hate her!

Posted by Analyse at 7:29 PM

Thursday, October 07, 2004

just want to vent out..

i start to hate HER. i'm starting a project in asia and SOP says: thou shall coordinate thy project with their engineering on-site.

i finished the industrialization project, did a good report in compliance with ISO standard (everybody in the office talks ISO now, final audit on december), and communicated it to the project team - europe zone.

conclusion: production pilot should be done in asia!

after the nomination of my ASIAN PARTNER, i started to feed HER with all the infos SHE might need for the start-up (im rushing things up - im leaving on monday for a 2-week long vacation! - and SHE knows it.). weeks passed and there were no questions. did i really write my report so well that it did not provoke any question or violent reaction? ok, i'll have to take it that way. another week passed, no questions either.

our agreed planning is to start the project in 2 weeks time. and i'm leaving on monday -that's 2 working days from now. i guess reality striked HER big time that SHE bombarded me with emails these past days. asking documents already existing on-site, asking obvious questions - i have this impression of spoon-feeding HER. worse is that i asked HER to send me a document that SHE started to write days before to which SHE responded that SHE doesn't have it available on HER computer. what?????? f... me! ano yun, sa typewriter nya sinulat??? and then SHE organized a project meeting this morning - french time - with me on copy, i promptly send HER my direct line as i start to be worried with the project advancement - but SHE replied that it will be an internal meeting. f... me twice! did SHE forget that it's MY project? is SHE trying to exclude me? what is this politic?

i was in a meeting this afternoon, and when i arrived in my office, hélas, i got mails! the project manager who is in asia at the moment was asking questions already asked, looking for documents already provided. that means to say that SHE didn't even answer to those inquiries i have already explained to her. what the heck!!!

i hate her...!


Matapoor said...

make sure your boss knows that you DID send all the documents that she needed. bwisit naman yan! di gagawa, tapos panic and then blame it on someone else.

Analyse said...

honestly, i wanted to bite her!!! i forwarded to my boss - the project manager our emails with all the infos needed and exchanged. i stayed diplomatic since the start of the project but she just got to my nerves. rrrrrrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

hi there! thanks for visiting my site. i've never visited dijon, but if you're ever in the south (i live in aix en provence), we should get together for dinner or something :-)

remember, if you're angry : breathe in, breathe out! :-) venting is good!


Analyse said...

ty for the invitation. :) i have been there 2 yrs ago i guess. i should have known that there's a pinay there. kakamiss din magtagalog. hey, visit dijon, it's not as spectacular as aix but hey, we have some wine here :)