Why I wanted to bring him to Pagsanjan Falls..

Posted by Analyse at 1:29 PM

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My frenchguy is a man of adventure. He loves taking risk, it's his stamina booster. He would rather do something exciting outside rather than stay at home. His first love is his kayak, not me. Before our vacation, he made me promise we'd do something else rather than eat and sleep the whole day with the family hehe. So, kayaker as he is, I thought Pagsanjan Falls might be a good getaway. To our disappointment, of course.

So I told him, he could have his one-week sortie kayak with his friends in May. Sans us.

Here's frenchguy in one of our sortie kayak in Queyras, south of France.


Francesca said...

ah, dyan na lang si french laurent, cool water and clean pa.
Baka free entance pa, dala lang siya float coat, hehe. Hirap pa naman languyin yan kung lakas agos!

Senor Enrique said...

Went once to Pagsanjan Falls but disappointed to see it as not as grand as I thought it would be.

Enjoy your vacation here in Manila!

Makis said...

I think Pagsanjan is not quite the good place to white water kayak. Yun nga lang you really have to go far like Cagayan, Samar or Tacloban to name a few. But I also think if it's his passion, it's worth it to make him ride the Philippine rapids :)

ruth said...

My husband enjoyed Pagsanjan, despite the harassment from the boatmen, hehe... But your hubby would have probably enjoyed whitewater rafting at chico river, if it's water adventure he's after. oh well... let it be a reason to go back for another pinas visit soon, eh? ;)

apol said...

Like Ruth's husband, we enjoyed Pagsanjan, too. We paid the official rate in 2005, I don't remember if it was already P660, but it wasn't cheap, and I kind of understood why when we were already on the boats. The boatmen's work is NOT easy. A certain level of experience is needed to navigate your way through some of those obstacles. And if there's not enough water, sometimes they'd have to drag the passenger-loaded boats over rocks. I remember one of the two boatmen we were with--a very thin man in his forties--was occasionally having difficulty breathing. Is this a defense of the expensive P660 rate or the occasional seemingly money-grubbing ways of the boatmen? Not really, but it hit me then that what for us was a mere pleasure trip was for these men about the serious matter of survival. Yep, I'm a bleeding heart; I even gave tips :)

haze said...

Naku di ako puede dito mahihilo ako nito! Need to take Nautamine :( ! Anyway, OK na rin siguro P660/head if you will have the boat on your own and you can go anywhere you want ! Nakwenta ko mga 11 euro. Puede na rin :) !

I went to Pangsanjan Falls when I was young but I have vague memories, I think I should visit it again.

Ann said...

Adventurous pala hubby mo. Kaya lang parang nakakatakot naman yang kayak, ang daming rocks sa tubig.

chase said...

i also like going on adventures. The adrenaline rush and stuff like that is such a nice feeling.

Anyway, hope you have a nice weekend!

analyse said...

Francesca, yep, free nga dito, he's got all the materials, from kayak to lifevest. i guess he already tried most of the rivers in france, umaabot na nga ng italy e. on languyan blues, you cant be a kayaker if you don't know how to swim naman.. naku, nilangoy na nga nyan ang hundred islands e, from one island to another, ako na ang natakot hehe..pero hindi naman yung 100 islands ha, 3 lang hehe.

next time, we will try the chico river as advised by ruth.

Senor, ganun? sometimes pictures are deceiving, esp commercial ones..

Makis, that would be our new year's resolution hehe.. we will try to go farther around phils.. it was our first vacation with louna kasi so i wanted her to profit a lot from my family.. next time... in two years! tagal!

Ruth, thanks for the tip. i checked it out from the net and it seems a-ok. i already added it in my faves hehe.

Apol, bait mo naman. i guess they have to change the way they approach clients, kakairita kasi talaga. and after all the kwentos i've heard about pagsanjan, di bale na lang.

Haze, i guess they accept 2-3 persons/boat. it really depends on how you see it, umiral siguro kakuriputan ko. pano kasi kakadive lang ni frenchguy when we went there and he paid P1200 lang.. imagine the difference..

Ann, he's been doing it since kiddo days pa yata, expert na. mas ok pag maraming rocks, maraming obstacles.. maraming glides.. i've tried rafting and it was really fun!

analyse said...

Hi Chase, yep agree to that. as i said to ann, i tried rafting and i guess i'll redo it if given the chance.

have a nice weekend too.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of shipping a whitewater kayak to Philippines, as it seems that the only kinds of kayak available locally are sit-on-tops. Been wondering whether Pagsanjan River is a good place for a whitewater kayak. Or is it too 'creeky' most of the time, i.e., too shallow in many places requiring having to get out of kayak frequently to portage? I suppose you could hire a boatman at the standard price riding by himself in his own banca to serve as guide and lead the way? But once you are familiar with the drops, is there a fee just to run the river yourself if you have your own boat and no longer need a guide?