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Monday, December 18, 2006

When I first saw HSBC's print ads, I thought I should blog about it. Not that I want to promote it here (it's not even my bank), I just find it excellent and I want to share it with you. For those who never saw the ad, here's the work and play version of the ad.

It's actually a matter of how we view things. Each person, depending on his culture, environment, upbringing.. will see exactly the same thing differently. The magic of globalization is seeing and respecting these differences.

Globalization means competitivity. How could we propose the same product at a lower price? It also means working with different nationalities. We should then think locally and act globally.

Working in a multinational environment, I'm sometimes tasked to do an economic analysis on a certain product. Objective: Cost Reduction. Being Asian, of course, I would prioritize workloads going to this region. Here's some pictures I use to convince big bosses to caution my project - to a promise of lower cost (well, at least, for delivery cost!).

Special thanks to the unknown photographer. Must be a tourist.



Anonymous said...

Great Fun photos. What a delivery :)

VegasFilAmGuy said...

Children can be a lot of work! So much work! Um, big time work! But they're a joy.

Overloaded motorcycles. Wow. I can't even manage to drive one, let alone pile it up with 4 people or lots of cargo. Shouldn't this be illegal? Why? Mainly for safety reasons, of course.

Makis said...

Oh my, all the piggies crammed in that cage. Globalization is really a push & pull thing & I'm hoping in the longer run, it's really more beneficial to the countries who deserve it.

haze said...

It's also one of the reasons why a lot of French companies are closing because they act globally...Now they have considered China having the best place to re-open a business, hire people from there with more labor but lesser salary. China's economic is now booming ! Kelan kaya sa Pinas ???

Well advertising is always an exaggeration, having children is a big responsibility, lot of work but I agree with vegasfilamguy....they are joy in every angle you look at it ;) !

Anonymous said...

those are brilliant photographs!

analyse said...

Liza, thanks for dropping by.

VegasFilAmGuy, you cannot stop these people, unless you give them the means.

Makis, i hope so too.. globalization is an irreversible reaction, we just cannot stay inert and stay where we are, we have to move and stay competitive.

Haze, another reason why big companies target China is because of China's protective kind of policy. You cannot sell your product if you don't produce it there. So why do we have to deprive of this big population who offers low cost manpower and astronomic potential market (with a growing buying power at that!).

Pinas? We have to have a stable government, less corruption (i just cannot say NO corruption, i guess this term is not concevable in the phils), no terrorism, no under the table, good infrastructure... otherwise, manpower is already ready for globalization... sabi nga ng marami, manpower is the biggest export of the phils... i just hope that one day, this manpower could find job in his own country and be with his loveones, a job which could provide him good life, which could provide access to at least the basic necessities - shelter, food, education... i really hope so. you see, i love this country and im hoping to be really proud of it one day.

Charles, thanks ;)

Jovs said...

Aaahhhh poor piggies!

Anonymous said...

these scenes are also common in the phils esp in little towns. i just hope that in the next few years, the scene will change..

Merry Christmas! :)

Analyse said...

Jovs, hehe, cuties..

Dangkin, we have tricycles, better hehe.. o di ba, mas advanced ang pinas ;)

Anonymous said...

Aliw naman yun mga photos... it synonymous to moving to low cost geographies? My company has gone that way too. and we had lots of lay offs over the last few years.

Lucille said...

Hi Analyse! Merry Xmas!
Natawa ako sa mga pics..kinda funny! ;) tc

Francesca said...

coucou? kyut yung bagong avatar photo ni louna, yun pansin ko.
all the best holidays!
all work and no fun, di healthy!

pc ko work ko also.
Play ko, si Lolo
minsan pc ko play ko.
Or Lolo ko work ko.
Ay no ba? no relevance ata?!

KK said...

Mas magaling pala ang mga Pinoy kasi may mga tricycle mas maraming makakarga, hehehe.

Used to read your blog but kept crashing my Firefox, it seemed to have fixed itself.

nao said...


I'm laughing out loud here bading (hahaha, grabe mga pics bakla hahaha!) (grabe yang may bitbit na salamin ha.. shocking!) (di ko ma imagine pano kung matapilok ang motor nila bwahahaha!)

Our flight is on the 23rd of this month. Yan ang nakuha naming sched, fully booked na buti nakahabol pa. At yan na nga, magpapasko kami sa ere. Pero okay na yan basta makauwi lang. Tutal sama sama naman kami.

MERRY CHRISTMAS bading! mwaaah ke bebe!

chase said...

Hallo Ana! Those pictures reminds me of my trip to the provinces in the Phils. before. I am simply amaze how these people manage to carry such load.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you!

Lucille said...

bumalik ako, i show to hubby those pics...hehe! pati sya naaliw, then he told me it reminded him daw during our PI vacation last yr, 7 passengers sakay sa motorcyle ng brother ko, isa sa front,apat sa likod ng driver tapos 1 each side nakatayo while holding the driver! so kasali ng driver 8 lahat! sabi ko ky hubby oo nga pala last yr nakita nya sa PI..hehe. Sayang nga di ko napiktyuran.

And to the print ads, nice ha, na-get ko rin. Kids is a big work pero nakakaaliw din naman...a priceless joy!

Hugs to Louna, halos magka-birthday pala sila ni Cathy ko? belated happy bday sa darling princess mo and your homemade bday cake looks yummy! tarte au pomme? my kids & thier papa loves it,too. ;)that's my 1st tarte na natutunan ko dito sa france, easy & yummy.

Analyse said...

Leah, not necessarily. but i do agree, it's one of the bad consequences of globalization.

Lucille, haha, he missed something else, yung jeepney sa provinces na hanggang bubong me pasahero kasama ng mga local products to sell sa market hehe.

belated happy bday to your princess Cathy. Shhhhh, till now, nasa tarte aux pommes stage pa din ako hehehe.

Francesca, haha, you should create your own version of the ad..happy holidays!

KK, welcome regular visitor ;)... yep, mas magaling pa din mga pinoy hehehe..

Nao, that's Asian touch, kahit bako bako ang daan, buo pa din yung mirror pagdating sa destination hehehe..

merry xmas bading, ok lang magpasko sa plane, me libreng baraha hahaha.. kowlit!

Chase, that's what they call ABILIDAD! yan ang pinoy!

sha said...

I love all HSBC ads (ok my bank too) but how the ads are projected are very interesting.

anyway in my field of work, its a fact hiring filipinos cut down costs of labour and doing a better service.

Today however I was chatting with a Nepali friend who told me his wife now works with him and his niece in another yacht.
I said IT WONT BE LONG ALL PORTS WILL BE FLOODED WITH NEPALI CREW ( I just didnt mention the competition)

He said no it wont be...
I said I Bet you my wage next year it will be....

OH well am here outside Genoa 6 hours from Antibes.

Hello to the frenchies ok

TinTin said...

Have a Merry Christmas to you and yours Ana!

Joy said...

ha ha ha funny, funny pictures... and I bet insurance companies will be a boom if this lower cost strategy is implemented!

That HSBC advert's quite true... mine is: laptop = play only (because I'm an SAHM)

baby = play and work :-))

Hey, hope the hubby and Louna's A-OK now. Happy Christmas to the three of you. Cheers!

Lynneth said...

Je te souhaite et toute la famille un tres joyeux Noel et plein de bonheur pour la Nouvelle Annee!
Chin-chin to 2007!

Senor Enrique said...

Fun pics! Where'd you get them?

Merry Christmas to you and your entire family!

Dutched Pinay said...

About globalization --- ever noticed India becoming a strong IT outsourcing partner of America and Europe? (especially America?)

My Filipinoness competitiveness is sometimes irked. I deal with many IT vendors and I encounter many aggressive Indian companies in the market place. Not just in IT and BPM types of companies but also in manufacturing. I remember before... the so many arrogant Pinoys who tend to look down at Indians (for their smell and accent) but look at the economic situation of India right now, our country is left behind. The middle class in India is growing and really growing rapidly. Buying power has increase, samantala sa atin, nagsialisan na lang mga tao because they do not have hope in the government (and economy).

By the way, I read in lonelyplanet that HSBC in Manila has 40K pesos per transaction withdrawal. This was in Makati branch raw? I always use Citibank because I thought it was the highest bank that gives per transaction withdrawal at 15K pesos. But, I guess I was wrong? Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

zingtrial said...

My friend have a nice Christmas and a happy new year :) .Wish you well

racky said...

packages for you

Iskoo said...

happy new year! kulit nung mga nakasakay sa motor! gusto ko makakita nya o umangkas sa kanila :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ana! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

grabeng motor yan! hehehe

May this year bring
More Blessings
Good Health, Success, Joy
And Love to you and your family
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Passing by to see if you have a new post.... Happy new year Ana!