Preggy Update

Posted by Analyse at 6:37 PM

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The counter displays that I'm 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant, only 45 days to go. And I tell you, I start to count the days. Just received an authorization from my OB Gyne allowing me to work until end of August (my maternity leave officially starts on August 22). Barely 2 more weeks of work and I'm off for a long vacation. Well, at least that's how my colleagues call it. I strongly doubt it tho. D Day means L A B O R and it's not labor for nothing. It's hard effort. And it marks the beginning of a long but sweet engagement between me and my daughter - through good and bad times, in sickness and in health.

I met the anesthesiologist yesterday and yes, I opted for epidural. I had it on my first pregnancy and I kept an agreable experience so why deprive. I also did all the necessary reservations at the same private clinic where Louna was born. My mutual insurance will cover all room charges and my social security will cover all maternity related expenses. So that's checked out of my list.

I also received a letter from the social security informing me that, like for Louna, our financial situation deprives us from enjoying the more than 800€ cash incentive for each newborn child. I'd like to think that we're earning too much but that would be wishful thinking. Hmp. But well, anyway, I've got another advantage. I would still receive 100% of my salary during my maternity leave (4 months). Though social security's maximum limit is less than my salary, our company will top up the necessary amount to complete my salary. So ok, alright, I'll content myself with that.

I started to prepare my bag for the D Day too. All necessary documents already signed and tucked inside the bag. Maman and baby clothes washed, ironed and carefully arranged. All the other gadgets like camera, camera charger, toilet necessities and a book to read (in case I find the time) already in place. I still have some stuffs on my list to add and I'm ready for D Day.

Since Louna is still on vacation at her grandparent's place, we will take advantage of her absence to prepare her room. We will buy a new bed and a cabinet for her so the new baby could take her crib. Since she will enter school this September, we also prepared her school stuffs so everything's ready. That too was already erased from my list.

So far so good. Still can't believe that D Day is just 45 days away... or earlier!


mitch said...

hi ana,

good luck for you malapit ka na. I am still nervous and a bit afraid about giving birth i guess it's normal since it's my first. I had braxton hick's contractions last week and i didn't even know that it was a contraction hahaha I wonder how ill do on the DAY.

Soy said...

I can feel the ripples of excitement... :) Best of luck, Ana!

Sexy Mom said...

the clock ticks so fast, now it's only 45 days, yet so slow, coz as the day gets nearer, time seems to have slowed down. the last few days are the days most boring when all a mom wants to do is have the baby delivered. good luck, dear and God bless

julie said...

Wow, so many perks! I hope you will enjoy your time alone with Louna before the new daughter comes :)


haze said...

Wow can't believe you're near delivery parang kailan lang! O paano will call you from there :D like the last time! And good luck to big Sister Louna this coming school entry Ana and I am sure she will adapt easily as she was already been with other children. It will be exciting :)! Courage buntis big hug !

mitsuru said...

Good luck Mrs. Buntis. Malapit na yan +/- 2 weeks. :)

Lucille said...

whaouh! lapit ka na nga ano..hehe Jour J is fast approaching, i wish u will have easy and fast delivery, analyse!
ako din was busy lately preparing for baby's stuffs...being busy lalong bumilis ang panahon. Sa mga necessary papers naman I'm shoulder with the hubs mutual and sss insurance so sya na nagprepare lahat ng necessary papers.
We did'nt recieved also the 800€ prime when we had our 2nd child (Louis) though i'm not working but we recieved a small versement every month. This time i don't know yet if we are qualify to recieve this 800€ prime for the newborn. The hubs told me not to expect it (the prime) but probably we still have again the small monthly versement only. I'm still confused about this alloc familiales, for me kasi dapat bigyan nila ako kasi di ako nagtatrabaho, wala akong salary! lol


Francesca said...

sure, this 2nd D day would be easier. Napraktis na ng husto ke louna, hehe.
Ano kaya, read a book while on labor. Allow naman yun eh..
it helps from the pain...