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Posted by Analyse at 9:18 AM

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Credits: Backgrounds by Joyce Designs of Scrapbook Bytes, Jamie Rousselle and Beth Nixon of Digital Scrapbook Place, Button Stitches by Tracey Rennemo and Stitches by AC Perky of Scrapbook Bytes.

I was browsing on our old memorabilias and I stumbled on our wild, wild, west adventures last October 2004. It was our late summer vacation getaway as I was tied with work for the whole summer. Tho I was a newbie at work at that time, thus no paid leave yet, I had sufficient days off due to all the Saturdays I've worked for my project in the Philippines.

Going back to the subject, it's probably one of our best vacations together so I thought, it's worth the scrap. As I was working on it, I can't help but smile on the memories which started rushing in: Frenchguy playing cowboy! I was actually with a little boy at that time. In fact, he's of the Western Spaghetti generation. Ya know, playing guns at 8 years old thinking he was a cowboy hehe. So there you go, my Frenchguy, playing actor, and moi, the photographer.

Have a great weekend!


chase said...

Ooohh that looks so lovely. The scenes are so idyllic and somewhat straight from the movies. I guess I know why it is one of your fave vacays

sexy mom said...

i walk down memory lane -- when i was a little girl, my dad used to take me for cowboy movies, how i loved them. he's gone now...and so are the movies (i have outgrown them, i am now more of the romance thingey person).

frenchguy is lucky--you got the good angles, at their best!

KK said...

Wow! Ang galing ng photography and presentation in the scrapbook Analyse. Para talagang nasa movies.

JO said...

love your scrap! great view!

Analyse said...

Chase, movie buff as you are, thanks for the comment. frenchguy loved the LO.

SexyMom, thanks. the cowboy movies are just classics, i still love them.

KK and Jo, thanks, im flattered. you motivate me to create more scraps hehe.

haze said...

Analyse, ako rin gusto ko mag scraps!! I love the photos ;) and those are fantastic souvenirs.

Leah said...

Galing ng scappy mo. the main photo looks great! I'm sure mas maganda sa personal di ba?

ann said...

Ang ganda! Parang yung sa mga old movies talaga.

analyse said...

Haze, satisfaction guaranteed. im sure you will love it.. just be careful tho, it's quite addicting.

Leah and Ann, we loved the place. if you watched the films done in that place, the impact is more amazing, para kasing you're part of the movie. hmmm, we will surely go back there in the future.