First-Time Gardener

Posted by Analyse at 6:22 PM

Monday, March 12, 2007

Winter is exceptionally warm this year. The snow has timidly showed only once in Dijon just to remind people that it was indeed winter. The whole February adopted spring temperatures that jonquilles (daffodil) started to blossom three weeks earlier than the normal time.They're supposed to be in full bloom starting March. Anyways.

This weekend, Frenchguy and I finally decided to start on our common project - garden beautification. Early or not, we don't really know. Like the plants, we also lost our mark.

Since we moved to this house, it's actually my first time to work outside our house perimeter. I was preggy on the first spring, a doting Mom on the second. This year seems to be the best time for me to initiate on gardening. We could work on our rhythm while Louna occupies herself with her toys.

We started by removing all the weeds and boy, that was tiring. We then removed all the lavender plants infront of the house and replaced the soil (we will do the planting next week). We ended by putting some fertilizers and now, I'm aching everywhere. Should I confess that gardening is NOT my passion?

This weekend, however, is far more of a gardening experience. For the past years, Frenchguy and I led a somewhat separate life (limit that to gardening time please). He worked in the garden while I took care of Louna. He's tired.. and I was equally tired. But not for the same reason. He thought I was escaping from gardening, I thought he was escaping from being a father. Gardening was translated to friction in our couple. This weekend was a whole new experience tho. We were together. We were both tired but we were happy and satisfied. I guess I will do love gardening after all. Louna does.

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haze said...

I myself is not a fan of gardening too! Sad to say, I don't have a green thumb like my Mom has ! Even the bamboo plants, cactus & bonsai baka mamatay sa akin eh! I am more into bricolage Ana ! But I guess, you will learn later on nurturing the plants, depends on your interest ;) !

mitsuru said...

you should try tulips, irises and hyancinths too. theyre very beautiful in the spring. i love gardening and i do bonsai and other miniature gardens in my past time. :)

kat said...

it's a very warm winter here as well (currently 59 degrees!). louna is adorable as usual and it's great that she's such an outdoors baby! i'll be trying my hand at gardening this spring as well!

p.s. can i go to prague with you?! i've always wanted to go there!

analyse said...

Haze, im not a green thumb either.. but im quite jealous with my neighbors, ganda ng garden nila, and it's a long time plan to change those lavender plants.. kakasawa na sila hehe.

Mitsuru, we've got some tulips in the garden, but i want more variety.. i've been checking on bonsais, kaya lang, i dont know how to take care of them, sayang naman kung mamamatay lang sila sa mga kamay ko hehe.

Kat, she's a real outdoor girl. she's actually sunbathing while we were working. she loves staying under the sun.

PS: tara na ;)

ann said...

My kids' wish is a garden full of flowering plants. We live in a condo style apartment and garden is really impossible.

Linnor said...

Louna looks like a pretty flower herself... :D

analyse said...

Ann, gardening is quite tiring but it's all worth it. pag pagod na ako, im contemplating on going back to an apartment hehe..

analyse said...

Linnor, she's the most beautiful flower in our garden.. that's from Frenchguy ;)

Lucille said...

bon courage analyse! hehe me too i'm still currently working in garden, since last month pa nga ako hindi matapos-tapos. I just planted some new flowers, old flowers begin to bloom, my jacinthe still blooming and tulipes i planted last year begin to bloom ,too. Haay kakapagod nga pero once makikita mo mga flowers blooming tsaka malinis at maayos ang garden lalo na pag well landscaped, naku, yong pagod napapalitan ng kasiyahan. Mabuti ka pa dalawa kayo ni hubz mo. Ako dito ako lang mag-isa but i love gardening tsaka pinili ko nga etong maliit lang na garden para kayang-kaya ko. Last week nga nagtaka ako kay hubby ko nilinis at binunot nya yong mga grass sa dulohan ng backyard namin, sabi ko himala ano kayang nakain! sa wakas tumulong sya, sabi pa nya bubunutin din daw nya yong puno ng Pear, sus dios ko ang mokong kaya pala sinipag kasi gagawa ng fishpond! kaliit-liit ng garden namin gagawan pa nya ng fishpond.

And, your scraps are nice, i like them, good work keep it up! I beat naadik ka na hehe. Ako naman paminsan-minsan na lang sa scrap, time consuming kasi halos di na ako makapaglinis ng bahay! lolz nag scrapping ako minsan mga simple lang yong daling matapos hehe.
I agree, Louna is the most beautiful flower in your garden! ;-)

analyse said...

Hi Lucille, normally, si frenchguy nga lang ang nagwowork sa garden e, extra lang ako hehehe... hayaan mo na si hubs, passion nya kasi... at least he will work sa garden di ba hehe.

on scrapbooking, certified addicted na nga ako, surf dito surf doon to search for freebies hehe.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm fickle minded when it comes to gardening. Sometimes, I'm into it, other times I'm not. Sometimes, something inspires me and I end up spending the whole afternoon in the garden.

I agree, gardening is a wonderful time to bond with your husband. Whenever Jules and I are inspired to do some gardening work together, it always feels great even after a tiring day.

Glad you enjoyed your gardening and how nice that Louna had a great time as well. Love her photos. I like the idea of digital scrapbooking. I'll try it one of these days.

Take care! Thanks for visiting.

analyse said...

Rachel, be careful with digital scrapbooking, it's addicting ;)