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Posted by Analyse at 1:57 PM

Saturday, October 09, 2004

im hopeless...a real hopeless!

as i was looking at myself infront of the mirror friday morning before i rushed to work, i suddenly realized how baduy i was! it's not because it's automn and i had to dress up like a suman with all those wrap-arounds, it's simply because my clothes are century-old already.

this morning, i was in the centre ville trying to force myself to buy something, but as usual, i just went home with just a baguette with me. the mile-long queue to get to the fitting cabin stopped me, the choices were just too much for me that even before i start, i already resigned. oh well...

i hate shopping! when i was still in pinas, i was always buying in the same boutique - that cuts down choices. or else, i buy those displayed on the shop windows - that prevents me from searching. good thing in phils is that, i take my size and i know that it will fit me to T, here im obliged to fit them, clothes here are not cut to fit asian women! or else, my last resort is - i visit my sisters' closets :).

i hate heavy luggages! - this is in consequence with my hate of shopping. i once went home with a 12 kilo backpack. full of pasalubong! i dont bring clothes, i buy it there - oh well, ok, i visit my sisters' closets. and when they're fed up with me, they bring me to shops and do that stuff for me. and now that i travel for business, i try to bring more clothes (to be able to work the next day). but i still stay to my 12 kilo quota - not with pasalubong but with paperworks.

i hate la cuisine, or la cuisine hates me. i dont really know. what i know is that, it's not my favourite place. a friend of mine calls me up around meal time when she knows that laurent is on travel. her welcome remark is : 'have you had your meal already?' f...! she talks like laurent. i call her mommy now.

i hate HER. oh yeah, i still hate her.


Anonymous said...

Ana, hate can be therapeutic at times for our sanity! Kailangang ilabas, har har har! Last resort, deadma!

Kailan business trip mo? Dutchman and I are leaving 11 December and will stay in Manila for a few days… wedding of my brother, bongga sa Fort - Global City. Kaya am on diet kasi kailangang glamorous ako, am doing the cord pa naman hehe. Then we go to Cebu, then Panglao, then back Cebu, then Manila. Whew busy, will you be there too during this time?

Re: shopping, I can be your ally on that! My fave pastime! Holler me if both our time permits?

MissT - The DutcheD Pinay

Anonymous said...

ugh. i fucking hate shopping, too. and i agree that buying clothes in france makes the dreaded chore even more dreadful. the sizes are whacked, the pants look like rolls of cloth stretching to eternity, and the shoes... i dont even want to talk about the shoes! argh!


Analyse said...

kala, nice to know im not the only one here :)

misst, that must be a wedding of the year ;). hey, enjoy every moment of it. ill be leaving tomorrow, still to the phils (nov 1!!!), for 2 wks. ill have double jetlag i know. i just dont know if i could be in phils on december...i hope not, otherwise, it will mean that my project is not working yet!