Weekend de Pâques

Posted by Analyse at 9:30 PM

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

J'adore la France. This country is just so rich in diversity that we don't even need to cross its borders to breath new air. Its mountains, its seas, its architecture, its different regions, its different regional products... the list is endless.

La Petite France

This weekend, we had our stopover at the Alsace region. The picture above is just an appetizer. Let me serve you the rest of the menu.


Random pictures from Bergheim, Riquewihr, Kayselberg, Chateau de Haut Koenigsbourg, Ribeauvillé and Colmar.

As most of the European cities, the Alsace region should be visited by foot to really enjoy and feel the place. A lot of marvels are oftentimes hidden inside narrow streets and forgotten squares.

Mommy traveller as I am, of course I went there armed - comfy shoes and clothes, and most important of all, light but convenient baby stroller. Though Louna enjoys walking around the centre ville, it's still advisable to take the stroller in case she gets tired and wants to sleep.

Enjoy the colors of Alsace!


dexiejane said...

oh wow, look at those architectural delight. NICE!

sexy mom said...

very nice photos, very good architecture. swerte!

suggest kaya ako? most of your pictures are taken full body pero malayo, maybe you can also take shots na close up yung face, kahit half body, with the background na buo. did you get what i mean? coz your pictures are so far away, i could not recognize the face na. why not?

i like the last photo--there's mystery.

Rhada said...

Nice!!! Glad you had a good weekend get-away. :-)

And yeah, I agree, baby stroller is a must! Hope we don't forget ours when we leave for our little trip.

dangkin said...

wow,nice shots! teka, is that an 'old' part of town? or ganyan lang tlaga style ng mga buildings dyan? yung sa may bridge, naalala ko ang quiapo..cguro kung hindi ganun kahirap ang bansa natin, ganyan din kalinis ang paligid dun :)

haze said...

Wow Ana it's one of the place I want to visit too ! Right, there are so many places to explore co'z Europe is just a border away ;)!

Gusto ko yang last picture mo, may pagka misteryosa ! Grabe you haven't change Ana, very slim pa rin, wwaaahhhhh inggit ako! What the heck are you doing for maintaining your silhoutte after pregnancy ??? Share your secrets naman :))) !

Linnor said...

Lovely pictures!

Hey mommy Ana, parang di ka nanganak... Are you back to your pre-Louna form?

analyse said...

dexiejane, and very colorful too ;)

Sexy Mom, blame Frenchguy for that. I try to coach him but he loves to take whole body pictures. Minsan nga, super smile pa ako, yun pala ang layo, I couldn't even recognize my face. Ako naman, I'm more on taking pictures with nobody in it (or just other tourists). We both have our imperfections hehe. So there, you should pinpoint which picture was taken by moi or Frenchguy.

By the way, I have purposely chosen pictures which show the region and just a bit of us..

Rhada, and we were lucky to have 3 days of good weather! Hey, ngayon pa lang, ilagay na ang stroller sa kotse hehe.

Dangkin, a big part of the town was constructed with the same architecture, especially the old buildings. New buildings inside the town should follow the same design (most of the towns in France follow the same concept - be in harmony with the rest of the construction - all of the building permits should be validated by the town office - ganun ka-stricto). Otherwise, you could see modern buildings too, medyo sa labas ng town, and in the outskirts.

Haze, 3 hours lang from Dijon so it's easy for us. It's a nice place to visit. I loved Riquewihr, my fave place among our destinations. You could do cave visit and degustation too..

That's flaterring, baka maniwala ako haha. No secrets. I eat a lot. You know, I've got a reversed problem, some colleagues tease me of being anorexic, lakas ko kayang kumain. Im actually waiting comments like you need a haircut on that last picture. Look at that, super buhaghag!

analyse said...

Linnor, uy pangalawa ka na, malapit na kong maniwala haha.. but yes, i was back to pre-Louna form yata after 3 months.. plus the stretchmarks.. :( ..as i've said to Haze, i've got another problem.

Makis said...

You're wearing a short skirt in Alsace??? Weather must be really good up there! In-laws come from Belfort, some KMs from Alsace :)

Btw, finally I know where we're going this weekend - in Buxy!

Analyse said...

for once, weather is better sa north hehe..

so what's your itinerary? i'm available only on sunday, let me know.. that's an hour drive from Dijon.

gracita said...

i love your skirt! and louna's too! para na siyang dalaga sa outfit niya! :)

those buildings in the background look like those historical buildings (don't know what it's called) in germany.

Analyse said...

Gracita, the Alsace region is actually located at the French-German border, thus the architectural influence. it's called Colombage in French or timber framing in modern english (half-timbered construction).

Francesca said...

Hey ana, sabi ni lolo, sarap ng wine nila dyan, gewurtzaminer and S ang simula di ko naalala.
And sausage nila, choucroute, dyan daw masarap kasi border sila ng germany.
Cute mo sa skirt, sayang nakatalikod ka. Teka, ikaw ba yan? Mukhang nene ka dyan oi!

chase said...

Lovely pictures and I like the structure of the buildings. They look so fascinating!

ralphT said...

sweet. :)

i'd love to visit that wonderful country before i die. :)

mitch said...

nice pics
it's good to have a break from stressful work it gives you a time to unwind :D btw i have another off topic question do i need to put my high school diploma in my resume? kasi dito sa france they have a name for the diploma in high school sa atin kasi completion of secondary education lng.... thanks in advance and thanks rin for dropping by sa blog ko medyo wala pang laman di pa ko sanay hehehe

Analyse said...

Francesca, yep, i love Alsace wines too.. hmmm, im more on Reisling hehe..

hehe, ako po yan, mukha bang nene..

Chase, they look better in real.. next time you drop by somewhere near the area, visit it ;)

RalphT, naman, bat before you die? parang nagpapaalam ka na nyan a.. oppps, welcome po ;)

Mitch, check this out. You could see how they present their CV. normally, they give more emphasis on your prof experiences and training so list down everything. on educational attainment, they normally list down only college and masters (and phd). then they give importance on the languages you speak too.

and welcome to france by the way..

AL said...

The architecture is really fantastic!
Very german though.

I love France and I hope I'd go back this summer (no humin masyadon an gaw-on). My only problem when I was there (in Pyrenees) was it was very difficult to find someone who can speak english.

Anyway...I wish you a good weekend

kat said...

such a picturesque place! i'd love to go there myself! you and louna look fantastic --love your skirt!

Senorito<- Ako said...

Intresting architecture. :) Nice pix ! Our babies are of similar age. :)

mitsuru said...

yup, you're right they're really diversified; they' ve been under the romans too in earlier times aside from their germanic and frankish origins.

anyway, i love the alsace wine, too.
have a bottle of tokay pinot gris or a sylvaner for me. :)

analyse said...

Al, it's in the German borders, that explains ;). bopols la ha englis iti, mas maparas makâkit nin sambalî no mako ka ha Dijon hehe.

kat, travel now while rockstar baby's alone... harder to travel with two babies in tow ;)

Senorito, aw, been a long time i haven't seen Raya, reminds me.. i have to visit sassymoon ;).. or you perhaps? - errr, i guess raya's months older than louna tho..

Mitsuru, yep, you'll get history overdose when you stay here hehe..

i guess a lot of people love alsace wine.. esp the ladies because of its fruity flavor.. matches great with foie gras.

geri said...

Love the photos esp the one with just windows. Love the skirt too!

KK said...

Great photos. I like the 'old feel' of the place(like with the cobbled stone roads). Lovely mommy and daughter pics.

ann said...

Wow! Slim na slim pa si mommy ann. Yung mga pix ng house dyan parang same design ng mga collection ni kd.

Toe said...

These towns look like they came straight out from a fairy tale. :)

duke said...

uy! I can't help but notice, long hair na si mommy!

chateau said...

That's a lovely place. And very nice photos. I'm sure you and Louna had great fun! I wish someday I'd be able to visit such a quaint place. :)

Leah said...

wow, great photos

Heart of Rachel said...

Wow, such lovely pictures. It seems like a wonderful place to visit. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Lucille said...

nice views,pics are beautiful...good photographer! ;-) Analyse, pareho kayo ni hubs ko - taking pictures with nobody in it! pag may magandang view, paalisin ba naman ako ng mokong! hehe
ako kasi mas gusto ko yong nasa pic ako or my kids or kami...hehe kaya nga mga pics ko halos may mga mukha namin haha. Ganyan lang din ako, contrary kami ni hubby sa photography kaya tig-isa kami ng camera para walang gulo! :-))