The Little Mermaid

Posted by Analyse at 10:33 PM

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I have been boasting about our little girl's love for water - how she jumps without fear. She's been learning more and more tricks each passing week - without us teaching her.

Find out her new tricks at Ma Crèche Privée.


tintin said...

I've read your recent posts. Oh wow, I must get a picture of Mina in the water. Walang video. Hawak ko sya eh and I don't want to be in any video ahhaha! Oh and You look so sexy in your pics. Hindi naman fair, pregnant mas sexy pa sa iba! :)

Honestly, your posts make me smile.

Francesca said...

YEHEY, summer na, time to swim, float, sunbath, and swim and float...

Hindi ba gininaw si second daughter sa loob ng tyan? Sexy si Buntis..!

Analyse said...

Tintin, oh, you have to. those memories are precious ;). and lol, sexy with the bump???

Francesca, the second daughter is enjoying the swim too ;)