double jetlag, anybody?

Posted by Analyse at 7:04 PM

Sunday, October 31, 2004

i just arrived from vacation last wednesday (oct 28 am) but my professionalism??? pushed me to rush directly to my office. hélas! 137 emails (not including personal emails of course!)! dont even ask if i read all of those. i just checked those which concerned me directly and needed response asap. the others, i classed them to my personal folder, i'll have time tomorrow at the airport to read and respond if needed.

oct 29 was ISO day! another training to prepare everybody for the certification. i just realized how much paper works i have to complete before the D-day!

tomorrow, as everyone does their stuff for the haloween / all saint's day, me, ill be flying back again to the philippines for work. my colleague told me that im the only one in the service who travels for work and goes home at the same time. lucky girl huh! yeah probably, but this time, im afraid i wont be as efficient as usual?? as ill surely have a double jetlag: from the US to france, from france to the philippines - with just 3 days in between. wow, let me check if my stamina is still the same, i just felt im growing old..darn!


Matapoor said...

wow, that will be tough but you are so lucky that you'd be home soon! inggit ako!

Anonymous said...

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