Travelling with a Toddler

Posted by Analyse at 4:01 PM

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I should have known better. A business travel experience is nothing compared to travelling with a toddler. On a business trip, I only worry about wifi connections, miles upgrades and which film worthy enough to be seen onboard (moms don't have time to watch films anymore!).

On travelling with a toddler, I was preoccupied by the diapers, fresh wipes, feeding bottles, milk, food, updated vaccin records, vitamines, medicines with doctor's prescription, toys, extra clothes, baby bassinet availability and a lot more. Add to the fact that I instinctively add more than the normal dose to be sure I've got everything onboard. I also brought my cam to catch those precious moments on board, so add to my worry the batteries and the extra gigas to bring with me. All I thought was everything would be a breeze..

But moi is far from being perfect. If only I could rewind my travel, I would:
- not bring my 500-page pocket book which weighs half a kilo. Arrgh! - Yeah right. I had no time to read!
- pack all our stuffs in one small rolling suitcase. I had one very light backpack and another one for Louna's stuffs, all of which I could pile up on one stroller. But imagine once the airline staffs take the stroller. I had everything stack up on my tiny shoulders. Waaah!
- explain to all other passengers that when airline staffs announce that passengers accompanied with babies should board first, it's a no joke. Nakikipagsiksikan pa kasi ang mga mokong, parang wala pang designated seats sa loob. Ano ba yan.
- knock myself down (whichever way possible) to be able to sleep while Louna's sleeping

Buti na lang...
- Dubai Airport provides strollers to passengers. Pierre Cardin pa yan. Ain't that cool?

before / after

- Emirates planes have a long list of Disney movies. Louna adored the Bug's Life! That's luxury!
- A doll stroller comes in real handy. Louna could stray around the airport while Mom's resting.


Anonymous said...

now, that's a supermom! live & learn ;) .. kainis nga minsan yung iba tlagang pasahero, walang pakialam..di nakikinig..kala nila mawawala ang upuan nila dun sa loob pag huli silang mag-board.

btw, your baby looks very cute!

haze said...

Oh yes, certainly difficult to travel with them! The first time I went back home Basti was just barely 10 mos. buti na lang I had some help with a passenger on board! Thank you to that Indian guy he carried Basti from Malaysia til Pinas ;)! I didn't bring stroller para hindi na ako mahirapan pa! Buti na lang mabait si Louna, tingnan mo, kung si Mimi yan, nakow nagwala na siguro!

Hey, Louna's walking finally!!!! Teka are you back home?? Take care Ana & family ! Bises.

Anonymous said...

Mas marami pa ang mga gamit ng baby kaysa sa magulang ano? =) Well, all the paraphernalia is one thing, just imagine if your baby is the whining, crying, throw-a-tantrum type.

Happy travelling!

Anonymous said...

Oo nga, its hard to travel with kids esp toddlers like yours. Live and learn...

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad my travelling days with toddlers are over!!! kakapagod talaga mag travel kasama ang bata... but at the same time, masaya naman.

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad my travelling days with toddlers are over... still, kahit na anong age pa nila, it is still hard to travel with kids! masaya na nakakapagod!

Agring said...

I have not travel with Abby by air so far. By land yah! pinakamalayo about 8 hrs. By the way I can imagine how hard it is on the airplane lalo na pag long distance. Where did you go? Dubai ba?

Analyse said...

Dangkin, yep, kainis nga. I really hate that, parang walang respeto sa iba. i guess they hear the announcement naman, they simply don't care.

btw, thanks ;)

Haze, buti me good samaritan pa. on our way to pinas, next to us were a couple with a baby din, salitan kaming magbantay sa mga babies hehe.. i brought the stroller, mas convenient sa kin, otherwise, i would have ran after louna palagi hehe.. she's not walking on her own yet, tamad na bata.. she would with the help of her doll stroller.. we're back to dijon na ;)

Jovs, sa kin nga lang e passport and visa e hehehe..

Anonyme and Jo, hard but worth it, it's another nourrishing experience for moms..

Agring, been to phils for vacation.. stop lang sa dubai.

Makis said...

Hey welcome back! So ano na wento back home??? Louna is so cute sitting on the cart :)

nao said...

at talaga naman ang bebe Louna bading! laki na nya grabe, parang kelan lang..

welcome back to reality bakla ahaha! hanggang bloghop lang muna ko for now, busy bisihan konti.

Francesca said...

Haayy, at last nag post din. Ganun na nga siguro ka busy pag mommy na. Ako di na halos upo pc, kasi nakiki pc sila sa pc ko, waaah.

Anyway, the best ang emirates. Saka pwede ka pa pili upuan twelve hours before your flight. Kaya if with bebe, we can choose yung seats na may space sa harap, kasi pwede sila sleep sa sahig nila if peak season ang yan nga mga nag bit bit na ng babies going home in looong travels.

Si Louna tulak tulak din ang poussete niya. What mommey does, copy cat ata si big girl, lol

Rhada said...

I agree with you! Hirap magbyahe with a toddler in tow. Kaya nga ako, never nagta-travel na hindi kasama si hubby kasi siya ang matiyagang maghabol ng bata hehe.

So, how was your Pinas vaca? chika sa next post ;-)

analyse said...

Makis, super dami ng kwento, i dont even know where to start hehe..

Nao, you're not alone.. busy din.

Francesca, haha, obvious bang busy?

yep, i agree, emirates is the best among the airlines i already tried.. aba, at pierre cardin pa kaya ang stroller that they distribute sa airport, vongga!

Rhada, hay naku, next time, ill make sure frenchguy's with me.

duke said...


I can imagine how difficult it must be to travel with a toddler. From your usual one small luggage, you now have to carry tons of baby stuff! I think the best solution really is to have your other half with you when traveling at least to share the load.

btw, louna is looking great and growing fast!

KD said...

Mahirap din talaga ang magtravel with a toddler lalo na kung hindi baby friendly ang airports/airplanes. I remember noong baby pa yung eldest namin, umuwi kami sa pinas nakasabay namin yung kaibigan namin na may baby rin. Hindi na sila nagdala ng bassinet kasi sabi ng agent sa booking office ipo-provide daw. When boarded hinanap ng friend namin yung bassinet sa stewardess, wala raw!! Alam mo kung ano binigay? Isang empty box (parang ung lalagyan ng mga saging from pinas). Grabe sabi ko ano akala nyo sa baby, laruan!
Buti na lang dinala namin ung sa baby namin kahit na sinabihan din kami ng agent.

tintin said...

Where did you two travel?

BTW, belated Happy Bday to Louna!

KK said...

Ang cute naman ng Louna mo, she's a toddler now-- time goes so fast. It's great that Dubai airport has strollers for little passengers. It's difficult to pack light with a little one, a half kilo can weigh more when you have to carry and walk through the long airport halls. In the brighter side, when you have a baby, you can get through the express line in security.

bingskee said...

very cute baby. from my experience, a mom's experience when the kids were still toddlers are better than experiencing life when they enter puberty or adolescence. it is much difficult dealing with teenagers. but if a mom was able to withstand the challenges of living life with a toddler, i am sure she will pass the stage where they can enter puberty. but that's only me speaking from my experiences.

enjoy your baby!

Analyse said...

Duke, yes next time, i'll tag along frenchguy with me..

KD, i made sure that i had the bassinet with me.. naku kung hindi, lupaypay na ko pagdating ko ng pinas nun.

tintin, to phils ;). welcome to my hideaway.

KK, yes, that's the good thing.. but there are still some unfriendly passengers..

bingskee, that's another story. i've been hearing stories but i'll cross the bridge when i get there.. hope it won't be that difficult hehe..

purplegirl said...

hi there -- landed here from someone's blog. what a beautiful baby you have. and an wonderful name to boot!

i'll be a frequent visitor from now on.

p.s. while Emirates is the top airline in the Middle East, no one can top Gulf Air who has Sky Nannies on every flight. it's a must when travelling with kids.

analyse said...

Hi Purplegirl. Thanks and welcome.

Hmmm, i'll have to check this airline on my next flight with Louna ;)

Ligaya said...

me too, i brought ninev's stroller with us when we went home. it helped me a lot! kaya lang hirap na hirap ako kay ninev sa plane, ayaw niyang uupo kami. so imagine na nakatayo lang kami palagi. LOL! mabait si louna kumpara kay ninev when it comes to travelling. ;) i love louna's photo pushing her baby stroller. ang cute na lang niya! =)