always the last one to know..

Posted by Analyse at 5:24 PM

Friday, October 01, 2004

hay buhay...laurent was upset yesterday...

he was out of the office the whole day for a meeting in one of our production sites. he arrived late, but i wasn't home as i was in carrefour for my weekly grocery shopping. but just before that, i was chatting with my mom informing her i'll be in the phils for a two-week mission by november. i went shopping without closing the yahoo windows so he accidentally read the news. but i was planning to inform him that same night....

i woke up early this morning...

he: why so early?
me: i have to, otherwise i'll miss my train.
he: where are you going?
me: i have a technical meeting in paris.
he: what????

oh well, he should check my agenda so he'll know what i'm up to everyday...i gave him an access on my outlook calendar!

ok ok, we should communicate more, i know. but remember, he was upset last night.

hehe..i should have sent him an email...geez, aren't we bound to workaholicism???