Labor Day Tidbits

Posted by Analyse at 8:37 PM

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Our Labor Day weekend to Prague has finally come. Our itinerary includes a 6-hour walk tour, drinks and meals included for 32€/person. We don't normally bite such kind of tours because we're more of discovery and adventure buffs and we hate following bunches of people, but after reading feedbacks about Prague, our 3-day stay seemed to be bitin. This tour would be a sure way to get a good load of what Prague could offer - history overload guaranteed.

Thanks Haze for all the suggestions. Everything noted.


To mark history, this coming Labor Day marks my 3rd year as an official taxpayer here in France. Funny to start a job with a national holiday. Happy Labor Day everyone!


Speaking about work, I was trying to block June 12 on my calendar and mark Business Travel-Philippines. The French expat in the Philippines then reminded me by email that June 12 is Philippine Independence Day and it's a national holiday. He ended up the email with a Kalimutan already? Argggh.


I was checking on our shared calendar this afternoon and discovered that my boss will be in Bangkok at the same time as me. Darn.


Browsing through Mitsuru’s NY adventures, I’ve learned that Lea Salonga’s playing in Broadway. And yes, he’s got a picture with Lea in person. I’m so green with envy. I so love this Victor Hugo’s grand classique Les Miserables and would like to watch Lea’s version (I’ve seen the American movie starring Uma Thurman as Fantine (1998) and the French version starring Gérard Dépardieu as Jean Valjean (2000). Les Miserables is the first book I’ve read in French – that’s how I’m in-loved with this book. Watching it in a theatre, with a Filipino Fantine should be something else. Now I should really mix business with pleasure.


That is to say, I finally fixed all my schedules. Yes, I'm busy, but I'm organized.


mitsuru said...

hey, better watch the show when you come here. you won't regret it. i'm shy but when i saw lea and the hordes of fans getting her autogrph & having their pics taken with her, sumabay na rin ako. lol

if you want some tips in abt NYC, jst holler. :) you can email me, too. I plan to watch the show again b4 it ends in sept. i hope.:)

analyse said...

Hi Mitsuru, a HS friend offered to be my tourist guide in NY, so it should be ok. Thanks for all the infos tho. It's easier to get infos from your site than from my friend. She must be over busy.

When do you plan to re-watch les mis? Ill probably watch it on may 13. My friend already watched it so I might be alone. It would be great if we could watch it together ;)

Lucille said...

have a nice trip Analyse! 6 hr walk...hope it's not too hot there? alis din kami bukas, pero sa malapit lang.

ann said...

6 hrs walk then magbabayad ka pa....hahaha!

enjoy your short vacation.

KK said...

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Lea is in Broadway? Wow! Cool, I have to think long and hard to drive up to NY, hehehe.

mitsuru said...

tnx a lot sa imbitasyon sayang kasi ubos na bakasyon ko. :) it will be nice sana meeting a blogger/friend in person.

i'll be watching les miz again prob in aug.

enjoy prague. kung nasa europe cguro ako halos every month if i can afford it, lakwatsa lang ng lakwatsa. :)

kat said...

ana! when will you be in NYC?! i'd love to meet up! let me know your itinerary and i'll try to catch up with you!

p.s. where are the pics of prague?! i'd so love to go there!

duke said...

a good friend of mine was able to watch the show with lea on it. She is a big fan of hers and it was a dream come true! I hope you get to watch her perform as well

gracita said...

our hongkong packaged tours has turned me off completely to such tours. now, i prefer to explore places on our own. ofcourse, we make sure to research before our visit. but a walk tour seems like a thing i would do. what i don't understand is why you have to pay pa, hehehe. sabagay, drinks and meals included pala!

about les mis, i love leah salonga!! wish i could watch it too! i was able to watch her in miss saigon before and her talent left me in awe talaga!

analyse said...

kat, ill be in NY on may 12-13 and a HS friend prepared an itinerary for me.. just visited your site to leave a message but your site is quite mixed up, probably a problem with my browser.

here's the itinerary, let me know:

Ana - here's what I suggest we do when you arrive -

2:45 to 7:30pm - tour you around Times Square, Grand Central, Macy's and Madison Square

7:30pm to 10Pm - dinner by hudson river overlooking manhattan

we'll start early on Sunday

8AM to 12noon - Downtown Area (World Trade and Wall Street), and Statue of Liberty

12 - lunch somewhere

1pm afteroon - Fifth Avenue and Empire State

haze said...

Hey you're welcome ! I would love to explore prague too Ana ! hubby got a call from his friend who is actually living in Prague, they'll visit us here and we'll probably talk about the future travel :) ! Crossing my fingers and toes !

Prague hotels said...

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