on the loose...

Posted by Analyse at 8:39 PM

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

just got my driver's license this afternoon! it took me barely 5 months to wait before they finally released it. actually, it was because there was this summer vacation and nobody was in the office to process thousands of files, thus the delay.

a morrocan national was at the prefecture at the same time, complaining about the long wait in obtaining the license. FYI, he filed his application a year ago. the lady replied 'every application is unique, it's a case-to-case basis mr'. good thing my case doesnt take a lifetime for the processing.

since i was already out and my boss knew that i was at the prefecture, i decided to ask for an international driver's license so i could optimize my time. after 15 minutes, i already have it. efficient!

well, just another crazy-on-the-loose pinay with an old pawis-steering peugeot 106 roaming around dijon...


Matapoor said...

"pawis steering"

I haven't heard that in a looong time. hehehe.

lucky you!

Analyse said...

nyehehe. there are a lot here. as in pawis-steering esp when i park. im using laurent's car right now since he's out, and there's a hell lot of difference. sobrang kabig lang minsan, nasanay e.