On Pregnancy, Maternity Leave and Everything that Goes with It

Posted by Analyse at 2:38 PM

Friday, July 18, 2008

Third Trimester Ordeal

The curse of the third trimester started to hit me.. real hard. Sleeping pattern had been a sort of lottery. Sometimes I win (which means I sleep well). Most of the time, I lose. I was like a walking zombie at work yesterday so I asked Frenchguy to sleep on the other room last night so I could sleep better. Lo and behold, I had a relaxing sleep and I was on a better mood this morning (which didn't last till this afternoon).

But even sleeping presents an inconvenience. I'm obliged to sleep on one side (preferably left side.. but I'm used to sleep on my right side :( and with the weight of the baby bump, I end up having backaches. All that cumulates with the baby actively kicking me, the shortness of breath, leg cramps, and all the inconveniences that go with pregnancy that even writing this entry already makes me tired.

Birth Classes

I already started birth classes, to at least sooth the pain, but that one hour session of sophrology only gave me.. but one hour of relaxation. And since I'm not that much of a fan of yoga and zen stuffs (because I'm a cool person by nature), I didn't really appreciate the benefit that class offered me.

Aqua Gym

So I do aqua gym on my own with a small dose of jet massage from time to time. This exercise really relaxes me. It gives me a moment of calm and lightness, a moment where I commune with my baby without feeling the inconveniences. But I couldn't stay floating on water eternally, lest I want to transform myself into a mermaid.


All these feelings of fatigue leave me intellectually and physically drained. I lost my usual energy. I'm a result-oriented person. And a stubborn one. I hate leaving things half done. I've heard that the big boss jokingly recounts how he's incapable to chase me out of the office because I wanted to do a lot of stuffs before my maternity leave. But that would most probably change. I start to be more convinced that I'd leave sooner than I wanted.

I started transferring my projects to some of my colleagues. With a heavy heart. I hate starting something and leave it half done. Yes, I already said that, alright. But that's how I feel. I don't take engagements lightly, and that's causing me problems at times.

Maternity Leave

I'd be on vacation August 4-15. But I've always told my boss that I'd be back and would try to work till end of August. If I would follow the old system wherein expecting moms are obliged to take their maternity leave 6 weeks before D day + 2 weeks of pathology leave, I should normally stop on August 8.

With the state of fatigue I am in right now, I'm afraid my OB Gyne wouldn't allow me to work till end of August and force me to stop earlier. The bump is heavier by the day. I've checked my first pregnancy pictures and my current bump size corresponds to my 8th month, Louna time. And geez, I'm only on my 6 and a half month of pregnancy!

New Experience

I've written that second pregnancy is a sort of déjà vu. But what I'm experiencing right now is totally new to me. I'm a strong woman – never sick, could adapt to any kind of environment, never cries. I hope Frenchguy believes me when I say I'm tired and not take that as an alibi. He's not used to hear me complain about difficulties of pregnancy. But it's been 2 weeks that I'm in a bad mood so please, don't force me to smile when I don't feel like it. Got that?


Cookie said...

Afraid ako sa last paragraph!! hehehe :D

I guess you can derive some consolation in the fact that you have one healthy baby growing in your belly. Be strong..malapit na yan :D

Lucille said...

hahaha courage buntis! kaya mo yan.
me, it's my 3rd time but it's still kind of new to me. The worst is i'm suffering with allergies, itchy eyes from pollen and skin rashes from PUPPP, first time i had it and i never had it during my previous pregnancies.
I'm not suprised your baby bump is bigger than your previous one. Ganun din ako kaya ganyan lang talaga siguro?
I don't like to attend birth classes,too i really felt bored with it. Mabuti pa yong aqua gym or walking exercise.

Nasa 3rd trimester ka na so i think those discomfort you have are just normal. Bon courage.

Analyse said...

Cookie, i'd like to think it would be over soon.. but the counter says 77 days more! waaaah!

Lucille, oh, i hope you'll get rid of those allergies the soonest. courage to you too!

apple said...

hello. nakakatuwa ang mga nabasa ko dito sa blog mo...madami din ako natutunan.

patanong lang po, gradweyt ka ng MIT di ba. may kilala po ba kayong Emily Estorninos?

Analyse said...

Apple, that name sounds familiar.. anong batch po sya pumasok?

apple said...

parang gumradweyt yata sya ng 1997(chemical engineering) sa MIT tapos nagturo muna sya sa mapua. tapos nagtrabaho sya sa lafarge sa phils at ngayon nasa lafarge canada na sya. natanong ko lang kasi di ba gradweyt ka ng mapua?

Francesca said...

Ana, hugs for you. Bigat nga yang pag bubuntis. But feeling mayabang, kasi tyan lagi naka tutok pag nag lalakad sa streets:

oy, tabi tabi, dadaan ang reyna...

Wish you the 77 days more to be smooth.

ann said...

Kung di pa nga lang yan na ultrasound na iisipin ko boy yang kasunod ni Louna pero paiba-iba rin talaga ang pagbubuntis. Relax.

kala said...

I've never been preggers, but I think it's in the rules that once you have a baby in your stomach you automatically win all arguments and everything you complain about are, by default, reasonable. :D

raqgold said...

well, my first pregnancy was a breeze -- but the second one? just like what you are experiencing right now.. irritable most of the time :) but everything would be better... promise!

Leah said...

oh my, i feel for you.

Dont worry, its all for a good sweet smile and lovely samll fingers intertwined with yours, just be patient, another 2 months or so?

Take care!

Soy said...

I suppose every pregnancy is different and all the aches and bad moods are there to make the whole process of pregnancy and delivery all worth it in the end. And... when the baby is out and the hormone levels go back to normal, I guess there's something you and Frenchguy could talk and laugh about. Hang in there. You're excused if you still don't feel like smiling. :)

Analyse said...

Apple, yep, I graduated Nov din, Chem Engg din.. but I guess she entered 1992, I entered 1993.. well, I think we've never been classmates kaya di ko gaano maalala, lol. But her name sounds familiar, yes.

Francesca, lol, yabang nga ng tyan ko.. well, i hope everything will go smoothly till d day..

Ann, affirmative, magkaiba nga :(

Kala, lol, I see that you're already ready when that time comes.. at least, you understood the essential part, lol.

Raqgold, so it's normal pala.. i thought it differs only between boy or girl.. kahit between 2 girls din pala..

Leah, yes, encore 2 long months..

Soy, lol, hinahayaan na lang ako ni Frenchguy sa kadramahan ko for now.. as in he sleeps in the other room pag di ko sya feel katabi..

haze said...

Each pregnancy differs and those are not excuses it's normal and like Soy said it's hormonal :D ! Just enjoy the pampering moments co'z it will help you release the fatigue and everything that goes with difficulties of pregnancy!

Bon courage Ana, two months to and your done ;) !

Christianne said...

Since pregnancy's such a common occurrence we forget what a miracle it is and how large a toll it takes on a woman's body. Pahinga ka, put your feet up and relax. Take your leave as early as you can! I know how hard it is to leave things half-finished (esp. if you're not sure if your replacement will take good care of your projects) pero this is one of the few times in your working life when your personal well-being and happiness is more important.

Analyse said...

Haze, kunting tulog na lang.. kukunti na lalo ang tulog ko lol.. but im getting quite excited, actually..

Christianne, goodluck on your pregnancy too.. i always complain but i know that you're facing a lot more difficulty than i do..

Anonymous said...

sino yung naghahanap kay emily estorninos? why mo sya hinahanap? i happen to know her, best friend ko sya.

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