trying to stay awake!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

just came back this midday from a long trip from home back to home! one colleague who stays in the philippines as an expat asked me one time which country i consider home now. what a question! i didnt even think about it before, nor did i consider the idea. philippines will always be my home, i have my family and friends there. part of me will always be attached to my native land. but my life now is here - where i construct my new 'home'.

so what's up with my boring life?

i finally found a way to sleep on the plane!
the secret? just let myself doze off without doing anything to catalyze it. haha! if i only knew!!! actually, it has always been a dilemma for me, so i try to read, watch a movie or just anything supposed to be boring so i could sleep. on the contrario, those stuffs just make me awake because i end up interested on them. i even tried taking a sleeping pill, and read a book while waiting for it to take effect. it worked! but i slept only for 3 hours as i was so taken by the story of my book. hopeless!

i didnt work last nov 15.
yeah, it was the end of ramadan in the philippines. in case you dont know yet, they started celebrating it since 2 years now. good or bad? no comment. all i know is that, there was a 2-day weekend and i was able to go home to zambales, and was almost left by my plane because the north expressway is not totally finished yet - got it right, traffic jam!!!

i spent my 1st week in a monastery.
i was exhausted! i had 4 out of 5 dinners in my room during my 1st week of stay there. i was on bed at 9pm. i didnt give any phonecalls for the 1st 3 days - not even to my families. good thing they phoned me up! i didnt read my book during those times. i was dead tired!

the complexity of my job.
3 times on-site support in 5 months, total of 9 weeks spent on site, not counting that of my boss! if time translates how complicated this particular process implementation is, then, this is extremely complicated! it's a new technology for us, we're just building experience curves and it seems that we're not finished yet. all problems not encountered on the feasibility and development phases, we have them all right now. when i left, we succeeded to reduce the problem from 100% to 0.34%, a fairly significant improvement. but everybody knows that the process is not as robust as the traditional processes we have. the technical support manager's farewell remark was: 'see you next month.' merde!

laurent's thoughtfulness.
he's out to germany for work but he left a note on the table. well, actually, it was the menu for the day. he prepared lunch and dinner for me and left them in the fridge with the welcome note and all. what makes it special is that, all were my favorites!

i fell inloved with spiderman.
i saw it twice on the plane. oh man, he's adorable! nakakatuwa.

no filipino newspapers?
would you believe that lufthansa doesnt distribute filipino newspapers for their franckfurt - manila flights? quite odd, i've used different airlines (KLM, Emirates, Cathay..) and on economy class at that, but i always had newspapers on board.

the guy seated next to me..
i swear to god, he kept on farting! sayang, gwapo pa naman sana...kainis, he never stopped polluting my air!

trying to fight the jetlag..
im off now. jetlag has finally won over me...ciao amigos!


Anonymous said...

Sleeping on board, my tactic is to drink 2-3 glasses of wine, that is a good way of dozing off hehe.

Re: ramadan, strange. I thought that only 2% are muslims in the philippines.


Analyse said...

wine doesnt have the same effect on me, unless of course i finish one whole bottle!!! ouf!

5% muslim i guess. oh well, if that will pacify them and let them feel that they belong, then let's celebrate with them. hehe...who will say no, it's still one day vacation! we dont have a lot in phils..