meet my france!

Posted by Analyse at 5:41 PM

Thursday, November 25, 2004

french people, to be frank, are the spoiled brats of their government. they receive financial support which makes them naturally indebted, just like the filipinos towards their parents. yes, im talking about the utang na loob thing.

in fact, the government takes charge of its populace remarkably. from conception to, i will say, death. ties within the family are not that strong compared in the philippines as french parents don't undergo the same sacrifice as filipino parents do. i should add in this list the panganays (the eldest in the family) of course. la preuve: education doesnt cost here. and almost everything is reimbursable (i say almost as not everything could be reimbursed at 100%). would you believe that if they get a nanny for their kids, the government will even pay up to 30% of the charge! hallucinant!! and they're still complaining.

but hey, dont be misled..the government gives...but they have to take back in return (aba, kung di ba naman, p@#&!! ang mga walang utang na loob!!!) ! that's universal law!

VAT: one of the highest in europe that habitants near the frontier do their shopping ober da bakod! (to neighboring countries).
... and taxes everywhere!
... and charges wherever the government could tax!

i was just confronted with one of these.

we had an appointment with the notary two days ago in line with our house acquisition because we had to do our testament. it sounds normal to me that we declare our patrimoine in prorata of our respective contributions. and so there we went with the explainations and all. blah blah blah. i was dozing off (hikab). and then the notaire suddenly said, if ever something happens to monsieur, madame will have to pay such amount so i could actually call the house my own (still in prorata of monsieur's contribution). WHAT? and of course i will pay a significant amount as i own just a meagre part of it. eh merde! in fact, aside from the parents, the government is also our héritier (heir). houses, unlike cars, are considered national patrimony!! the funny thing is that, you could disinherit your parents in case you have a child of your own...but not la france!