Fidelity Cards Make Me Travel for FREE

Posted by Analyse at 3:39 PM

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have always been a fan of fidelity cards and I love the advantages. I have 3 active cards:

1. Lufthansa Miles and More where I'm a Frequent Traveller (silver member). Since Lufthansa is a member of Star Alliance group, I could earn miles even if I always travel with Thai Airways. My cumulated miles could get me 3 round-trip tickets to the Philippines. But well, I still need to wait before I could use them.

2. KLM Air France Flying Blue where I'm an Ivory member (Skyteam member). Since I seldom travel to our US sites, I hardly cumulate points. But Frenchguy's raking quite a lot because of his frequent stops in the US. We already travelled to the US for free. We even offered a vacation to La Reunion (French Department) to my SIL, for 4 person! Not bad, right?

3. SNCF Grand Voyageur where I have the très grand voyageur status. It's a fidelity card offered by the fast train network here in France (and some parts of Europe). And just like the previous fidelity cards, this one is also a member of a big group, my favorite supermarket included. So I cumulate all the s'miles (that's how they call their point system) in one card and enjoy the advantages at an accelerated pace.

I just ordered 2 round-trip train tickets for my coming vacation this Saturday and had them the next day at my mailbox. Efficient! Free! And mind you, I just saved 180€ in just one click.

In fact, my OB Gyne discouraged me to take the car for a 6-hour drive so we decided that Frenchguy and Louna take the car (since we have quite a lot of stuffs to bring) and I take the fast train. At least I could change position, walk from time to time, and travel time would be much lesser. That's cool.

That is to say, I'll be on vacation starting this Saturday. For two weeks. So this not-active blog will be much less active in the coming weeks. Ciao!

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duke said...

have a good vacation Ana! It's such a nice feeling when you travel for free! :)

take care of the bebe.

ann said...

We also have free mileage ticket pero di pa nagagamit.

Enjoy your vacation. Take care at malaki na tyan mo.

chung said...

we have frequent flyer cards too and so far, we've travelled for free many times via gulf air palang. what about hotel fidelity cards? i'm sure you have that too, lalo na you travel a lot for work. those are very useful too! we've gotten free accommodation and free upgrades because of this! :)

Leah said...

Hope you are having a restful vacation. I wish I can accumulate airmiles or points like you do. Its good for those who travel a lot. Good for you. take advantage of whatever you can.

raqgold said...

enjoy your vacation. we would be taking a vacation, too -- we needed one as the few weeks have been too stressful esp for the kids.

julie said...

Hope you are having a grand time :)


lovelyn said...

Just dropping by to check if you're back! Can't wait to see those pix.

Tina of MyGoodFinds said...

Sounds like a great deal! Have a great vacation.

Sexy Mom said...

oh true, these mileage things are really really useful. as for me, i use them (star alliance) to get hotel vouchers, imagine, sometimes i get 6 vouchers--so that could fit 2 nights for my large family. ingat ka, and enjoy.

Analyse said...

Duke, of course! libre kaya.

Ann, check, depende sa company, sometimes, mileage is valid only for 3 years.

Chung, I cumulate hotel points in my Amex card.. so far, we've used that to rent a car for free ;).

Leah, i had a relaxing vacation ;). thanks.

Raqgold, have a great one too ;)

Julie, thanks.

Lovelyn, check out louna's blog ;)

Tina, thanks.

Sexymom, oh, really really useful. we forget to use them most of the time but i start to consider that option first before paying anything now.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?