Where did Spring go?

Posted by Analyse at 6:10 PM

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Our outdoor thermometer was displaying 30°C last weekend. Louna, clothed with a beautiful robe from Divisoria, already displays a very good tan at this time of the year. She's a real outdoor kid. With such temperature, we decided to move our garden table and chairs out from the cellar. We then had barbecue for lunch.

After lunch, we headed off to Genlis, a few kilometers out of Dijon, for Frenchguy's planned 10-km marathon which started at 4pm. When the second half of the participants arrive, they were complaining about the lack of water supply and residents were not even armed with bottles of water for the dehydrated participants. In fact, the organizers didn't anticipate such a hot weather at the month of April, thus the meager number of bottles available. Poor Frenchguy did it in 56.44 minutes and claims he could have done it better if not for the lack of water. Oui, c'est ça!

At the starting point.

Arriving at home, we were happy to find the comfort of our 80-year-old, 80-cm-thick-walled-house. Best to maintain cool inside temperature. After few minutes of marathon-centered discussion, I finally gave in to the urge of mixing my fave cocktail - long island ice tea - and squeezing a fresh orange juice for Louna. That was a refreshing drink - a killer!

Louna doze off after a shot of long island ice tea.. err, I mean orange juice. Moi went directly to the study to iron our clothes and watch Close to You from this site while ironing. I'm not really a fan of pinoy films but it feels good to have a doze of kilig moments pinoy style from time to time.

Frenchguy, despite being dehydrated, felt satisfied with his afternoon. Doped with a glass of long island, he took the hose and started watering the plants. Since we planted some flowering plants last month, we're obliged to water them correctly this year, before the authorities ban the whole community with the use of water for garden use (and others like car cleaning and pool filling).

I could sense a very hot summer coming. There was not much rain nor snow this year. It's already hot at the month of April. Global climate is changing. If you think you could do something, do it. Every little geste counts. Please help save the planet.

PS: Louna's 17 months old now. Check her new tricks here.


kat said...

wow...i can't believe you guys are already enjoying warm weather over there! it seems we are stuck in winter still even though it's officially spring. oh when will the sun come out?

and you llike long island ice teas, huh? those things really pack a punch! i haven't had one in ages!

love louna's outfit!

sexy mom said...

while you are enjoying your warm weather, we are SWELTERING in the heat. i heard that yesterday it was 38C, and i was melting...melting...melting.

Christianne said...

30 degrees, I'm jealous! We had a couple of 20-degree days last week but now we're back to 8-10 degrees, boo. Ang cute naman ng dress ni Louana.

On global warming, I've been meaning to blog about that ever since I saw An Inconvenient Truth but somehow I never get around to it :D

Francesca said...

ba, masaya ang weekend nyo!type ko yang damit "divisoria" ni louna, pahiram, lol

about pinoy films, ako rin, iyak konti pag nanonood, pero tago lang ke lolo, kasi naiinis na nakikita akong humihigok higok, lol

suffering daw ako when there's no need!

teka, buti ka di pa bundok plantsahin mo.

dangkin said...

ang cute tlaga ni louna! pag-aartisahin mo ba yan paglaki nya? :)

ganun kainit dyan? dito mainit din, pero binabawi naman ng lakas ng hangin. at dun sa kabilang dulo naman ay sobrang lamig.. dun naman sa pinanggalingan namin di pa tapos ang winter! ano ba yan, di ko na tuloy maintindihan 'tong global warming na 'to.. :(

analyse said...

Kat, the sun stayed quite a lot here in Europe this year I guess. But it could still change, the saints de glace is not yet over. It's traditionally celebrated on May 11-13 and people from Europe expects a grand drop in temperature, even close to freezing temperature. A promise of good weather is expected after those dates (well, normally..)

oh, love those cocktails, esp this one.. i love mixing them myself..

shhh, Louna's outfit costs barely 2€! hehe.

Sexy Mom, aw. Bigla akong nanlagkit dun a. But we will get our own dose here in France. Summer temperature here could go that high...but hot and DRY! Tropical princess as I am, I can't stand the dryness... if you're melting there.. we're drying... drying... drying here.

Christianne, we're at 20°C today but they announce a slight increase this weekend. Come down south for a warmer weather ;).... shhhh, i did a forced shopping spree in divisoria last december ;)

global warming.. it's a depressing topic. but it's worth to inform and talk about it.. as i said, every little geste counts. USA Today news (2004) reports that there are 40 years of petroleum left in the ground. if I live long enough, I will have the priviledge to witness the probably biggest rupture of natural stock of all time. if we want to save our planet, we have to start now. but our lifestyle has been too much axed to consumption.. how to do, right? there are current solutions like hybrid cars etc to lessen/eliminate petroleum consumption.. but these solutions are still too costly and the buying power is going down.... funny to note that we buy low-consumption cars here in Europe and I saw on TV that most of those old-high-gas-consumption-but still-running cars are being sold to African countries.. so we lessen the pollution here in the European continents, we just transfer them...

Francesca, saan ka naman nakakita ng 2€ robe di ba hehe.. i bought it as her beach outfit kaya lang sobrang init last weekend, so ayan, nailabas ng wala sa oras.

hehe, si Frenchguy, hinayaan lang akong mag senti mag isa... check the site, you could watch pinoy films without downloading them.. i ironed for 2 hours, the whole duration of the film.. sabi ni Frenchguy, dati daw quickee ako sa plantsahan.. bumabagal daw pala pag mega senti ako ahahaha..

Dangkin, marunong lang syang mag-inarte e hehe, pwede na ba yun?

julie said...

The heat here in PI is unbearable. Malagkit, as in you can even feel sweat running down your back, ugh! Like you-just-had-a-bath-you're-sweating again kind of thing? It is that. I like Louna's dress though, refreshing sight.

mitsuru said...

well, spring is just around the corner at least on this part of the world.

michigan is unpredictable, one day it was 70 and sunny all day; the next day it is down to the 20s with snow flrries. the wind chill is unbearable too.

that's the greenhouse effect for you.

sala sa init, sala sa lamig? lol.

Analyse said...

Julie, I know that, i spent a lot of summers in Manila, and yes, kalalabas mo pa lang ng banyo, pinagpapawisan ka na..

Mitsuru, haha, yeah, sala sa init, sala sa lamig!

haze said...

Wow barbecue lunch-garden tripping kayo ! So do you imagine how hot in Marseille Ana ;) ! It's summer breeze everywhere and you are right help save the planet talaga ! So Laurent made it to the competition? Oi, gawin ko din yang mga cocktail na yan ;)! Thanks for the link!

tintin said...

She looks like a little adult! So adorable.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi! I love the photo of Louna enjoying the sunny day. Lovely red dress.

I'm sure your Frenchguy did well in the marathon considering the lack of water.

Summer is taking its toll here. It's sooo hot these days that I often take refuge in our room by turning on the airconditioning. I could just imagine our electricity bill sky rocketing on next month's statement of account.

Take care and thanks for visiting. Happy weekend!

Jovelyn Grace said...

We are even more "out of synch" from the res of the world... Winter is supposed to kick in soon, we're still having quite a bit of fluctuation in temperature - sort of like autumn with occasional warm day and then really cold evenings. Doh!

And oooohhh long island iced tea... evil! =) Hehe!

angel.dust said...

Global warming literally is a hot topic. Back in my college days, I was active in environmental advocacy. By the way, April 22 is Earth Day.

I saw in the news today that some fields in General Santos City caught fire.

Anyway, Louana is really pretty!

chase said...

30 degrees? That is soooo hot. We have 10 degrees here on some sunny days and last night it suddenly snowed and the temperatures dropped like crazy

analyse said...

Haze, around 5°C higher? But hey, the view from your house is already a refreshing site.. and you're just a step away from the sea.. ok, you have the mistral... but well, we just cant have everything, right? .. Yeah, he made it.. and he'll do another 10-km tomorrow here in Dijon.. it's just time to reinitiate him to sport..

re: cocktail. you'll love it ;) if you try the long island, add more cola for a more refreshing drink..

Tintin, thanks.

Rachel, i've read somewhere that it reached 38°C there, with the matching humidity of course. i'm sure all the SMs and MOA are full packed with pinoys again.

Jovelyn Grace, welcome to my hideaway. I just clicked on your link but I can't access your profile :(.

Take care, such weather is the best conductor of all sorts of colds.
long island.. evil, yes ;)

Angel.Dust, glad to meet another envi advocate ;). Here in Europe, they're really sensitive on this topic that it's even part of their govt plan (it's French election this Sunday). Some companies are embracing it as the heart of their company politics, so we're on the right track.. we just need the whole world to adhere to it.. but as i said, sometimes, solutions are just so financially inaccesible..

re: Louna. thanks ;)

Chase, almost summer, yes. .. so norway is one of those countries where winter stays quite lazily this year?

mitch said...


its the same weather here in our place although i still wear a thin jacket mainit cya pero the wind is still cold hehehe...

in manila nakatira ako malapit sa 168 mall divisoria :D

i cant enroll in university malayo and expensive so tiyaga na lng im also looking for a job for the afternoon since morning lng classes ko gusto ko na tlga magwork di ako sanay ng asa bhay lng boring...

cute nman ng baby mo... makes me want to have one already kaya lng di pa pwede d pa kmi stable hehehe

Airwind said...

naku po sobrang init din dito sa pinas. sabi nga sa balita baka umabot pa ng 40-45c. wag naman sana. lam naman natin kung gaano kahirap ang tubig sa ibang parte ng pinas ... tama ka lets do eveything that we could to save our planet ....

Analyse said...

Mitch, what kind of jobs are you wanting to take? hirap nga mag stay mag isa sa bahay esp in a land where family and friends are just out of reach... i'm actually entertaining the idea of babysitting if ever i leave work.. but well, that came to me when i had louna..

yep, better be stable first before having a baby, bata ka pa naman..

Airwind, ngek, ang init naman.. tumataas ba ng ganyan temperature dyan? ngek.. i thought hanggang 35°C lang..

ann said...

Matindi nga raw ang init this summer. I'm just wondering what kind of summer is waiting for us here in ksa this coming july-august.

Leah said...

awww..such a hot weather for a marathon... Kudos to your hubby for getting through it. Here, it was just 20 deg and a gorgeous day for a change. spring has finally come.

Lucille said...

oo nga parang summer na nga... anyway i like this weather makapagsuot ng light clothes, barbecuing, more outdoor activities, & mga bata enjoy lagi sa pool nila. Ako naman yardwork make me darn busy!
Ang cute naman ng dalagita mo dyan...bagay na bagay yong dress nya! hehe that is very comfy dress for sunny days...i guess it's like this. too bad napatakan ng javel while i was cleaning our porch floor. It was from Davao. I went in Divisoria before, unforgettable experience naligaw ako sa loob sa kadaming mga tindahan di ko na alam ang labasan! haha

Analyse said...

Ann, ngek, oo nga no.. just prayer that it won't be that hot, baka maging daing kayo dyan hehe.

Leah, 20°C is ideal. Enjoy spring!

Lucille, sayang naman. I didnt buy one for me, i prefer skirts kasi kesa bestida..haha, you have to know divisoria to go shopping there, i was with a cousin, so me guide at taga bitbit hehe..