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Friday, March 23, 2007

I received an envelope yesterday containing a letter informing me that a certain amount of euros will be deposited on my account as part of the company's profit-sharing scheme. But before I could even plan on how to spend the euros, Frenchguy already told me that I have to fax the accompanying paper to our head office. The accompanying paper is the go signal for them to transfer the moolah to my PEE or simply put, to buy company stock-options. In fact, PEE is so advantageous as it exempts the capital and the revenu (appreciation of its value) from any taxes and social charges. The sum is then inflated by a mouth-watering amount by the company but it will be blocked for 5 (or 7) years. So what will you do? Instead of giving probably 30% of it to the government (tax on revenu), I better keep it for myself and have it available in 5 years, right? Anyway, I don't have any to-buy list at the moment, so ok, document faxed.


The long-awaited email has finally arrived. A colleague informed me that the subject we are working on will finally push through.

In fact, I have a pending request from our Philippine site for a week-long job. But since it's not an urgent request, I've told my boss that I'll go there if I have another business in Asia. To which he agreed, but not after July.

So there, if everything works into place, I'll be in Bangkok with a side trip in Manila...hopefully soon.


I've stopped business travelling since my pregnancy till Louna turned 1 year old. With that, I've lost my Lufthansa Miles and More silver membership and turned back to the basic blue card. With the coming travel, I think I'll have enough mileage to shift back to silver. Great. I just love VIP treatment during travels hehe.


Frenchguy's donating his Flying Blue mileage tickets to his sister and her family this summer. At first, it was a round trip ticket to the Wild West but they backed-out at the last minute, frightened by the language barrier. Final destination became La Reunion. After discussing about it with me this morning, he suddenly realized 'it could have been for us'. Naipamigay mo na kaya.


I'm off for a soirée choucroute. Happy weekend everyone.


tintin said...

Have a bon weekend! I wish I traveled enough to get VIP treatment during flight. Doesn't being preggy count? I'd love to get a seat in first-class, please.

Rhada said...

5 years is not that long...I'm still boinking my head for not starting a "bausparvertrag" (company matches my deposit up to a certain amount) at my workplace when I started 6+ years ago, kasi sa pagkakaintindi ko parang naka-freeze din yung pera for 7 years. Because we're in the military, hindi ko inexpect na magtatagal kami sa Germany. Kaya heto ako, naiinis sa sarili kasi half year na lang sana, mature na yung plan....pera na, naging bato pa.... *boink*

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

dangkin said...

wow! nagpapayaman tlaga ang sistah! :P pag nakarami ka na, umuwi ka dun sa pinas at tumakbong senador para naman merong matinong kandidato, ha? :)

ang sarap nman ng work mo, ana.. inggit ako! :D

enjoy your weekend!

ann said...

Ok yan. Invest wisely.

Meron na rin kaming mileage tickets to London, pinag-iisipan pa kung kelan gagamitin.

nao said...

waaaaah bading kelan yung side trip mo sa Manila? Uwi kasi ako this May eh, sana naman magtagpo na ang mga planeta natin bakla ahaha!

happy weekend An!

haze said...

Well losing your mileage means staying more with Louna :) ! Hmmmm when you go to Pinas get a bigger luggage ha, siguro kasya kami don lahat !LOOL

Lucille said...

hi analyse, finally nakapasok ako sa comments box mo, behind na ako.
About disciplining a toddler, ours naman we bring our kids in the corner for few minutes or bring them in thier bedroom (just like haze).
And PEE, yes we like it too kahit blocked for 5 yrs ok lang mabuti din may savings na di mawi-withdraw hehe!
Yumm..choucroute.. bon appetit!

analyse said...

Tintin, wish there is special treatment nga for preggies.. but me thinks you will have to pay for first-class hehe. but you could always ask for priorities while checking-in, that's allowed, normally, if you're not overpassing unconsiderate passengers, of course.

Rhada, sayang. hirap nga naman pag di mo alam kung gaano kayo katagal mag-i-stay sa isang place, right? dito, i didn't hesitate a second, kahit bumagsak pa ng 50% yung stock value (wag naman sana!), with the additional amount the company adds + we buy it at 80% lang ng market value, panalo pa rin.

Dangkin, pambayad ng bahay hehe.. we're aiming to finish the payment earlier than we planned, pareho kaming di mapakali pag may utang e hehe.

Ann, go there during summer time para di kayo lamigin at para light lang yung luggages.. mga June to September should be ok..

Nao, I will let you know when I have more visibility bading.. dito kasi sa bandang amin e minsan as in last minute decisions ang nangyayari... yaan mo, kukulitin ko yung thai colleague ko hehe... i'll probably stay there one week lang..

Haze, my bosses were really considerate on that point, i never asked to stop the travels during and after my pregnancy but it was like a common accord. and when i traveled late last year, my boss even asked me if ready na daw ba ako to restart travel hehe.. tara, sama ka..

Lucille, nakakatuwa na si Louna, she sometimes auto-disciplines herself. when she knows that she did a bêtise, she goes to the corner on her own na and nagkukunwaring umiiyak hehe... i was shocked the first time she did it (totoong iyak kasi nun), pero ngayon, we simply adhered to it.. mas ok kesa pamalo, right?

on PEE, yes, it's part of the discipline too. we're obliged to budget what's going to PEE, to house payment, etc..

chase said...

Hallo Ms. Analyse. Me and Odd are planning to get those mileage card thingies especially since I usually travel by plane. And I wanted to get freebies as well as being pampered. lol!

Anyway hope you have a lovely weekend!

Analyse said...

Get the card Chase, it costs nothing. I guess I started mine since I started working and I've got more than enough for a roundtrip ticket to the Philippines!

gracita said...

mileage cards are very useful. both harvs and i have travelled quite a number of times for free using our mabuhay miles (phils airlines) and gulf air frequent flyer! sayang, na-downgrade ang silver card mo. dibale, that meant having louna and spending precious times with her :)

Heart of Rachel said...

That's great to hear. I like companies with profit-sharing schemes because it makes you feel like a significant part of the company. Good luck with your investment plans.

I can only dream of a VIP treatment in an airline. The perks must be wonderful.

Wow, a soiree. Have a wonderful time and hope you meet lots of interesting people.

Thanks for visiting me earlier.

analyse said...

Gracita, kami naman, Frenchguy had a lot na nag-e-expire lang because we always decide at the last minute, so we start to give it away, sayang naman... but we've used quite a few already... ok lang na madowngrade, i quite expected it, i traveled only once for 2006, so yun..

Rachel, thanks.

sexy mom said...

5 years is a breeze, before you know it, the investment would have matured.

and you remind me about my expiring mileages, i have to make arrangements by june, me and my husband could go for a trip to europe, but we are still saving up for travel allowances.

when you come in may, who knows, we would have the chance to meet with all our other blog friends...:)

KK said...

Wow, profit sharing that sounds really nice. It's better to invest it, masakit ang 30% tax.

Sayang naman yung pinamigay na miles.

I've never been on VIP, if they have bigger seats with foot rest - that must feel like heaven. :)
After July, monsoon season sa Pinas, di ba ba pwedeng May ;)?

Francesca said...

Happy choucroute munch , ana. Kelangan natin ang taba ng suasages nyan, for the cold!
masarap nyan with Sylvaner white wine, yan trip namin ni Lolo kasi, choucroute and Sylva!
O siya, congrats sa dami kuarta na naman! Pautang kaya?

analyse said...

Sexy Mom, oh yes, time flies too fast indeed. 5 years is nothing. It's been 5 years that I live here and I still feel neophyte sometimes.. reserve your tickets in advance, I tried using my mileage for my parents when they went here last year and I ended up paying the tickets because I decided too late..

The date is not decided yet, but I'll talk about it when it's finalized.. an EB sounds enticing ;)

KK, yep, it's like we're keeping it out of taxes' reach hehe. SIL and family are already ecstatic about their coming travel, I'm sure we'll have a postcard and a bottle of local rhum in return. Not bad... what I love about being a silver member is that I could stay in the airline's lounge, where internet access and food is abundant hehe.. on business class, yes, I love the comfort, I need it because I normally work at the same day of arrival.

Francesca, try Alsace wine with it, Reisling for example, shalap!

AL said...

Hei Ana,
I would have done the same thing as you did. Put the money on stocks. You will have to pay taxes anyway later on for it but at least it would be bigger in value.

How long have you been flying with Lufthansa? I just wonder. Baka kasi nagkita na tayo...heheh. I was working for them for awhile and I could recall most of the Frequent Travellers during my stint at the Manila airport.

Analyse said...

Al, i just started with them in 2004..