Tough Schedule!

Posted by Analyse at 10:28 PM

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It will be our 6th year anniversary tomorrow (that’s 9 years of knowing each other and over a year of long distance relationship!) and though we’re both here in France, we will be celebrating the day apart. I’m on the fast train going back to Dijon at the moment (from a 3-day seminar in Paris) while he’s surely driving to join his colleagues for a 2-day team building seminar. Yes, we won’t see each other this week.

What about Louna? She will be spending the night at the nanny’s place (because I’ll arrive too late) and I promise not to work too late tomorrow so I could be with her earlier. Tough schedule!

Well, we have the weekend for the 3 of us to enjoy. I need to find an idea for Father’s day!

Too busy. The 3-day seminar in Paris was great though. It’s a seminar for newly-hired executives in the company (hehe, moi newly-hired after 4 years?). The objective of which is to know the company better – know the strategy, its goals, its market, and the role of different departments to attain common target. 80 participants from different corners of the globe were there. The speakers, including the PDG of the group assured impeccable presentations which kept all participants all-ears from Day 1 to Day 3. Interpreters were there too to ensure that everybody’s getting the same message, but then, switching from French to English was inevitable. A workshop was also initiated - mixing employees from different departments then presenting the other department’s job through a stage play. I normally hate seeing myself in front of audiences but I find that experience pretty fun.

All 80 participants (even Parisians) were required to stay in the hotel to create real synergy among us. Dinners were animated and we really had fun. They organized a kind of casino on the last night with each participant holding 1000€ play money to begin with. Geez! It only took me an hour to lose that amount of money to poker. Now it’s sure, my future is not inside a casino!

It was my first time in my 4-year career life in this company where I travelled and I didn’t work (well, except for reading emails before and after dinner). Ang sarap pala, lol. Our department organizes an annual meeting outside of the company premises but then, it is held in a day so there’s no real synergy being formed.

Frenchguy’s team building seminar is a first in their department and playing golf is apparently included in the agenda. Not to mention that it will be held in a castle somewhere in the Alpes – in a mountain village located far from Dijon!

My big boss just sent a meeting invitation to the whole department and a lunch date was included in the package.

I just have this impression that something is changing in our company. Team building is in the air. Great! Especially when everybody's demotivated with decreasing buying buyer, increasing oil prices, the unpredictable weather, low satisfaction survey on HR department (probably why they boost team building, lol), etc., etc.

And oh, before I forgot, I need an idea for Father's Day. Any suggestion, hmmm?


Leah said...

You are one busy, busy mama.
Happy Anniversary!

When in a bind for the best gift. I'll get a gift certificate for his favourite store. The hardware store would be great. If he is into tools, get him a new set of tools. If not, go for anything electronics, MP3 maybe?

Sexy Mom said...

lucky lucky you! for the first time not working on a business trip. these business trips, you get to travel, go to places, but in the end we sometimes ask ourselves--did we really go places? anyway, happy 6th!

mitch said...

hi ana
i didn't post a commen for a long time i was busy with the formation and then after with me being pregnant also grabeh sobra sama ng pakiramdam ko. I really don't have much idea for father's day. for my beau pere we just bought a really nice chemise with his preferred brand. btw i am 16 weeks on the way. 3 na tayo with lucille

Soy said...

A surprise romantic dinner in your backyard/patio/rooftop? Let a caterer prepare it for you, trimmings and all, to avoid stress. Pretend that you're taking him out...well, take him out for a quite stroll and go back to your place...and ta daaa!! dinner, chat, music, slow dance????? :)
Then bring out a huge wrapped box with Louna in it??? hehehe

purplegirl said...

how about a picnic -- you can make it as elaborate (caviar) or as simple as you want (cheeses, baguettes, champagne, strawberries, and grapes). then you can have a leisurely time with each other (including Louna)!

Analyse said...

Leah, thanks ;). Hmmm, I'll have to check the garage then..

Sexy Mom, yer right. Most of the time, well at least in Europe, once you've finished working, everything's closed already, so you end up visiting but restaurants and bars, lol.

Mitch, wow!!! That kind of news always makes me smile. I'm so happy for you. so you're done with the 1st trimester, you must be feeling better now ;).. ingat lagi.

Soy, that truly sounds romantic.. I really liked the idea of Louna inside the box, but I don't think it will work, lol.

Purplegirl, I was actually thinking something like that.. go to a theme park suited to Louna's age then have our picnic there.. i'll check the weather ;)

mitch said...

thanks i feel better but there are strange things that i feel like this morning i almost fainted. hirap ng magisa i don't know who to ask kasi di kami close ng mom in law ko and wala na kong mom.

lareine said...

hi there! happy anniversary! for father's day, why not a barrel of burgundy grand cru of his choice :)

haze said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Laurent! Tough sked but you can make out of it Ana! Since you have a garden why not prepare a wonderful lunch or dinner (depending on the weather, candle light would be perfect sana) plan a menu! Cook an easy recipe (para naman ma surprise si Laurent) or go to this site All my shirts! Create your personal design for this :D !

tintin said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Father's Day to err, Louna's Dad! :) Don't know his name. I know him as your dear husband and Louna's Dad.

raqgold said...

echoing tintin - happy anniv and happy father's day! i hope you had a great day! and about your team building seminar, ang sarap nga ng ganyan ano? ang uso naman dito yung parang army type na team building, which would be another story :D

gail said...

happy anniversary to you and french guy!

Rhada said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

sorry wala akong mai-suggest na father's day gift....kasi ako din eh hirap mag-isip kung ano ang ibibigay kay hubby hehehe.

Jules said...

happy anniversary~:)