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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

masaya ako ngayon

i received a congratulation email from my big boss this afternoon for a job well done on my missions to the philippines these past months. we finally reached the target after a long struggle of process tuning! our markets accepted our product and the big bosses gave their go signal to officially launch the production. i can see the volumes going up now...ouaiiiis!

ps: the big boss of my big boss was on copy in the email. in the office, informing our heirarchy of such email translates to financial incentives, ehem.

why am i so gaga on this project

it's my baby and i actually saw it growing. i did my OJT in the same company a year ago and my mission was to do the technico-economique study of this project. during this time, aside from working with an excel file trying to figure out what will be our production cost if we consider such and such scenario, i also worked hand in hand with their R&D team to develop the product and even participated in its industrial pilot. after i got my diploma, this same company called me up offering a permanent job. wow, i havent even started looking for a job! my first project was of course, this same project. we were on the industrialization phase when i finally joined the company - the challenge was there and i felt like somebody who just came out of the university with the diploma on hand ready to conquer the real world!

getting motivated

for sure, other inclinations of this project will be started very shortly. i can see them coming now. being the only one who have an expertise on this project, im quite busy responding for queries on this subject. i love the feeling of being a consultant, ehem.

we are working in the same company

what do you expect? 80% of the conversation are work-related. we just cant help it. ok, ok, it's been always like that since we knew each other...hehe, we knew each other at work..

i forwarded to him the congratulation email, and as usual, he's proud of me. he told me that it's very seldom that we send such kind of email, normally we just receive a group email to all the person who worked in the same project. i received both.

im still on my clouds..


Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

I AM SO PROUD OF U tita! Happy too (envious haha!)! Mamya na kitang bubuhatin pababa sa lupa, dyan ka muna sa alapaap lol.

Ako naman, ewan. I hate my job and i have to push and kick my butt to look for something else.

Felicitations! Gefeliceteerd! Congratulations! Teka ano nga ba sa Tagalog yan? Mabuhay ba? Goodness, di ko alam!

Analyse said...

hay naku, you're super over qualified naman kasi..but wait till you're fluent in that gargoyle dutch..you'll go places, i can see it from here (madam auring yan)..

félicitations in tagalog??? hmmm..you just made me think..hmp ewan...congrats na lang..:)