Prague: The City of 100 Spires

Posted by Analyse at 5:54 PM

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The magical city of bridges, cathedrals, gold-tipped towers and church domes, whose image has been mirrored in the surface of the Vltava river for more than ten centuries. Prague is also a modern European metropolis full of energy, music, and art.

I just booked for a weekend getaway at this lovely city for the Labor Day weekend on May. It will be Frenchguy's first flight experience with Louna and our first visit to the city. If you've been to the city and you have the list of must-do and must-see wonders of Prague, please leave a note. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hey... a forthcoming trip! That should be exciting... And looking at that picture of Prague, I'm sure the rest of the place is just as breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I can asked my bf Odd since he has been there before. The only thing he told me once about Prague is its beautiful and sooo cheap too!

Unknown said...

Mag-shopping ka duman ha Prague? Heheheh. Cheap daw doon.
Looking forward to your pictures in Prague. Want to have a little get away soon but too many things to do. Inggit ako ;)

Leah said...

have a great trip then. Lots of time to do more research. Sounds exciting.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sarap naman. Enjoy your trip. Mag eenjoy na rin si Louna nyan.

dangkin said...

wala akong masabi...di pa ako napadpad sa lugar na yun e ;) pero excited ako para sa inyong tatlo! cgurado mag-i-enjoy na rin si louna, lalo na't marunong ng maglakad..

have a safe trip! :)

Analyse said...

Linnor, i'm sure it will be a good discovery for us.

Chase and Al, talaga, it's cheap there? well, that's a bonus!

Leah, Ann and Dangkin, thanks. it will surely be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it is as far as Ive heard!

Anonymous said...

Ana, hubby went to Prague already and he was really amazed by the beauty of the country! Maganda daw dyan Ana! I'm sure you will adore it as much as my hubby did! I'll ask him what spots to visit...i'll email you :) ! Actually he wanted me to bring there co'z he still has friends from there ;) ! We'll go visit them but I don't know when!???

chuching said...

only saw prague through this movie of mandy moore na nakalimutan ko na ang title. ever since then, i've wanted to go to czech republic!

enjoy the trip! and don't forget the pictures! para mainggit ako lalo :)

Christianne said...

I'm intrigued, why did you pick Prague? Ugh, I wanna travel somewhere (Paris?) this spring but is it practical with a 14-month-old? I've been stuck in Sweden since we got here in Oct. 2005, haven't been anywhere else in Europe :(

CLC Fashion said...

wow! Prague? i never been there yet so ikaw na lang mag-share mamaya sa "must see wonders" there hehe!

Mommy Lutchi said...

I saw your blog browsing and enjoyed reading your posts. Your baby is so pretty. Visit me at my home and check around. take care

Analyse said...

Haze, back from skiing? I've heard na maganda nga daw dun, and i havent started searching on the net kung ano ba dapat bisitahin hehe. one weekend lang so we have to maximize.

Gracita, dont worry, iinggitin kita hehe.

Christianne, bakit nga ba Prague? well, actually, I hesitated between Vienna and Prague, and decided to go to Prague, ewan ko kung bakit haha. Normally, kung dadalawa pa lang kami ni Frenchguy, we would have chosen the French Alps for a hike, kaya lang, with Louna in tow, bigat sa likod ha, so we decided to do a culture-visit. We already visited most of the West European cities, so we have to start visiting sa bandang east naman.

Visiting Paris with a 14 months old is possible, basta dont forget your stroller, yung light lang ha.

Lucille, haha, binaligtad mo naman e.

Gwapasila, thanks for visiting my hideaway and glad you enjoyed it. Will be checking your site laterz..

Francesca said...

sige, pag maganda dyan ana, balita ha? susunod kami, basta may kuarta lang, hehe.

Bah labor day nga naman sa may, aba eh, relaks! baka mura spa don, blog mo ha?

Christianne said...

Argh, I'm really tempted! Kasya kaya ang 4 days/3 nights to see Eurodisney and other kid-friendly sights?

Looking forward to your Prague pics :)

Anonymous said...

Francesca, 3 ang long weekends sa May: labor day, may 8 and ascension. good time to spend a weekend somewhere di ba..

hirap yatang mag spa with louna in tow hehe.. manggugulo lang yun.

Christianne, that's long enough. I don't know tho if your daughter will enjoy eurodisney at that age.. malamang si mommy and daddy ang mag eenjoy hehe.. yung mga rides kasi for that age are limited... i remember we went there with frenchguy's niece and nephew, they were 6 and 8 years old then.. pero sa totoo lang, yung mga adults yata ang nag enjoy haha..

Francesca said...

uy, talaga? tatlo? goodie!

teka, apat pala, kasi sa Monaco, may formula 1 Car race, grand prix sa May 24-27, 2007
eh declared holiday yun ni Bestfriend nating si Prince Albert!

Anonymous said...

Francesca, wow, swerte nyo naman dyan. aba, yayain na buong pamilya for a weekend getaway no.

Anonymous said...

By now, and not remember how my head was born the idea of the visit in

Bohemia. But in April this year she finally emerged and led to

cool 10-day adventure! ! !

Hard and close to train Czech villages selected for the Czech guide -

Prague yearly at dawn, and it was unspeakable feeling when

we, vysypavshimi of its compartments in Tamboor, suddenly stay city, yet

awoke, but friendly Winking fireflies light

in the windows and apparently forthcoming found us! ! !

Before the hotel brought us the penultimate. :) But was an excellent opportunity during the

moving a little rhythm Prague embrace life. At first glance, the city

as the city. Here, people go to work, here's someone cleaned pavement, with a child

school food stands behind him crossings, slowly

open shops ... Normal morning, in general. But when our bus from

cross narrow streets of old road, we first saw a tape

The Vltava, many across the bridge, yet graceful spires

strangers cathedrals, red tile roofs and many, many charming

against the backdrop of delicately shaped blue sky and just started moving from amazing!

Glare beauty! ! !

Passing make advertising FLORENC hotels, which we very happily settled

street Krzhizhkova. First, it is only 50 meters from the entrance to the subway. ! !

We, as human beings, who spend half a day in traffic crossings, it

thought luxury. The hotel itself is very pleasant, small and cozy. What

man tired of firecracker new adventure, a sense of information and legs

a not feeling of walks? Correct! A soft pillow and light as light as a feather

blanket! :) Hotel Florenc, it just all right. But over lunch

modest. And this fact had to be philosophical explanation: here we go

for spectacle, but not for bread!

The first day after some inconsistencies in the program and sends

host was absolutely free. And starting with a perfect 2 -

time to walk on the Vltava river tram and the first sip of this (!)

Czech beer. :) The city liked me at first glance. In his charming

city going fun, enjoying, love and an unbearable lightness of being:).

I want to smile, laugh, believe all very bright and think to themselves: "That

it happiness! "Prague every plethora of mysterious legends and stories

then we will learn throughout the trip. Just urban tale! And

still, it was difficult away from the feeling that I know everything here, as their five fingers,

just remember the names of streets, and people around somehow speak fee


So pretend to be local residents, we could not.

First, the Czech girl seemed to me Azira. They are boldly

fifth, combine uncountable are some unspeakable things, but it looks like

very stylish and original! And by the way, quite a few shops with interesting


Second, Czechs of all ages, people without complexes. We walked, walked, walked around

all Prague, I thought, and at a great found large fleet. And such a-a-s ... so

called, businessmen and busyness women climbed to their feet at the shop, removing close

shoes and relax because, without the slightest attention to the others! Or

yet ... people studded age does embrace ... Love, I know, do not know

borders! :)

Thirdly, smoking rooms, which at every turn as signboards Pilsner walk while not

made to order full meals from 3 x dishes. SL is a saint. There

after coming to a beloved beer mug to discuss with friends last

news and play dominoes. No soups, salads and huge portions

bramboraks "potato" with

stewed cabbage, which, perhaps because of healthy men ...

Fourthly, the Czechs are not a good knowledge of English.
Fifthly, the Czechs, we have found hospitality and generous soul. They
very nice people, but rather neutral in communion, polite, but cautious.

Erick said...

According to legend, the Princess Libuse stood atop one of seven hills overlooking the River Vltava and declared ‘I see a city whose glory will touch the stars; it shall be called Praha (threshold)’. From its mythological inception to the present, benefactors have placed Prague in high regard. This is truly the city of 1,000 spires. The architecture is a dream comes through for any lover of the Gothic time period. We were fortunate enough to spend an entire week in this city and even got to see it snow! We booked a room in one of the Prague hotels right in the center of the Old Town - wanting to be close to everything. The Charles Bridge was magical but make sure you get their VERY early. 10,000 other people and 100 street vendors DOES NOT make for a romantic stroll.