Not My Lucky Day

Posted by Analyse at 9:54 PM

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I was in our Paris office last Tuesday and Wednesday and I think I had the unluckiest day among my travel days. After work, me and my colleague headed to the RER station (metro train serving the outskirts of Paris) to go to our respective destinations. He's headed back to Dijon and me, to my hotel. Taxi wasn't an option at 5pm. Too much traffic. Metros are more efficient.

Not that day. Apparently, a metro employee was agressed the day before and they decided to go on a surprise strike. It was a hot day and there were no taxi available. I was stranded for over an hour. (Well, I was able to work with my laptop nevertheless).

Arriving at my metro destination, I thought the hotel was just a kilometer away (I checked their website before), so I thought, a bit of walking would surely do me good. But after an hour of being stranded in a not-so-cozy place, all I had in mind was a cold shower, a quick dinner and a wifi connection to send the emails I prepared during the wait.

The one-kilometer walk became more or less 3 kilometers and the tired and impatient yours truly started to get irritated. Arriving at the hotel, I quickly reserved the taxi for the next day and a table for dinner that night.

7:30pm. Pronto. I was already sitting at the restaurant, alone, sipping my heavenly fresh-squeeze orange juice. I thought This should be a quick dinner, I still have emails to send before I doze off. I checked the menus, 37€ minimum for a complete dinner. Not bad. But I need to do it quick and anyway, I have less appetite when I dine alone. So I just ordered for the main meal and dessert. I should have known it's a chic restaurant. And when they say chic, it means loads of protocols (and less quantity, of course). And the protocols led me to finish my meal at 9:30pm!

Next day, Wednesday, I was already waiting for my taxi at 8:30am (I was hoping to be able to work before the seminar starts because the goddamned wifi at the hotel didn't work!). And the taxi arrived 15 minutes later because of too much traffic jam. The unlucky day continues.

Arriving at home, I tried to connect again to wifi, and hélas. Still, it didn't work. And since I already prepared my emails on my laptop on my way to Dijon (on the train), I hated the idea to re-type them all over again on our home pc. Kainis.

It turned out that it was my laptop which had a problem that's why I didn't have wifi connection. Hay naku, gusto kong sabunutan yung computer technician because of that. Hirap ng buhay buntis!


Soy said...

Whew! That's a lot of hassle, isn't it?

About retyping emails... how about using USB to transfer files? :)

Lucille said...

i love that photo of you sa pool and louna did the same, telle mère...telle fille! ;-)
Hirap na masarap ang buhay buntis ano? bonne continuation et bon courage.

Analyse said...

Soy, I was too annoyed that I went to bed directly and sent it the next day na lang..

Lucille, gaya gaya puto maya yang anak ko lol.

bon courage à toi aussi!

Mitch said...

Taas ng powers mo grabe!

Analyse said...


lovelyn said...

hehehe all the while, computer pala.

3 kilometers, nailakad mo na ang 4 days of walk excercise nyan, bad trip yun lalo na pag maiinit.

haze said...

Oh the inconveniences of traveling it will come along whether business or pleasure :( ! Bon courage buntis :D !

Francesca said...

nayugyug na si bebe sa loob kakalakad mo ng 3 kms!!!

pero bawi, tulog agad.


raqgold said...

sana sinabunutan mo na, tapos kapag nagreklamo sabihin mo 'oops sorry, pregnancy made me do that, hehehe

Auee said...

I knew how you felt, save for the buntis part. Sabi nga "I feel your pain", kainis.

Anyhow, wag nang maiinis para walang wrinkles