A Tragic Death for a 3 Year Old

Posted by Analyse at 2:10 PM

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was listening to the morning news on my way to work yesterday and I was again caught by this disturbing incident seemingly propagating like a plague across France. It's the 3rd incident I heard in less than a year.

A father forgot his daughter inside the car leaving her for a day under the scorching heat of the summer sun. The little girl died of dehydration. Worst is that, the father left his son at school that morning, then drove his way to the nanny's place to leave his daughter. He passed infront of the nanny's house but did not stop. He continued driving till he arrived at work. At midday, he took his car for a quick lunch nearby without noticing his daughter. Afternoon came and his wife called him up to check if he already fetched their daughter as she's not at the nanny's place. The father then realized that he forgot his daughter inside the car. He quickly ran to his car only to find his daughter dead.

Such incident would surely change a man's life for forever. I wouldn't like to blame or to judge that father. He surely didn't do that on purpose. Who would, anyway. I would just like to share the story to all moms and dads out there. To warn them that such incident could happen. Be careful with your little ones. At that age, they're not capable to open cars yet. And with car security measures nowadays, they couldn't open it anyway. And to those who see babies and toddlers left alone inside the car, that they call proper authorities for intervention.



Christianne said...

Oh golly, kawawa naman ang bata. I'm sure the dad feels absolutely horrible...

Makis said...

It's true this is not the only time this happened. This is really terrible & I really don't understand how you can forget your child in the car.

haze said...

We're here not to judge but I am puzzled how can a parent forget his/her child while it is automatic to oversee and double checked things on a daily basis!

Have you heard a father of french origin who deliberately bump his daughter's head in one monument in Italy while on vacation ? Horrible things happened and it's indeed shocking !

tintin said...

I'm a parent, as such, I really have no idea how this happens. Mina is on my mind ALL THE TIME. I know by the way Daddy acts, its the same for him. He even installed this mirror in the back when she was rear-facing so he could see what she was up to. This is INSANE!


Analyse said...

Christianne, and i don't want to be in his shoes, ever..

Makis, i think nobody would.. really can't imagine.. now, i always check the car before leaving it.. when i heard about the first incident, ka-age pa ni louna yung baby.. and i was out of the country, so i was worrying a lot, i guess you get traumatized kahit di ka directly involved.. and then this one, halos ka-age ulit ni louna..

Haze, nope, haven't heard of that one.. well, that father could be easily criticized.. but the car incident.. i don't know, im sure it's not deliberate.. have you heard about the second incident? the father is a pharmacist and he even parked his car just infront of the pharmacy!..

Tintin, in the 3 incidents, the fathers were the ones involved all the time.. i've heard a psychologist trying to give an explaination last night.. that mothers are not the same because they think about these kinds of things all the time, but fathers, apparently, have to be reminded from time to time..

hay naku, all these incidents make me a little paranoid, kung si frenchguy ang naghatid, i have him on phone kaagad to check if he did left louna at the nanny's place..

apple said...

grabe talaga yung nangyari. medyo naawa rin ako sa father kasi hindi nya talaga sinasadya yun. tapos dadalhin pa nya sa kunsensya nya yun habang buhay na ano bang klase syang tatay para makalimutan ang anak sa kotse.

pero sa totoo lang ang mga lalaki sobrang makakalimutin. tapos ewan ko ba, parang ang hirap hirap sa kanilang maalala ang mga bagay bagay. minsan itinuro mo na ng maraming beses, mga 1 million na beses na, hindi pa rin matandaan. tapos pag may kailangan kang ipagawa naku kailangan i-enumerate mo ng todo-todo para magawa ng maayos. yung iba ding lalaki parang pako na kailangan ng martilyo para pukpukin. hay naku...

apple said...

o nga pala, may itatanong sana ako... sa france, ano ba ang katumbas ng apat na taong pag-aaral natin sa university sa pinas? kunwari bs-business administration major in computer management?

may friend kasi ako na vietnamese dito sa france. ang natapos nya eh bs-english or ab-english yata yun, basta apat na taon sa university sa vietnam. pagdating dito, nung pinaayos or pinacheck nya yung diploma nya eh Bac+3 lang daw yun. katumbas lang ng 3 years sa university dito sa france? ganun ba talaga? eh sa kaso mo na tapos ng 5 years sa mapua, ano naging katumbas nun dito, Bac+4?

sana malinawan mo ito, naguguluhan lang ako.

patanong na rin po...
1. okay ba maghanap ng trabaho sa france.
2. katulad din ba sa pinas na may kung anu-anong exam tapos interview or interview lang
3. yung transcript ba eh hinihingi or diploma lang
4. anong klaseng transcript at diploma ba ang kailangan, yung authenticated sa DFA tapos pina-translate or pwede na yung galing lang sa university tapos ipa-translate nalang.
5. sana po bigyan mo po kami ng mga tips tungkol sa paghahanap ng trabaho, kung anong klaseng exams at interviews, at kung gaano itinatagal ng proseso sa pagha-hire ng isang kompanya. kung may medical pa ba, etc

maraming salamat.

evi said...

this is sad. i don't mean to generalize all fathers but most of them are not usually used to this kind of responsibility. it has always been a mother's duty.

Analyse said...

Apple, I've written something about studying in France here. If you need more info, please leave me your email addy, I'll try to answer to your questions if I could, of course. Medyo obsolete na rin kasi yata yung infos ko e.

But to answer to your questions, I've got the Bac +5 equivalent, but probably because I gave them a complete description of all the subjects I had. I had the doc from Mapua, more than a 100 pages yata yun..

1. right now, I think there are more jobs. but that depends in which geographical area you're situated and which line of competence you're applying. nasa france ka na ba? where?

2. i only had but interviews.

3. transcript is needed sa university lang. sa companies, only diploma could do.. but i always insist that applicants be really fluent in the French language.. and if you could have a diploma from a French university, that would be a big plus... most of the time, post-grad/masters studies require an OJT which becomes a good point of entry for applicants.. i was an OJT before.. and I was hired like 6 months after.. but i have another advantage too.. i was a former employee of the same company in the philippines..

4. iba na yata ngayon, they're more strict.. dati, i only had transcripts and diploma from the university, not translated pa..

5. well, job interviews are somewhat the same in France. kadalasan, they axe their questions on your ambition, what you plan for the future.. dun kasi nila guage kung ikaw ba yung tipong di mag e-exert ng effort to better your status or something.. well, i think it would be better if we discuss that by email ;). and oppps, no medical - that's discrimination.

Analyse said...

Evi, on it has always been a mother's duty. i beg to disagree. taking care of kids has always been a shared responsibility between dads and moms. moms are of course more sensitive and more organized (well, i dont generalize too..) in a lot of aspects in terms of parenthood but that doesn't excuse dads to be less careful.

that story is really sad. tho i know that Frenchguy looks at security above all, i still double check. i know that he's stressed out most of the time because of his job and a moment a black out could lead to unwanted consequences.. better be careful.

Maya said...

it's horrible incident to forget your child inside the car. when i show the news,it became our topic of discussion here.

I don't know how to react on it.i won't put fingeron anyone too.I just hope that it will never happen again.

hope that the father could at least forgive himself.i just can't imagine in what state he is now.

This incident makes me paranoid too & i hope it does too with papa Ri.

anyway, you'll soon have your new little one.I saw your photo with Louna floating.

JO said...

OMG! how could he forget???

Dangkin said...

awwww! very very sad...

chung said...

this is such a sad sad story.

i've read a similar post from you before. what i don't understand is how can the fathers forget? i suppose they have a lot on their minds? pressure from work? busy? but still... hello!?!

but like everybody have said, i can't really blame them. i'm sure they didn't want such a thing to happen, diba?

Lucille said...

i also heard this news from the hubs when he arrived from work, we're both so sad, yes it's not the first time happened. We don't understand why a parent can forget his child.
That makes us more so careful for our children. He knows how i am so attentive to my kids but he never forget to often call me everyday from his work to know if we're doing fine...and vice versa if he's the one who took care the kids.

I heard also before a father who accidentally back over his child with his car. It was so sad and heartbreaking. I can't forget that news, kaya i always reminded to the hubs to make sure our kids or other kids are not behind the car when he start the engine lalo na with our SUV we could not see a little child behind the car, our sensors and built-in camera does help though but still we make extra careful pati seatbelts ng mga bata kelangan nakalocked na before starting on the engine. You know minsan kids run out of the house and parents might not realized it.
The children's safety at all times should be the 1st priority!

Analyse said...

Maya, i hope so. i hope the whole family could recover from the incident - which i sincerely doubt. the guilt would surely follow him for the rest of his life.

Jo, can't imagine either.

Dangkin, :(. yep.

Chung, that must be an incident where a french mom kept her baby inside the freezer.. horrible news around here, ain't it?

Lucille, a friend of a friend commit the same accident, backing the car while his son was around. and apparently, that friend was never the same again.. when i learned about the story, i make sure that louna is inside the car, seatbelts fastened, before igniting the engine. mahirap na.

but such news makes us aware of possible accidents we don't even imagine could be possible. it's just too sad that it's as such :(

Cookie said...

This is horrible. But I can't imagine how you can leave your kid in the car just like that.

geri said...

You are right, it's always a good thing for moms to call the husband to check on the kids. Maybe it's true that men are not really naturally wired for this stuff. Maybe the father had unusually lot of things on his mind that day. I also agree with you in doing an intervention if we notice a small child left in the car by himself.

Analyse said...

Cookie, too sad, really. and i cant imagine either.

Geri, maybe. So let's be careful moms.

raqgold said...

i read about this story and i read about that man in italy, i read he's mentality challenged. but that man in france...i dont really know. how could someone forget a kid inside the car? how could anyone NOT see that kid inside the car which is parked the whole day? how could anyone who noticed something amiss NOT say anything? kakalungkot na ang daming taong wala ng pakialam talaga. just yesterday i was walking into a supermarket full of parked cars and people shopping -- there's a bottle in the middle of the parking area, as in.. no one would have missed seeing that bottle. but that would be dangerous when someone drove into it or banged their shopping cart into it. i didnt try to take care of it, thinking maraming tao so i passed ... pagbalik ko after a few minutes, guess mo took care of the bottle? edi ako na rin, hmpf

Pinay MegaMom said...

C'est triste!
Grabe, I heard of these happening when I was in the States, and I always thought, how could they?

Auee said...

There are similar incidents like this in the US.. Dito sa UK wala pa kong nababalitaan, but I hope it doesn't happen. Kawawa naman ang pamilya na yan.

Heart of Rachel said...

That's terrible! I couldn't begin to comprehend how a parent could forget his child inside the car. I feel so sorry for the baby.