Less Vacation Time for the Frenchies?

Posted by Analyse at 8:14 PM

Thursday, July 10, 2008

June to August is a very busy period in France. .. Errr, I mean, the Frenchies are busy with their vacation. But not for long. A new reform has been adapted recently to pass from 218 working days per year to 235 days !!!

Ano daw?

Well, to be clear, let's take my case. I'm on a daily rate. I'm not subject to the famous 35 h/week rule. I work a lot more than that. And I'm not paid for overtime. But I have a flexible time. I manage my time. I could start at 9am and finish at 7pm on one day. Then work 8am to 3pm the next day. As long as I finish my job as planned, then no problem.

With this system, I enjoy a total of 36 days of paid leave for a 218 working days/year distributed as follows:

- 25 days Congé Payé - paid leave
- 1 days Pont Payé - Normally taken once a legal holiday is situated on a Thursday, for example, to have a longer weekend. Additional day which we could actually take anytime.
- 2 days Congé d'Ancienneté - linked to length of service
- 8 days Réduction de Temps de Travail - declination of 35h for employees on daily rate

With the new system, it seems that we have to give up our RTT and some official holidays if we want to keep the 25 days CP! To think that they allowed encashing RTTs to boost the buying power just this year! What would happen to that? How could we encash RTT this fiscal year, for example, if we won't have any?

Let's say we would increase the productivity of industries and all the other sectors with this measure, would that also mean increasing the salary of employees since we would be working more? Or better yet, daily rate employees pass to hourly rate and we tax the companies for overtime?

Hmmm, strange that I haven't heard any possible strike/rally regarding this matter. Is it because the main victim of this measure is at the executive level and nobody cares because most work more than the legal number of hours anyway?

Hay buhay. But if this measure could really boost the economy, then go, even if it only answers to the question of productivity and counters the measure on improving the buying power. Let's give change a chance.


kala said...

Wow. When I think of the 6 days a week, 13 work-hour days and the total of 2 hours aller-retour to the site and back home (under the 50°C temps) that the engineers here, my husband included, are doing, workforces in France seem so f**king LUCKY!

julie said...

At least you get those benefits Ana, think about those who work here. Ako nga, no work, no pay since I get paid by the number of hours I work.

Analyse said...

Kala, whew, napagod ako dun a. Get back here in France right away, even after the reform, working condition is still more comfortable here.. but well, they're spoiled brats, right?

Julie, oh yeah, really can't complain on that aspect. France is the champion in Europe in terms of number of hours worked per week. But that doesn't mean they're less productive. There are still a lot of big industries here who fares inspite of this working condition.. but economy has been affected and a lot of industries had suffered with the 35h/week regimen.. they really need to reform.. with the consequent compromises of course.. i've always been ok for a change.. and here it is.. and anyway, i work a lot more than 35h/w, that wouldn't change my life dramatically ;).. and yes, i worked 6 days a week in pinas, sanay na :)

lovelyn said...

Almost the same here. They used to pay it if you don't want to get your "ferie"(28 to 30 days days a year). Just this year, no more "cash", you have to take that vacation.

haze said...

And yes my husband is afraid that RTT will pave the way for a downside because in totality he has 9 weeks vacation per year. This also means that he will work 5 days instead of 4 days a week but the good thing he is entitled for a salary increase according to his performance. Yon nga lang less vacation na sya :( ! Pero okay pa rin daw pag wala ng RTT co'z it will happen one day or another! Hay buhay talaga at least we still have jobs to hold on to. It would be sad if there will be no jobs at all & that will be the worst scenario di ba :D ! So we still should be thankful ;)!

Francesca said...

Hindi pa affected ang taga Monaco(employees) pero susunod na rin yan sa labor laws ng France.

At the moment, cant complain ako sa work ko. Kasi Patak metro.
Work more to gain more ako.
But, nakakapagod, kasi work ko,hindi yung nag sa sign checks lang ba...
Ana,uwi ako manila.Next week.Ten days lang. Dalamhati period.See my blog.

Analyse said...

Lovelyn, dito baliktad.. before, we're obliged to take our vacation, then they changed, we could encash it.. and now, work more days.. so wala ng "cash".

Haze, yeah, anyway, we need this change i think. we can't continue this way anyway, we need to take a compromise.. and with the buying power going down, price of gasoline going up.. halos wala na ring pambakasyon si common jean de la croix.. hehe, sosyal, i mean, juan de la cruz, french style hehe..

Francesca, really sad to hear that.. hugs to lorraine.. hay, now i need to prepare myself for visa denial na rin ba???

Melanie said...

You guys should really fight that! You are a really good writer! I could use a good guest poster on my new blog: http://www.an-american-in-france.com

Analyse said...

Melanie, thanks for the complement ;). I would love to be a guest writer, why not. I just visited your site and you've got a good and informative blog there, keep up the good work!