Sunday Getaway

Posted by Analyse at 9:35 PM

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer is timidly starting here in Dijon and it starts to be tiring. Though I already arranged our winter clothes, a pull-over each morning is still a necessity. So each time a sunny weekend is announced, we make sure that an outdoor activity is planned.

Arnay-le-Duc was the chosen destination this weekend (~45 km from Dijon). The initial plan was for Frenchguy to debute his career as a triathlete. In fact, he just bought a road racing bike which he wanted to test but unfortunately not delivered this weekend. The seller lent him another one which evidently was not customized to his size. So he half-heartedly abandoned the plan and contented himself in watching the participants.

To those who, like me, are not into sports at all and have no idea what triathlon means, it's simply a ...swim, bike and run kind of sport. Easy for me to say but imagine this: you swim 700 meters in a lake at a temperature around 21°C, then bike a total of 24 km with of course an up and down slope, then run 5 km up to the finish line - with a quick halte at a common platform where participants change, take or leave their bike and other accessories related to the activity.

It was an interesting triathlon watch as we were able to observe the experts. In fact, after swimming, they just remove their overalls and caps, then slip on their bike shoes and off they go. Just before arriving at the platform, they already removed their shoes (right picture) so they just wear on their running shoes (most of them without socks!) without changing to their running clothes (right picture shows the champion that weekend. He's in fact France's champion - junior category). A stop at the platform only takes them a few seconds!

Loads of professional racing bikes at the platform, each probably averaging to 2000€! Frenchguy suddenly felt tiny with his undelivered bike, lol. But he's a neophyte afterall and not seeking for national competition.

I was teasing Frenchguy because he planned to swim without the overalls (meaning he would consume all his energy just by swimming alone), then change from swimwear to his biking clothes (which he bought the day before!) and finally, change from biking clothes to his running shirt and short! And why not add the Ipod to the package while we're there, don't you think so?

Well, he learned a lot of tactic and he would surely be more prepared when he finally debute his triathlete career. In the meantime, he still needs to wait for his bike, lol.

During those time, Louna had only one objective in mind - play with the water. She was able to persuade me to dip his feet into the lake (swimming wasn't in the initial plan so I didn't bring anything). Then seeing that she would eventually soak her skirt, we removed it before any accident happens. But the playful kid finally end up wearing but her undies.. so she went home with her skirts.. without her panty!


caryn said...

aaarrrgh! i have friends who train yearly for the triathlon in the philippines. di naman sila pro pero personal challenge lang. man. i just don't get it. its exhausting just to watch!

Analyse said...

Caryn, lol. that's what frenchguy tells me. i will never understand coz i don't do any sport.

lovelyn said...

700 meters for the swim, 25 km for biking... that's a power test to the max. If French Guy can do it, you have a stallion galloping there hehehe...

julie said...

And why not add the Ipod to the package while we're there, don't you think so?

Hehehe, ayos yan, tapos na lahat, nagbibihis pa siya.

Louna looks so carefree there, kakatuwa :)

haze said...

I would love to join in this competition just to try, looks fun ! I bike, I run but not a good swimmer though, but that's okay ! Gusto ko lang ma experience :D !

Analyse said...

Lovelyn, and you forgot the 5 km run hehe..

Julie, lol, dahil sa kaartehan.. but kidding aside, he really thought of bringing his Ipod.. neophyte talaga, lol.

Haze, oh, i know that kind of sport would excite you.. watch muna ng isa before launching to that sport, lol.. as in impressing!

feng said...

love that digiscrap of Louna. big girl na talaga sya Analyse!

hope everything's Ok esp. re: your pregnancy. super ingat lagi. lalo na ngayon, malapit na ang big day!

BTW, tagged you po:

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