Anniversary Treat

Posted by Analyse at 3:16 PM

Sunday, June 15, 2008

We had a double celebration this weekend. We had a lot of fun at daytime to celebrate Father's Day - please check out Louna's blog, she took charge in updating the blog since it's father's day - then had a romantic dinner without Louna.

We went to this rather chic restaurant in Marsannay-la-Côte where a complete dinner was delicately served in 3 hours. In France, it's almost a rule - the more you pay, the longer you wait and the less you get on your plate. But each serving is worth the euro you pay and the minutes you waited. So after 2 and a half years of no dinner en tête-à-tête with Frenchguy, we decided to call last night, our night.

The menus were mouth watering. And to not to spoil the evening, the prices were not indicated in the menu. The list of wines was overwhelming so Frenchguy let the sommelier (wine-waiter) decide for him, depending on the meal ordered. He had a glass of Marsannay 2001 and Nuit-St-Georges 2000, both Grand Cru. They were just so tempting that I took a sip on both. Geez, that was heaven! Alcohol-deprived pregnant women would of course understand me, lol.

3 hours of dinner gave us a lot of time to look at each other and talk. That's probably one thing we don't do that often lately. Of course we do talk. But everyday conversations don't take us that much reflection on what our future holds, etc. We almost always talk about work. Last night, discussions were focused on US. A sudden realization that our daughters are Bourguignonnes (natives of Burgundy) almost shocked us. For me, they're simply French. For him, they're Belloprataines (natives of his hometown). Not a big deal? Not quite. But that would mean they would have Burgundy accent, the adjective that would best describe them would be snob or bourgeois, and a lot more. But well..

Then, while checking out the list of wines, we suddenly thought about the wines we need to buy for Louna (as a symbolic birthday gift). 2005 wines should start to commercialize this year. Then I thought we need to do the same for the 2nd baby. Frenchguy thought we could probably find another good idea. But I vetoed explaining it would be extra special that during special occasions, our daughters could open a bottle of their birth year from the province where they were born. And honestly, Burgundy wines are not nothing.

Then we talked about Louna. It's her first time to stay with somebody else at home. It was our first time to eat in a restaurant without her. It's a new experience and we didn't know how she would react. (Apparently, everything went well. She asked once where Maman and Papa went and that's all. No fuss.)

A lot of topics had been tackled within that 3 hours. We didn't even notice that it was too long. When it was time to enter our pincode, we nearly choked. We looked at each other and without uttering a word, both understood that it's not everyday and we need a break, and it was our night. But like in a comic strip, another bubble message came out. It reads: McDonald next year.


Lucille said...

Best wishes to u both on your anniversary!
The "dinner en tête-à-tête" is a great celebration. Husband and I used to celebrate anniversaries in the same way...dinner at a nice restaurant.
Hehehe "McDo next year" makes me smile. You're right naman that it's not everyday so don't care the cost. Afterall having romantic dinner and spending quality time together is priceless and it'll build a more lasting ties. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Analyse. That three hours of great food and even better conversation is something to savor (and pay for:).

And for McDonald's next year, just bring a bottle of wine with you for that extra special touch. Now, what goes with fries?..

Airwind said...

wow ang laki na ni louna ... parang kelan lang .. wehehe .. natatandaan nio pa po ba ako? :)

Analyse said...

Lucille, lol. it's our way of teasing each other. but anyway, he wouldn't agree to mcdo because he hates that resto and he doesn't want louna to be raised as a mcdo addict, lol.

Joanne, now. that's an idea!

Airwind, of course I do remember you. Louna is a constant reminder that time flies too fast and that, i am growing old. darn.

ScroochChronicles said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!! You know, you should always take time off from your usual "family" routine. It doesn't make you lesser of a parent if you make time for just you and the hubs. In fact, I think it strengthens the family bond even more. And it would be good for your kids to see that their parents still have that "something" between them. Alam mo na :)

Francesca said...

dinner with good food, best wine and good company is always memorable.soon family will get big, take advantage to have a moment together.

Ill note those wines and see if i can find some here to taste.

Ann said...

Happy Anniversary too (same pala tayo).

I'm looking forward for a nice dinner tonight but surely with the kids. Pero ayoko rin sa McDo..hahaha!

haze said...

Wohoo finally, you both had a romantic's important :D! I am sure Louna didn't mind at all and she did enjoy her nanny's company.

I'm sure masusundan pa yang dinner na yan especially when you'll find a good nanny in your place.

Happy Anniversary !

JO said...

happy anniversary!!!

Soy said...

Uy, best wishes on your anniversary. Is it true that in traditional restaurants there, the menu given to a lady doesn't include a price list while a man's menu has? I just remembered my husband saying this about certain parts of Europe...:)

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Anniversary. I'm sure the dinner was worth it. Spending quality time together as a couple have long term benefits for the relationship.

Rhada said...

hahaha natawa naman ako sa "we nearly choked"....

what a nice way to celebrate your anniversary. the time you got to spend together was certainly priceless.

kat said...

hahah! what a whimsical and lovely post! love the ending! but i think you guys definitely deserve a decadent night off, di ba? i would've loved to see pics of your food -that restaurant sounds divine! it's been years since the hubs and i splurged on a truly elegant meal (aside: we did celebrate our anniversary where i met you: arthur's landing!)
congrats to you both! how is the pregnancy?

Amor said...

Hello Ana,kumusta buntis?Happy Anniversary pala sa inyong dalawa.May God always bless your marriage.Uy,congrats pala,one of the executives kana ngayon wow Ana!you're so bless.

Natawa naman ako doon sa last sentence mo na Mc donald next year :) hehehe,never sgurong mangyari yan kasi dalawa na kayong mag-asawa na executive sa company nyo.Basta,you had a great time on your special day,ang tagal na nyo pala ano?

Analyse said...

i hate this messaging thing, been 2x that i lost my long message!!!!

Cookie, nasanay kasi na akay akay lagi yang tsikiting namin e hehe..

Francesca, if you like strong red wine, go for burgundy!!

Ann, happy anniversary to you too!! e kung sa mcdo sila masaya, why not di ba?

Haze, he's not actually a nanny/babysitter, he's a friend and we had a deal, an exchange system. we will take care of their kids from time to time, and vice versa.. so at least we know who's taking care of our kids di ba.. so yes, definitely, more dates soon..

JO, thanks ;)

Analyse said...

Soy, oh, i've heard about that too.. in the case of the restaurant where we went, no price were listed on both menus.

Rachel, exactly. we really enjoyed that night.

Rhada, hahaha, we were teasing each other non stop kasi while dining, it was our first time to try that restaurant (we drove 15km to be there!), first time to eat without knowing the price.. so the bill, whatever the amount, was really a surprise.. but so far.. it was the highest bill we paid for a dinner for two in our entire 9 years of knowing each other!!

Kat, really??? that's nice to know...

pictures? nope. that was not the kind of resto where you take a snap of their plate.. too formal, typical french dining, snob, every move is counted.. the other clients would surely look at you, ngek.

pregnancy's ok. getting bigger by the day but still coping up ;)

Amor, haha, being executives is not an excuse. aba e, kuripot kaya kami, lol.. and with kids, sino ba ang di dumaan sa mcdo? ;)

lareine said...

happy anniversary! don't worry about the bill--- you celebrated two occasions, right? besides, you had a nice tête-à-tête", so i guess it's worth it :)

tintin said...

Wow! No prices on the menu! You know they're waiting till you're full and content in the belly before springing the bill on you!

But you're right, it is worth it if you two had a wonderful precious alone time.

Happy Anniversary!

Sexy Mom said...

belated happy anniversary, and more to come.

the secret to a long wedded bliss--loving each other, respecting each other, and the family being God-centered

take care

julie said...

this post is so sweet :) How I wish hubby and I would be able to have time spent like this but knowing him, we would still end up talking about the children :D

Analyse said...

Lareine, really worth it. we really enjoyed that night ;). musta na.

Thanks Tintin and Sexy Mom.

Julie, haha, we did talk a lot about Louna and the future bébé too.. it's inevitable, me thinks.

lovelyn said...

Belated Happy Anniversary to you and the French guy. Alcohol deprived preggy mom do show, they talk about wine(joke)hehehe...

That was a good treat. Merely going out just the two of you makes it extra ordinary already.

Tina of MyGoodFinds said...

Belated Happy Anniversary Analyse!

I have seen Burgundy only in pictures, seen it on Travel Channel and tasted some of the wine. When you tell people that Louna is a native of Burgundy, everyone will rush to the place to look for the pretty ladies ;) .

raqgold said...

happy anniversary! i wish my husband would agree, kahit na once lang, to let us celebrate our anniversary without kids.

anyway, we were in a great french resto in the south of france a few years ago and we had the menu -- my husband and i attacked the first servings, not knowing that five more plate full of food would be coming! sad to say, we didnt get to enjoy the food as MC was only a year old and dont want to sit still and wait for hours for our to finish the whole menu :(