buy orchids, bit bit to manila, lol. Three days ako don, kain sa street, shop sa mall, visit buddha, and thai massage sa shop nearby, kinikiliti ako, pero sige lang. Tawag lolo from france musta raw ako, sabi ko, maya ka na, chat tayo sa yahoo after massage, lol!

onga ano nabili mo for louna? pakita oy!

Anonymous said...

The only thing I wanted to try in Thailand is their fantastic food!

Anonymous said...

bwahaha grabe bading "while praying infront of the Buddha ka dyan!" hahaha at talaga naman ang taray ng shot tinalikuran ang camera!

naku bakla, kadirs yung ma uod ha! well all in all, wala ka nang hahanapin pa... business trip and leisure na rin. Bongga! Pasalubong naman dyan :)

duke said...

they also sell those mini hotcakes in Chatuchak! sarap!