Disciplining a Toddler

Posted by Analyse at 8:42 PM

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I was busy preparing something for lunch this weekend, and as usual (especially when Frenchguy's out), Louna was there in the kitchen, playing with her toys but most of the time clinging on my legs. I know this is quite dangerous but she cannot stand staying alone in her playroom while I cook. She's a gourmand. So as a precaution, I take extra care not to spill anything on her.

Then came the drame. I accidently spilled one of my ingredients, not on her, but just near her (but I nevertheless measured the danger of this bad habit). Louna, frightened and surprised, started crying and went directly to the corner while looking at me with her sorry look. I kept on telling her that it was not her fault but she just continued crying. So I stopped cooking and cuddled her in my arms.

After minutes of retrospection, I realized that we never disciplined her that way. We never asked her to stay in a corner when she does something bad. I'm not against this method of disciplining a child but the thing is, we never asked our daughter to do that. She must have seen that in her nanny's place or somewhere else. As mothers, how would you react to that?

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Anonymous said...

Is there someone else who looks after her from time to time? Maybe that is how they treat Louna. You need to check that as it might get confusing to the child.

~angel~ said...

Thank you very much for your time Ma'am! I really appreciated your effort.

Rhada said...

Yup, I think that's how Louna gets "disciplined" at the nanny's place. Same thing with my son's babysitter-- she puts him on "time-out" whenever he misbehaves. How do I react to that? Wala lang. I think it's a good way of disciplining. It gives the child time to cool down and think of his/her actions. Ideally, the time spent in the corner should match the child's age (1yo=1 min; 2yo=2 mins and so on). The most important thing is for us (parents) to explain to our kid why he/she is being put in the corner, and that we still love them regardless.

Analyse said...

Charlie, me thinks she saw that in her nanny's place. tho i dont really mind using that method, i just felt pity for my daughter thinking she's being punished like that in her nanny's place.

Angel, wala pong anuman ;)

Rhada, hey thanks to that tip. i didnt know about the 'timing'..

nao said...

dumaan bading..

the worst thing na nakita ko naman sa baby Kyle ko noon is nung may mark siya ng mga kurot sa likod at braso. I pity my son so much. Now do you consider that the right discipline from a disciplinarian nanny? Hehe.. nagkamali siya nang binangga bakla. Ayun, nakakita ng kulog at kidlat ang walang pinagkatandaan na gurang. I believe i've blogged about it before.

check mo rin kung may kurot yang si Louna. But i'm sure naman siguro eh wala. I know how u feel bakla. Iba kasi ang dating pag iba ang nagdi "disiplina" sa mga anak natin diba. Hindi natin nakikita kung panong klaseng disiplina yon.

janice said...

If she's able to communicate, then if you ask her she'll probably give you a hint as to where she got that from. My daughter is 22 months old. When "something" comes up while I am at work, she'll for sure tell me as soon as I get home from work. How old is you daughter?

dangkin said...

kung nakakapagsalita lang sana si louna, baka marami na yang naisumbong syo? wawa naman si baby...i hope hindi sya ma-confuse sa mga nangyayari sa paligid nya.

analyse said...

Hi Nao, kumusta ka na bading?.. i've read about that blog nga.. wala namang kurot si Louna, di nila uso dito yan.. and you said it right, iba talaga pakiramdam pag iba ang dumidisiplina sa anak mo... to think na di ko pa nga nadidisiplina yang batang yan bading, good girl kasi, mana sa nanay hehe..

hope you're ok bading, i've been visiting your site, no news.. ill check on you later.. besos.

Hi Janice, Louna is 16 months old already but aside from mam mam, papa and tetite (her fave toy), she cant communicate well yet.

Dangkin, Louna loves her nanny very much naman so I don't think she's being maltreated. Well, I hope not. As I told Frenchguy, how will we know di ba?

haze said...

It's better that Nanny educates her like that to stay in one corner instead of spanking her! When I am loosing patience with my kids, I asked them to go to their room and stay there unless I ask them to get out!

Parents have diverse way on how to discipline children but as long as they're not traumatize the way we educate them I think it's normal :)! They need to learn respect and not fear! Bon courage Ana!

Analyse said...

Haze, thanks. so far, louna seems to be easy to manage.. hope it continues.. im not yet decided on how i will discipline her, ill cross the bridge when i get there.. tho frenchguy tries to apply that time-out corner... it just seems to me that he has to slow down on that kasi di naman big deal yung mga betises ni louna.. oh well, im probably the career mom trying to make out to louna to justify my absence.. hmmm.

Francesca said...

sabi ni Lolo(after i discuss this topic) natakot yung bata , baka sa sigaw, or nag worry sa impact ng nangyari and louna went to a safe side.
But best is always communicate daw sa bata, in a happy subtle tone, kasi baka may nerbyos. Ganyang edad daw kasi, they are learning.

If harsh words, natatakot sila, ang laki ba naman ng parents compare sa size nila, then boses dagondong pa, lol

Louna felt love and secure kasi nayakap mo. And yun nga, explain na lang, para ma get din nya Whats going on.

Analyse said...

Francesca, she was probably frightened nga, tho di naman ako sumigaw, her first reflex was to go to the corner, akala siguro papagalitan ko.. it was such a revelation how she evaluates situation na at a very young age..

ann said...

Definitely ganun nga ang way ng nanny to discipline her kaya ganun ang reaction nya. SAHM kasi ako kaya wala ring experienced sa mga babysitter.

Just let Louna feel your love and care always. Para di sya mawalan ng self confidence.

purplegirl said...

it's difficult when your child is at the age when she can't tell you what you want to know. or make sumbong. it's good that your daughter is very easy to care for. hindi malikot like mine.

analyse said...

Ann, we try to. I hope we're good enough as parents for her. baka magreklamo paglaki e.

Purplegirl, malikot din actually sya, she likes climbing chairs, stairs, lahat. the thing with her is that takot syang masaktan yata, she never fell down kasi careful sya palagi.. i guess she walked quite late (14.5 months) because she was afraid to walk alone baka matumba sya, she always walked with her little stroller, so when she finally walked, it was when she was ready, never syang natumba na nasaktan sya, she always calculated all her moves... the problem is, hinahayaan lang talaga namin sya to climb and all, sobrang confident kami sa kanya, and she's not exempted of any accidents, we know..